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What can you expect at CrossFit Moncton? Watch this video… Meet Kevin Wood… Want to get started? Send us a message below.

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1. Come try a FREE drop-in session on Saturday morning at 9am. This will give you a sample of what CrossFit is all about. 2. If you liked it, you can register ...

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Who we are

This is our gym.  Want to get started? Send us a message below.

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On October 14 we will be starting an 18 week (yes, you read that ...

Workout of the Day

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We’ll be at the gym at 12pm today to decorate the Christmas Parade float. If you have some time and two hands, feel free to stop by.

4 rounds
100-foot Walking Lunges (30#/arm)
30 Box Jumps (24/20″)
20 Weighted Pullups (30#)

*35 min cap

Trent and Pete play catch

Trent and Pete play catch

Friday’s QOD

What is the scariest scene you remember from a kid’s movie?

Bench Press x5

With a 10 minute time cap, accumulate as much time as possible in a plank.

Compare to March 28/14

Partner WOD!

Partner WOD!

You did it!

Thanks to all of you, CrossFit Moncton has reach over 100,000 comments on the site! That’s a lot of results and boatloads of motivation.

“C’est beau Gab” was the 100,000th comment by Ginette. And what a great representation of CrossFit Moncton! So supportive! 

Keep those comments rolling in!

Build up to a heavy Clean & Jerk

Grace @ 65% of today’s weight

*10 min cap

So much awesome in one picture!

So much awesome in one picture!


Heather S. came to me a while back with some ‘things’ she wanted to work on. After a little chat in the office, we came up with an action plan. For many people, that’s as far as they get. Putting the plan into action is the hard part. Anyway, she started running outside of CrossFit, and well, you can read what she has to say about it.

If you have a goal and want help, just ask. That’s what we’re here for.

KB/DB Push Press – 3x/arm for 5 sets

AMRAP in 6 min
20 Situps
6x20m Sprints

If you have extra time, work on a goat!

Go Denis!!

Go Denis!!

Tuesday WOD

Front Squats x7
Build up over 3 sets

4 rounds
2 min of max Muscle-ups (5 pull-ups + 5 dips = 1 rep)
2 min rest

4 rounds
1 min of max OHS (115/80#/65%)
1 min rest

There is no additional rest between the movements.

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