3 thoughts on “Zoom class”

  1. ZOOM Class
    5 min AMRAP
    12 mountain climbers
    10 weighted lunges
    5 burpees
    4 complete rounds

    Then a wonderful surprise of another 5 min AMRAP (bleck)
    3 complete rounds this time

  2. Mixed workout
    Birthday burpees (what I owed)
    130. Did 10 every minute. Got to 80 without a break. Took two breathers after that. Not in burpees shape.

    Thursday WOD
    Emom 18
    Min 1 45 sec push-up
    Min 2 45 sec wall sit
    Min 3 45 sec Cherry pickers

    113 pushups hand release
    Unbroken sits
    Most of the cherries. Few left on that tree. Didn’t have a ladder.

    Miss the gym. I don’t have the fire or focus I did last time it shut down

  3. Sunday
    Emom pull-ups 10 min
    24 total

    Goblet squats 50#
    Rkbs 50#

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