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Strength – Push Jerk – 5 reps x 3 sets @ 60%

This is a new one. We will allow each class to decide which workout will be performed. It will be through secret ballot, so no one has to know which one you voted for. Will all the classes choose the same one??

15-10-5-10-15 reps
Wall Balls
Reverse Burpees


“Death by Wall Balls”
Do 2 wall-balls the first minute, 4 wall-balls the second minute, 6 on the third… Continue as long as possible. Fraction sets if necessary. Men use 20 lbs ball, ladies use 14 lbs.

Compare to Aug.21/12

The final heat of 15.5
The final heat of 15.5

44 thoughts on “Your choice”

  1. Mobility and Wu x 3 / crossover symmetry
    Bar muscle ups, felt pretty good this am. Shoulder starting to come around
    Group mobility and Wu
    Strength 5×3 push jerk @ 95#. Still keeping overhead weights light.
    Wod: Death by Wall Balls
    16 reps in th round of 24. 148 reps!
    Really happy with that, I didn’t think I would get past 20.
    Great class Kevin and great work 6 amer’s!!

    1. I will also take the blame for my buddy being the deciding factor on the wall balls! ☺
      He will get some payback once I get him to join!!

  2. I can’t beleive I showed up at 6am and for wall balls!!!
    Push Jerk @ 80#

    Death by wall balls
    got to 13 reps at round of 16…
    69 wall balls I think…

    I actually enjoyed the 6 am….

  3. Push jerk @ 75#

    Death by wall ball :174 reps … Using a 10lb ball/10′ ….im going to re-do it with a 14# ball since i was told it was a sand bag …

  4. Push Jerk 3 x 5 reps @ 135#

    Death By Wall Balls
    16 reps in round of 22(min 11) = 126 reps.

  5. Jenna Sipkema

    Is anyone able to tell me if there is a blue Innovate sneaker at the gym? I lost one sneaker and am hoping it’s at the gym!lol

      1. I’m so glad to hear that Jenna’s shoe is at the gym – I was afraid it fell into the mouth of a dragon!

  6. Mobility
    Wux3 (6 reps)
    group mobility

    Push Jerk 3 x 5 reps @ 80#

    WOD: 15-10-5-10-15 reps
    Wall Balls @14#
    Reverse Burpees

    time: 9:57 Rx

  7. WU+5 negative pull ups, 10 TTR, an 3 10 sec ring holds
    250m row
    Push jerk 5×3 sets @60#
    Need to remember knees out and extend all the way

    WOD: 15-10-5-10-15
    Wall balls @14#
    Reverse burpees scaled to Burpees
    That was tiring! Good job 8:30 class. Fun to WOD next to you Jo! You’re so fast on those reverse burpees!

  8. Heather Colleen

    Thanks Ange for dragging me to the 6am.

    Push Jerk @ 75#

    Death by Wall Balls @14#
    Finished the round of 16, then ran out of gas, and only managed 5 more in the next minute.

    Score: 77

    Now thinking that voting for Option 1 was NOT my smartest move ever… 🙂

  9. I’m bummed I’m missing wall balls. I need to work on them! But I still can’t squat 🙂

  10. Push Jerks 3 sets 5 reps @ 155#

    WOD “Death by WBs” Rx = 105 (15 of 20 reps)

    No PRs today, but a good WOD nonetheless.

  11. Push Jerk @ 65#

    Death by Wall Balls @ 12#
    Score: 54
    Great job nooners…me arse is quite sore from yesterday so I’m sure today’s wod helped (insert sarcasm).
    Happy Easter everyone!
    Thanks Blake.

    1. “me arse is sore”….you’re such hick! Takes one to know one I guess.
      Have you given up on 6 a.m.? Haven’t seen you in ages.

  12. Some of this, some of that.

    Push Jerk 3 x 5 reps @ 95#

    Death By Wall Balls 20#
    Completed the round of 12 plus 5 wall balls = 47

    900m Run. (first run of the year was better than I thought it would be)

    Thanks, Blake.

