And the winners are…

The 2013 Paleo Challenge has come to an end. It was our biggest one yet and with the more “strict” guidelines, the most successful yet. Many inches were lost and a great deal of fat has disappeared. People have told us about ailments that no longer bother them, such as skin problems, digestive disorders, energy levels and overall health improvements. It was great to see SO MUCH success.

The winners for this year were close. For the ladies, we have Jackie Cantin who had tremendous improvements all around. And the men, we have a repeat with Lance Cudmore (with a perfect score). Congrats to the winners! And kudos to everyone that participated. You did awesome!

Now this is not the end. The Challenge was the beginning of some major life changes. It is our hope that you continue with the new habits you’ve created. We are here to help you. Talk to us. Ask questions. Join the Moncton Paleo Facebook page.

4 rounds
Max rep Push Press (145/100# or 75%)
30 Double Unders
Rest 60 sec between rounds

Score is total reps of PP.

Angela is back! And she brought a little friend with her.
Angela is back! And she brought a little friend with her.

33 thoughts on “And the winners are…”

  1. Congrats you two on the Challenge! That’s awesome and congrats to everyone else who completed the challenge as well! Fantastic work!

    It’s been a few days since I’ve been to the gym so I did a double WOD…not sure I gave it my all for the second WOD though haha

    no strength

    1st: Moonwalk:
    AMRAP in 3 min for 3 rounds of
    10 lunges
    10 reverse burpees
    1.5 min rest

    Total: 219

    2nd: 10-8-6-4-2 of
    Cleans @ 55kg (~121lbs)
    Burpee lateral jumps

    Time: 8:31

    I was feeling really tired after 8’s and slowed down a lot I think. Definitely need to try this one on it’s own next time and maybe a bit heavier! Definitely a good day though!

  2. mobility


    4 Rounds
    Max rep Push Press #145
    30 Double Unders
    60 secs Rest
    Score is total number of Push Press

    Total= 52 RX

  3. Mobility
    WU x 2

    Strength shoulder press x 5
    45-95-105-115-125 ( kept it low to warm up the shoulders)

    4 rounds
    Max rep push press @ 145#
    30 double under’s ( 90 singles)
    rest 60 seconds

    Total = 31 ( 1 round only did 3 as I didn’t get a good grip when I cleaned it)

  4. MOB, WU x 2 (no pull ups today)

    Strength, Deadlifts x 5
    135, 185, 225, 275, 315

    405 x 1 New PR by 30lbs. I just missed it last time because I was taking to small an increase in the weight each set and burned out my grip. This time there was no hesitation and it felt really good. Next on the list is the sub 1:30 row by my birthday in June.


    4 rounds
    Max rep Push Press (145/100# or 75%) Used 135lb
    30 Double Unders
    Rest 60 sec between rounds

    Score is total reps of PP.

    Reps = 31. A little disappointed in this number, however, two of the double under sets were unbroken and that is victory in and of itself.

  5. Chantal Guérette

    WU x 2
    Strength : Back Squats
    5 x 65-80-90-100-105 (PR)
    4 rounds :
    – Max Rep Push Press (65lbs)
    – 30 DU
    – Rest 60 sec.
    Total Push Press Rep : 30…. Not impress with myself this morning !!

  6. Mobility
    WU X 2
    Strength – Front squats – 3 x 55, 60, 65

    4 rounds:
    – Max Push Press ( 65lbs)
    – 30 DU
    – Rest 60 sec.

    30 – 20 – 16 – 19
    (last 3 rounds of skipping = 10 DU & 60 singles)

    Total: 85

    Great coaching Patrick!

    CONGRATS to Lance and Jackie! Congrats to everyone else who did the challenge!

  7. Mobility
    WU x 2

    Strength Front squat x 5 35-40-45-50-55

    WOD with 50# & 90 singles
    Score 42

  8. 4 rounds Max rep Push Press (145/100# or 75%) 30 Double Unders Rest 60 sec between rounds

    Score is total reps of PP.
    Wod rx @ 145 First round went good but pat said I wasn’t locking my knees, so last 3 rounds I was trying to be very strict. Really dropped the reps, but form was better so still good. 18 1st round, 10/ 8/ 6. Total 42. Rx.
    Du’s went pretty good also.

    1. Forgot strength was shoulder press, good idea before a shoulder Wod…
      95/ 115/ 125/ 130×4/ 135×2 with good form, and thanks pat and trent. Good sharing the bar with u trent, and your ohs look solid.

      1. I am glad u take the time to notice and correct me. It will only make me better so push away.. Thanks

  9. Push Jerk X 5
    95-125-135-145-155 Form getting better

    Wod @ 135#’s and singles (should have tried Rx)

    37 Fun WOD, one needs to remember that time is not as significant and try nit to rush thru the presses

  10. WOD @ 75#

    41 push presses

    Good wod to start back with.

    Congrats Jackie and Lance, really impressive!! And to all the other challengers too.. Great job. Big accomplishment, much to be proud of!!

  11. Warmup
    Back squat (3) 95-115-125-145-155
    I am so nervous with back squat…have to overcome this.
    Great sharing the bar with you Denis!

    WOD @ 75lbs
    33 reps

  12. Congrats to the paleo winners! And, welcome back Ang! We might have to start Crossfit Toddler soon.

  13. Congrats to the Paleo winners!

    Laura and I just arrived at our resort/condominiums in Vegas. What a beautiful room/apartment we have!

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