Why I loved 16.1

As you know, 16.1 could have been named “Logistical Nightmare”. Groans from affiliate owners were heard around the world. It certainly wasn’t a workout I was expecting to see.

But, I loved it. And I have three great reasons.

1) It was a great test of fitness. We had a good variety of movements, core strength, stability, cardio. You name it, the first workout hit it. And much better than 7 minutes of burpees.

2) It was accessible to most everyone. With the scaled division, pretty much everyone around the world was able to participate in the workout. That wasn’t always the case, but this workout was a great fit.

3) It was LONG. But wait…why is that a great reason? Because I got to spend much more time hanging out with awesome friends and amazing athletes all night. Every one of you inspired me with your perseverance and grit.

*Remember – log your results on the CrossFit Games site before Monday at 9pm.

Thrusters x3

AMRAP in 10 min
12 Push Press (95/65#/60%)
15 KBS (50/35#)

Compare to Nov.19/15

Some super fans!
Some super fans!

6 thoughts on “Why I loved 16.1”

  1. I really liked that the scaled division movements and weights were appropriate for everyone. This was a great workout, 16.1 was a good one 🙂
    Great picture of the #1 cheerleader

  2. Joined Crossfit Moncton in January, decided to sign up for the open to get a baseline. Did 16.1 today and ended up with 195 scaled, painful workout but fun! Thanks to Nick for judging and everyone else for cheering!

  3. Olympic lift clinic

    Clean #165
    Clean and Jerk #135
    Snatch #115

    Sloppy technique today early arm pull thank Amanda and Shane

  4. Did this wod RX last time but shoulders have been tight lately so 65# push press and 35# KBS was good weights which allowed me to get 6 rounds this time. Did 4 rounds RX last time

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