You pick

100 Overhead Squats (85/60#)


50 Burpees
50 Pullups

Our first ever CrossFit Prep course is in full swing. We have two great groups of people learning all the movements of CrossFit and working hard on proper mechanics. We’re hoping all of them will stick around after their 6 weeks so you can have a chance to workout with them.

15 thoughts on “You pick”

  1. mobility
    group WU
    mar test: 1:34 with 10# med ball

    50 burpees (no jump)
    50 pullups (small band)
    broken in sets of 5
    have a nice week… I’ll be on PEI for the week… may check out another box…

  2. 100 OHS @ 60#

    Broke into 2 sets of 55 and 45 with about 2 mins in between.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. The French Connection

    Mobility, Group WU

    WOD: (divide reps as you want)
    – 50 Burpees
    – 50 Pull-Ups
    Time = 5:58 (both members)

    The French Connection decided to pick the “Burpee Buddies” strategy and attack the 50+50 WOD, side-by-side in (almost) perfect tandem, breaking the WOD in alternating sets of 10s, starting with burpees. Tag-team tactics got The French Connection through this grueling bout.

    1. nice job on the “man test’ jeff.. you killed it, you looked like a man possessed! 🙂

  4. wu as posted
    mar test 1:06

    50 burpees
    50 pull ups
    broke into sets of 10. next time would break into sets of 5.
    fun saturday morning work out.
    have a super sunny week-end.

  5. Mobility
    Group WU
    Man test = 1:08 (I think)

    100 OHS @ 60#
    Time = 10:53

    Hurting wrists were the limiting factor in this WOD for me. Had to keep stopping to set the bar down to give my wrists a break. Once I narrowed my grip a bit (thanks Kevin) it was better. Thinking to tape my wrists next time.

    Another fun Saturday WOD 🙂

  6. mob
    group WU (nice job on this jo, never too much mobility type work! )

    man test: first out of the gate.. great freakin WU that i will be using in the future.. :51

    50 burpees (can never get too many of these! )
    50 pullups

    broke these into 5s, was a fun wod.. 6:51 i think? not sure, felt great on the pullups today..

    another fun saturday and CFM.. thanks kev and Jo

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