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AMRAP in 20 min
200m Run
Rest 30 sec


5k Run

Compare to Sept.23/16

Or Sept.27/17

Keeping a neat and accurate journal will help your progress. Coaches can give you better advice when we know what you’ve done before.

14 thoughts on “You pick”

  1. WUx1

    5K Run with 20# vest

    Time–> 25:46
    Did a run last year with vest but had to let a truck hauling a train car go by at the tracks. Time then was around 30 minutes.

    Great job Mark, Emilie and Shawn!

    Thanks Matt!

  2. Today in OG Janet and I did bear crawls! We started at opposite ends and took turns crawling while the other rested. We managed 200m each in 28:05 minutes.. Next time we will do them together and see how much farther we get…
    I probably should have done overhead holds while I waited.. 🤔
    Ruck 40#
    Then I wore my ruck and carried the 80# sandbag for a mile..

  3. Lindsay Sherwood

    AMRAP in 20 mins:
    200m run
    30 seconds rest

    Got 11 rounds. Finished the last round at about 19:58 haha I also thought I had only done ten but then looked at my sheet and wrote down all times and had 11 rounds. Good thing I kept track!

    Thanks Kevin!

    Open gym:

    ~20 mins of hip mobility

    Back squats x 3:
    2 sets of 5 at 85 with 2 second pauses

  4. AMRAP in 20 mins:
    200m run
    30 seconds rest

    Got 12 rounds. Finished the last round at 19:00 😉


    A couple half way rope climbs

    Back squat with Lindsay 😉

    Pull ups
    I got at least 3 yay!!! 🤩

  5. Gabriel Arsenault

    5K run

    20:46 (was over 23 min in 2002, from what I recall)

    Rope climb practice (dissatisfied with my form going down)
    Double unders practice (best rep: (3SU + 1DU) x 18)
    Bent over rows (8min EMOM; 5 reps of 95# per min)
    Wall balls (10min EMOM; 10 reps with 16# per min)

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