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Assessments Day 5

Weightlifting Kettlebell Test

Assessments Day 4

Front Squat Upper Body Pull – if done early, EMOM last level for remaining time Lactic Tolerance

Assessments Day 3

Deadlifts Upper/Lower Endurance

Assessments Day 2

Squat Endurance – if done early, practice split squats for the remaining time. Upper Body Push – if done early, practice shoulder press for the…

Assessment Week begins!

Flexibility – 10 minutes to test.If done early, smash calves, roll hams/quads Neuro – 7 minutes to test.If done early, attempt max unbroken skipping Running…

Truth and Reconciliation

Link to last time: Wear OrangeTruth and Reconciliation WOD1 min of silence, then:4 rounds90 sec RowingRest 30 sec90 sec BurpeesRest 30 sec90 sec Box…

Practice makes better

SLIPS15 min for Quality5 Front to Back Scales/side20 sec L-sit3 Wall Walks w/ 5 sec hold in HS30 sec Plank March30 sec Seated Straddle 15-12-9-6-3Toes…

Power Clean Day

EMOM for 10 min1 Hang Power Clean1 Power Clean 4 rounds6 Power Cleans (155/105#)350/250m RowRest 2 min b/w rounds

Running Fran

Overhead Squats x83-4 sets, building “Running Fran”400m Run21 Thrusters (95/65#)21 Pullups300m Run15 Thrusters15 Pullups200m Run9 Thrusters9 Pullups*15 min cap Link to last time:

Quality Day

E2MOM for 20 minDeadlift x2 For Quality4 sets10 Ring Pushups10 Hammer Curls

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