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3 Mississippi Front Squats

Pause Front Squats x33 sec pause, 5 sets 10-20-30-40RKBS (70/53#)AbMat Situps

Spicy Saturday EMOM

EMOM in 25 minMin 1 – 15-20 SitupsMin 2 – 15-20 Plate G2OHMin 3 – 15-20 Russian TwistsMin 4 – Max BurpeesMin 5 – Rest…

Don’t Move

Front Rack Holds x30 sec6 sets, heavy Accumulate posted time for each movement5 min Front Lean Rest (10 min cap)3 min Hollow Hold (16 min…

Row your boat

Row 10 minRest 2 minRow 8 minRest 2 minRow 6 minRest 2 minRow 4 minAll at 22-24 SPM

Pull and Push

Bent Over Rows x812 min to build 3 rounds15 Ring Pushups20 Push Press (115/85#)25 Back Squats30 AbMat Situps Last time:…/ring-pushups-developing…/

Love to Lift!

EMOM for 10 min1 Clean and Jerk 10-8-6-4-2-4-6-8-10 repsGround to OH (95/65#)20 Double Unders after each round Last time:

Working on Weaknesses

6 rounds40 sec Box Jumps (24/20”)20 sec Rest40 sec Pullups20 sec Rest Rest for 2 min 6 rounds40 sec Wall Balls (20/14#)20 sec Rest40 sec…


What’s your mindset like right now? Everyone knows a gym involves movement, but many other things support that movement—things like nutrition, sleep and stress management….

Sweaty Saturday

Split Jerks x220 min to build AMRAP in 2 minCalories on Bike


Hang Squat Clean x215 min to build AMRAP in 12 min9 Power Cleans (115/85#)6 Front Squats30 Double Unders

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