  13. Group MOB

    Push Jerk 3 x 5 reps @ 65#. Really need to keep working on placement of feet.

    WOD: 15-10-5-10-15 reps
    Wall Balls @8#

    Time: 9:47

    Thanks Kevin. Wall Balls felt terrible… need to get to an Open Gym and work on my feet, distance from wall, and pushing through … In a nutshell LOL 🙂

  14. Mob
    WU x3(6reps)

    Group Mob

    5 x3 sets @ 60#
    WU @35#

    Death by WallBalls
    2 -1st min
    then add 2 every minute after

    Total : 68
    * 14# wall ball 1st 10 mins then switched to 10# rest of time

  15. WU x 3 (6 reps) + 53 burpees. Happy Birthday Steph!

    Strength: Push Jerk @ 60% = 55# (felt light)
    5 x 35 bar WU
    3 x 55# – 3 x 55# (then realized I had the reps and rounds backwards) – 5 x 55 # – 5 x 55#

    WOD: “Death by Wallballs” (10# @ 10″ – was going to go for 12#, but the yellow one was deformed and gave me only no reps when practicing. Next time, beat BJ to the 12# ball!)

    Total reps: 87
    (I had miscounted and given the wrong amount to Steph! Oops! I got to 15 wallballs out of the round for 18. Just to clarify!)

  16. Mob and WU x2 plus 53 bday burpees
    Push Jerk 5 x (#55-70-70-70)
    WOD: Death by wall balls
    2 wall balls, then 4, 6, etc..
    Score: 100 Rx. Yay!! Tough one!!
    Great job everyone, especially Kevin!! Wowsers!! Then my 50 no show Burpees shared with BJ,,,so sweet, we each did 25!! Thank you BJ!!

  17. WU x 3 (6 reps)
    group wu

    Push Jerk 3 x 5 reps @ 135#

    Death By Wall Balls
    2 reps in round of 20 (min 9) = 92 reps

  18. 53 birthday burpees

    Push Jerk @ 60#

    Death by wall balls with 12# (first time with this weight and many reps were only at about 8′–Kevin suggested going back to 10# to increase height)

    10 reps at round of 14…so 52 wall balls?

    25 of Alaina’s no show burpees.

  19. Push jerks x5

    Death by wall balls
    238 reps

    Legs are done already. It’s only been 4 hours!

  20. Was early for the Oly class so Kevin invited me to join Death By Wallballs in the 3rd round and I agreed for reasons unknown……made it to 9 of the round of 18 = 75 reps

    Oly class

    Partner warm up

    Push Jerks 5 sets of 5 @ 150#

    3 sec pause Front Squats 6 sets of 2 @ 225#

    Fun times tonight. thanks Kevin!!

  21. WU x 2 (6 reps) + 53 burpees. Happy Birthday Steph!

    Strength: Push Jerk @ 60% = 95# Thanks for the correction Steph!

    5 x 45#WU

    WOD: “Death by Wallballs” (Scaled 14#)

    Total reps: 104

    (Got through round of 18 + 14 in round of 20)

  22. Seems like most classes voted for the death by wall balls……crazy kids! Wasn’t my vote, but I got stuck with the too, by a really close vote.

    Death by wall balls with 14# @ 10′
    14+12 = 66 reps

    1. Just checked my score from 2012 on this WOD and it was exactly the same.
      Note for comparison when this one comes up again – I used the big Dynamex ball

  23. M+WUx3 (6 reps)
    Group m+wu

    Push jerk x5
    3 sets @ 60% (=60lb)

    WOD: “Death By Wall Balls”
    EMOTM, add two reps every minute.
    10′, 10lb.

    A few notes to future self: don’t be stupid; pace wisely…got 11 when I needed 12 because of an illogical and ill-timed break that I didn’t need.
    Also, use the smaller harder balls…haven’t smashed myself in the face with one of those yet. -.-

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