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Rope Climb Practice12 min EMOM for 8 minMin 1 – 20 RKBS (70/53#)Min 2 – 20 Paralette Lateral Jumps Tabata Situps

Enjoy your rest!

AMRAP in 12 min20/15 cal Row20 DB Lunges (50/35#)Rest 3 minAMRAP in 12 min20/15 cal Row20 Alt. DB Snatches (50/35#)

Bring a Friend Day

Dumbbell Bench Press x812 min to build 2×50’ Reverse Bear Crawl Sandbag Drag5 sets Last time we did these:

Lifting Day!

E2MOM for 30 minPower Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Jerk

Filthy 50’s

Early December of 2006, I was holding two 50# dumbbells in my hands lunging down the hallway of Tantramar School. I was about halfway through…

Partner DT

Partner DT10 rounds12 Deadlifts (155/105#)9 Hang Power Cleans6 Push Jerks*Alternate each full round

Squat Day!

Front Squat x515 min to build 6-9-12-15-12-9-6Front Squats (135/95#)250m Row


25 min of SLIPS-5 Front to Back Scales (each leg)-20 sec L-sit-12 Inverted Wall Shoulder Taps-30 sec Plank March-30 sec Seated Straddle This version of…

Spicy AMRAP cycles

Weighted Pullups x312 min to build AMRAP in 4 min16 Situps12 RKBS (70/53#)8 Burpee Over KB4 Bar Muscle-upRest 1 minComplete 3 cycles*start where you left…

Pace Conservatively? Or All Out?

Thrusters x312 min to build 4 rounds9 Thrusters (building)20/15 cal Row/BikeRest 3 min b/w rounds

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