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DB Snatch Sandwich

Make Up Tests:WeightliftingRowingRings WOD: DB Snatch x5/armBuilding in weight 50 DB Snatch (50/35#)5 rounds:20 Abmat Situps15 Box Jump Overs (24/20″)50 DB Snatch

Aerobic Power Intervals

Blue +3 rounds of:1 min Wall Balls (20/`14# @ 10/9′)1 min Hang Power Clean (75/55#)1 min Box Jumps (24/20″ with step down)1 min Push Press…

Building the Booty

Make Up Tests:Front SquatUpper Body PullLactic ToleranceRingsRow WOD:Front Squat x5 – 12 min to build Row 500m x 5Rest 2 min

Try for Unbroken!

Make Up Tests:Squat EnduranceFlexibilityUpper Body PushNeuro & CoreKettlebell WOD:Dumbbell Floor Press x12 – 15 minute building in weight 250 Double Unders*Every break, 50 squats***Limit of…

Working with Dumbbells

Make Up Tests:DeadliftUpper/Lower EnduranceFront SquatLactic Tolerance WOD:DB Hang Clean & Jerks x5 – 15 minute building in weight AMRAP in 10 min10 Renegade Rows (50/35#)10…

Testing Week 2!

Make Up Tests:Squat EnduranceFlexibilityUpper Body PushNeuro & CoreKettlebell WOD:Front & Back Scales4 Tabatas Each EMOM for 12 minMin 1: 45 sec PlankMin 2: 45 sec…


E2MOM for 24 min1) 15/12 cal Row/Bike2) 12 Burpees w/ max height jump3) 16 Alt. DB Snatch (50/35#) Last time:

A little bit of everything

AMRAP in 5 minDouble UndersRest 4 minHalf CindyAMRAP in 10 min5 Pullups10 Pushups15 SquatsRest 4 min400m Run for time

Hold it There

E2MOM for 20 minDeadlifts x5 EMOM for 8 minMin 1 – Deadlift Hold 70% of your max today (no mixed or hook grip)Min 2 –…

Ring Dips and 3 spicy rounds

Weighted Ring Dips x35 sets, building 3 rounds for time of:Run, 400 m21 Kettlebell Swings, 53/35 lbs12 Handstand Push Ups*15 min cap

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