Yankee Swap WOD

Merry Christmas from CrossFit Moncton – VIDEO

Everyone that comes will select a number and then choose a ‘present’. Upon opening it, you’ll find a workout. If you were #2, you have the option of switching with #1. Number 3 can switch with 1 or 2, and so on. Person #1 will be allowed to switch with anyone…so you’d better hope to get #1!

Martine getting some air

53 thoughts on “Yankee Swap WOD”

    1. Just so we’re all clear, the LMAO was about the video!! I LOVE Martine’s action shot 🙂 She’s the bomb!!

  1. Now thats a picture…….good hops Martine!!!! Perhaps you could teach that heavy footed husband of yours a thing or two.

    1. And here I was going to wish you a Merry Christmas!!! WHat are you doing up this late, studying for an exam???

  2. AWESOME video!! Thanks guys!! 🙂
    Merry Christmas ans happy new year to all of you there at crossfit!!!!
    Love you guys!

  3. HAHAHA! That video is awesome! LMAO at Marc’s face, and Jeff’s smile was starting to creep me out by the end of it. LOL! Love it 🙂

  4. WU x 1

    “Yankee Swap” — Took “Isabel”

    30 snatches, used 95 lb.

    Time: 4:40

    Great job by everyone this morning, some tough WOD’s I’m happy I didn’t have to do…the privileges of having #1.

    Merry Christmas All 🙂

  5. That’s such a funny video!! Great job Kevin. 🙂

    Great picture, Martine!

    What a fun morning at the gym! I love Yankee Swap day!

    I got: ‘Diane’

    Deadlifts (60% of 1rm = 120#)
    Handstand pushups (Used 45# plate + mat)

    T = 11:38

    That was my first time doing handstand pushups – they were fun and I didn’t struggle with them nearly as much as I thought I would!

    I was remembering last year when we did the yankee swap, how intimidated I was by all the workouts…and terrified I was going to get one with rowing! I must have progressed because none of them gave me anxiety this morning when people were reading them! 🙂

    1. Good job on your WOD this morning Amanda 🙂 I love yankee swap day too, but I won’t lie, it still makes me nervous… Actually, I still get nervous before every workout I do! What the bleep is up with that!!??

  6. Feliz Navidad!! 🙂

    Yankee Swap

    21-15-9 (55 lbs)

    Time: 5:52 (3 seconds slower than dec 7th, but my right arm has been a lil bit sore since tuesday after 150 pullups, so really happy with my time :)!!

    I hope everyone have a great Christmas!!

  7. Yankee Swap!!


    1000m Row
    50 Thrusters (35#)
    30 Pullups (small purple band)

    time= 12:35

    This was fun! What a great idea 🙂

  8. Yankee Swap
    I picked #1 and originally had Fran..obviously decided to switch at the end and went with one of my favorite ladies….

    AMRAP 20 mins
    5 HSPU – kipping
    10 Pistols
    15 Pullups

    9 Rounds + 6 Pullups (last time I did this one I had 8 rounds + 5 HSPU)

    Merry Christmas!!

    1. Nice PR! And it was quite humbling to be doing handstand pushups beside you while you were going all the way to the floor like they were easy and I could only go down about half way. 🙂

  9. Love the Christmas card! HAHA!

    Sounds like I’m missing out on some fun today with the yankee swap WOD! Merry Christmas everybody! 🙂

  10. WUx2

    Yankee Swap
    I am #2 and picked Fran and kept her.
    Happy I did.

    21-15-9 reps of:
    Thrusters 95#

    Time–> 7:38
    PR of 3:37 from July 18.

    Love the Christmas card.

    Great job 4:15!

    Have a great Christmas weekend fella CrossFitters!

