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1. Come try a FREE drop-in session on Saturday morning at 9am. This will give you a sample of what CrossFit is all about. 2. If you liked it, you can register ...

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Who we are

This is our gym.  Want to get started? Send us a message below.

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Lifestyle Challenge

On October 14 we will be starting an 18 week (yes, you read that ...

Workout of the Day

Lifestyle Challenge

Check out ALL the info for the biggest lifestyle challenge yet – http://crossfitmoncton.com/2014/09/23/lifestyle-challenge/

Push Jerk x2

EMOTM for 10 min
Odd: 4 Bar Muscle-ups
Even: 6 T2B

Coach Steph - practicing what she preaches

Coach Steph – practicing what she preaches


Strength – Snatch 1RM

AMRAP in 10 min of:
10 Overhead Squat (dowel)
10 Good Mornings (dowel)
10 Pullups
10 Pushups
10 Knees to Elbows

Backstory to this workout – Years ago on Rideout St, the warm-up was always three times. And we gave 15 minutes to warm up. People would post or complain that they didn’t have enough time to finish the warm up. So we made it into a WOD. Now, you can see how many times you CAN do the warm up in only 10 minutes. Over 5 rounds is possible. Will anyone break 6?

Compare to Sept.8/11

Our boy Brad at the Suffering

Our boy Brad at the Suffering

Big Congrats

Congratulations to all our athletes that competed in The Suffering yesterday. We earned a 1st and 2nd place finish by remaining steady and consistent. Great job everyone!

Back Squats x5

AMRAP in 5 minutes
2 Sumo Deadlifts (85%)
15 Double Unders

Solid athletes!

Solid athletes!

Saturday WOD

If you have some free time, come by Maritime CrossFit and check out the competition going on. We have Vanessa, Lance, Shane, Brad and myself competing. Should be a good battle!

For time:
100 Burpees
Every minute, complete 5 T2B
*Starts with T2B


Friday’s QOD

How do you deal with a significant other not following your diet/fitness habits?

Overhead Squat – 3RM

Weighted Ring Dips – 5RM

Weighted Situps – 8RM


It’s still summer!