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Pet Rock

With a partner,Row 5k, switching every 500m.While partner 1 rows, the other holds a kettlebell (70/53#)*KB held in the hang, never touches the ground, 20…

Open 19.4

Open 19.43 rounds10 Snatch (95/65#)12 Bar-facing BurpeesRest 3 min3 rounds10 Bar Muscle-ups12 Bar-facing Burpees*12 min cap Last time:

Dumbbell Work

5 rounds for load3 DB Press5 DB Push Press7 DB Push JerksRest 2 min between rounds Cashout:3 rounds for quality5 Jefferson Curls (DBs)10 Hip Drops…

Bring a Friend Day

AMRAP in 25 minWith a partner,25 RKBS (70/50#)25 Box Jumps (24/20”)25 Situps

Technique work

E2MOM for 24 minDeadlift + Clean Pull + Squat Clean

Fancy Nancy

5 rounds500m Row8 SA DB Overhead Squat (R)8 SA DB Overhead Squat (L)(35/25#)

Double Strength

Bench PressTempo = 53×1 x 5 reps15 min to get swole Strict Weighted Pullups5×5 Last time: Cashout3 sets of 10/sideSingle Leg Glute Bridges

Aerobic Performance Intervals

API3 rounds of:1 min Wall Balls (14/10# @ 10/9′)1 min Russian KBS (35/20#)1 min Box Steps (20/16″)1 min DB Push Press (25/15#)1 min Down Ups1…

Open 20.2

AMRAP in 20 min4 Dumbbell Thrusters (50/35#)6 Toes to Bar24 Double Unders Last time:

Double the fun!

EMOM for 9 minMin 1 – 12 KB Cleans (R)Min 2 – 12 KB Cleans (L)Min 3 – 12 KB SDHP(53/35#) AMRAP in 10 minMax…

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