  11. yankee swap

    got mary
    5 pike push ups
    10 pistols- used a 10lb plate to help counter balance, really struggled to get low
    15 pullups

    =10+6 pullups

    real goaty workout, glad i chose it though

    finished with a min n a half back plank

  12. CFWU x 1

    Yankee Swap

    WOD: Cindy

    5 pull ups
    10 Push ups
    15 Squats

    13 Rounds + 5 Pull ups

    PR by 1 round and 5 Pull ups

    Nice to work out with you Gabrielle.

  13. “Christine”
    3 Rounds
    500m Row
    12 bodyweight Deadlifts (165#)
    21 Box Jumps (20″)

    Time —> 12:42

    Love the Yankee Swap! … and got a great WOD!

    Rob, you’re a cute little Elf. 🙂

      1. I had it last year and loved it 🙂 I think it was very fitting that Jeff picked it this year 😉

  14. Attempted Modified Mary: 2 rounds in I stopped to assist with some recruitment 😉

    Did Intro WOD:
    13 Rounds + 6 situps

    Linda as Rx’d
    150% bodyweight Deadlifts (205#)
    Ring pushups
    75% squat cleans (105#)

    Time : 16:50

    Merry Christmas to my Crossfit Family!! Love you guys 🙂

  15. “Cindy”
    AMRAP 20 mins
    5 Pullups
    10 pushups
    15 Squats

    20rds + 5 pushups

    PR of over 4 rounds. Thank you Santa!
    Nice job to the boys of 4:15- Johnny, AJ, Dave and Gab
    It was a pleasure coaching the 5:30 class. Great job all around.

  16. Great video. Laughed so much.
    Loved Yankee Swap WOD.
    Got Diane.
    Time 4;34

  17. WUx1 (all strict pullups this time: 5+3+1+1)

    “Yankee Swap”
    Deadlifts (140#)
    HSPU (scaled to Pushups)
    T = 5:06

    Couldn’t get the hang of the handstand (let alone the pushup), but I look forward to seeing it as a “skill of the week”!

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

  18. CFWU x 1
    Yankee Swap.. Pulled number 7 ( out of seven! Lol)Wanted a workout, pulled Cindy and actually prayed Evan didn’t take her from me! Lol
    WOD: Cindy
    5 pull ups
    10 Push ups
    15 Squats
    16 rounds + 2 pullups
    Pushups were my limiter tonight.. Was happy with my first shot at her..
    Merry Christmas to everyone..

    Nice to work out with you Gabrielle.

  19. WU x 2 (did all pullups unbroken – hands finally not as sore)
    Ring dips (x6)

    Yankee Swap WOD
    30 snatches @ 75#
    Time = 4:35
    *should have gone a little heavier with the weight, but technique was very rusty, so went a bit lighter*


    …jumped in with Jeff doing Cindy *giggle* at minute 6.
    Total = 9 rounds + 2 pullups (in 14 minutes)

    That was fun! Merry Christmas fellow Crossfitters 🙂

  20. Freaking cut and paste!! Lol. Obviously didn’t WO with Gabrielle..

    And thank you Lora for helping me double team Cindy!! Lol..

  21. WU x 2

    WOD: Grace @ Rx 30 Clean & Jerks (95#)

    Time: 5:38

    WOD: Annie
    50-40-30-20-10 Double Under’s and Situps

    Time: 6:48

  22. mobility + WU barely times 1, did some snatches at 35lbs to get a feel for the move and warm up more…

    WOD Isabel with 55 lbs (+70% of my max) – 30 snatches for time : 2:06

    Stopped for a little water break and then I jumped in with Guy and did 10 rounds plus 5 pullups and pushups of Cindy 🙂 Awesome working out with you Guy!! And I got a little taste of blood in the back of my throat that told me I had worked hard 🙂

    Yay for Yankee Swap day 🙂

    Can’t wait to see what CF Santa has in store for us tomorrow!

  23. Mobility
    wu x 1

    Yankee Swap WOD
    Got Linda (20 min. time cap)
    Dead lifts 100% BW (105#)
    Ring push ups – scale push ups
    Cleans 75% BW (65#)

    Time = 13:07
    cash out = back stretch

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