Workout at home

Run 5km and post your time.

As a Phys Ed teacher, I wanted to test my students to see where they fell into the spectrum of fitness. Most of them manage to get to level 1, and a few have gotten to level 3. Where do you fall??

6 thoughts on “Workout at home”

  1. How does your table works??

    What’s the timeframe for each Level for us to say that we are in that Level?

  2. If you are able to do everything in Level 1, then that’s your level. Some people will have certain ones done at a higher level (ex. 50 squats in level 1, but 30 push ups in level 2), but you need to have them all done to have attained that level.

  3. There’s a 4.5km route at school which I run sometimes. Today at break, I did it in 17:41…beat my PR by over 1 minute!

  4. I’m running a day behind, but better late than never.

    800m run
    50 Back Extensions
    50 Sit-ups

    Round 1 7:04
    Round 2 6:43
    Round 3 7:35

    Total 20:22
    Last time I did this was July 26 – 21:18
    Was it my athletic ability improving or was it the 8 FIREMEN on my street as I was doing this w/o??….I’d like say it was a little of both………..
    See ya all tomorrow a.m.

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