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What can you expect at CrossFit Moncton? Watch this video… Meet Kevin Wood… Want to get started? Send us a message below.

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1. Come try a FREE drop-in session on Saturday morning at 9am. This will give you a sample of what CrossFit is all about. 2. If you liked it, you can register ...

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Who we are

This is our gym.  Want to get started? Send us a message below.

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CrossFit Level 1 Course

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Workout of the Day

A Thursday QOD

What do you think 15.1 will be? Post guesses to comments.

Haven’t registered yet? Still have some time.

There will be a live showing of the WOD release at the gym tonight. Come by just before 9pm to find out with the rest of us.

UPDATE: To simplify the assigning of judges, we need people to register for one of three classes set up in Zenplanner. The times are not set in stone, but merely beginning, middle and final heats. Once I have all the judges assigned, I’ll post the heat list every Friday. Please register before 9pm EVERY Thursday.

Power Snatch x3
5 sets @ 65-60% (make them touch & go)

4 rounds
25 Burpees
Rest 1 min

Compare to Oct.23/14

Little miss muscle-up is registered for the Games!

Little miss muscle-up is registered for the Games!


GYM WILL BE OPEN TONIGHT FROM 7-8:30 (Open gym style).

BJ is 39 and Joey is 35 today. So do the math and hit those birthday burpees for time! Post results to comments.

2 more sleeps

In case you haven’t heard, it’s almost Open time.

Push Press x5

3 rounds
40 Squats
20 Double Unders

Rest 2 min

3 rounds
40 Double Unders
20 Squats

*singles = 2x
*score is total time including rest

Trent is so excited for the Open, he fell down, then got back up, multiple times.

Trent is so excited for the Open, he fell down, then got back up, multiple times.

Deadlift Retest

We’re up to 51! If we get to 69, Kevin MacKenzie will sign-up. Register for the Open.

Complete the Judges Course.

Deadlift – 3RM

Overhead Weighted Situps x6

Morgan is signed up for the Open!

Morgan is signed up for the Open!

The Open Info

We have a respectable 43 athletes signed up for the Games (hoping for another 30). It’s Bully Week, so be prepared. If you want to avoid the bullying, sign up HERE. For all of those registered, this is how the season will work.

Every Thursday at 9pm for 5 weeks, Dave Castro will announce the workouts. As owners, we find out at the same time as you, so we’re not privy to any insider info. We will have a live viewing of the first workout at the gym on the big screen. After we find out the workout, we’ll set up heats in Zenplanner (given the large amount of unknowns, it might take a while). There will be NO wait lists for the heats. Once a heat is full, it’s full.

Every Friday, starting at 5pm, we will brief the workout. We will review the movement standards, the scaling options and provide tips and strategies for getting the best score possible. Please try to be there for the briefing as many former participants have found this helpful.

Shortly after 5pm, we will start running heats of the workout until everyone has been put through. There is a scaled division this year, so if you plan on scaling, you need to email me by 1pm each Friday. If the next week, you think you can hit it Rx, you don’t need to email me. If you aren’t sure, email to ask!

Right now, we are in DESPERATE need of judges, so if you can offer to help, please take the Judges Course and let me know ASAP. As of now, I have 8 confirmed judges :(

If you’re not able to join us on the Fantastic Friday Frodown (I just made that up), you have the option of doing the workout on Sunday during the Open gym. A few trainers/judges will be available during that time. Unless something out of your control happens (like a broken skipping rope or your shoe falls into the mouth of a dragon) during your workout or you plan on qualifying for Regionals, we don’t allow repeats.

Because 23% of our membership is competing, that leave 77% that are not. We cannot change our programming for the month for the minority, so that might mean lowering the weight/intensity of certain workout. Here’s some advice on how to plan your week.

Phewf! I think that just about covers it. As always, if you have any questions, ask myself or any trainer. Only 4 more sleeps!

Front Squats
65×5; 70×3; 75×3; 80×1; 85×1; 90×1

“Just Sick”
21-15-9 reps
Thrusters (100/70# or 65# of 2RM)
Wall Balls (20/14# @ 10’/9′)

*15 min cap

Yes ladies, you read that right. You are allowed to hit the 9 foot target today. Just like the Games. You’re welcome.

Compare to Feb.19/14

Tara signed up for the Open. So should you!

Tara signed up for the Open. So should you!