2 thoughts on “Zoom class”

  1. Jordan Sanipass

    Won’t make it to the zoom class, I have to drive my son to work.
    So I did:

    3 rounds x 8
    Db seating shoulder press(30,30,40)
    Db bent over row (30,30,40)
    Db rear delt fly (20,20,20)
    Zottman curl(20,30,30)
    Overhead tricep extension(50,50,50)

  2. Wife picked me up a boxjump for Christmas. Drug it outside
    5 Rds
    20 kB swings 50#
    20 box jumps 24″
    20 double unders
    Rest 3 minutes
    5 Rds
    10 kB swings
    10 box jumps
    10 double unders
    Rest 2 min
    5 Rds
    5 kB swings
    5 box jumps
    5 double unders

    Max double unders in 3 min at end
    130. Pretty tired at this point

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