When to use a rubber

There are steel plates and rubber plates at the gym. When do you use each one?

I’ll try to lay it out in an easy to follow list.

Deadlifts (130# or lighter)
Front Squats
Overhead Squats
Push Jerks
Push Press (maybe)

Deadlifts (135# or higher)
Back Squats
Push Press (maybe)

A few other points to consider. Dropping an empty bar is not good for it’s health. Avoid dropping a bar with 10# plates, as it’s not good for your health. Try to avoid having more steel than rubber for the “rubber” lifts noted above. And make sure you have clamps on the bar!

WOD – AMRAP in 20 minutes of:
25 Burpees
15 Front Squats (135/95#)

Compare to Nov.24/09

Angela updates her records. Are yours up-to-date?

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  3. Mobility & Group Warm Up

    1 Rep Max. Clean & Jerk


    AMRAPS in 20 min.

    25 Burpees
    15 Front Squats 135# (used 115#)

    3 rounds + 25 burpees + 3 squats

    Good job everyone!

  4. mobility and group warm up

    Practice strength- clean and jerk x1
    65-76-85-95(PR)-100(PR)-105(PR) (but very ugly)
    10# PR on the clean
    15# PR on the jerk

    WOD: AMRAP 20 min
    25 burpees
    15 fr. squats (95#)

    4 rounds + 25 burpees

    VERY happy and exhausting morning! big mental and physical breakthroughs, i doubt i’ve ever grunted so much either. first 3 rounds of front squats unbroken (i REALLY didn’t want to clean it again!)

    Joanna – you’ll have a muscle up in no time with that progression. way to push on the C&Js too!
    great job everyone!

  5. Group warm up

    Clean and Jays 1rm
    95-135-155-185-205 PR! First time CnJ over 200 that and of course it was a push press which is a pr as well

    Wod with 135

    4 rounds and 25 burpees Front squats killed.

  6. Chantal theriault

    mobility and group warm up

    Practice strength- clean and jerk x1
    45-65-95-105(PR)-115(PR)-125(PR Clean, F jerk)

    Happy with today got a 25 pound pr on my Clean !!

    WOD: AMRAP 20 min
    25 burpees
    15 fr. squats (95#)

    4 rounds + 5 burpees

    This is a tuff one 🙂 Good work this morning !!

  7. Group Warm-up

    Strength – C&J’s
    65-70-75-80-85-90-95(PR for Jerk)-100(F)

    Amrap 20 mins
    25 Burpees
    15 Front Squats (#65)
    4 + 25 Burpees

    Thanks Krista! And congrats on the triple digits..I really wanted to get there too..just wasn’t happening today. Next time!

  8. Hi Kevin. Can you scratch me off the list for today at 4:15? I am not feeling well.

  9. Hi Kevin – I am going to cancel tonight at 415 but will be there tomorrow am.

  10. Well this is a first for me.
    I tweaked my left shoulder at work and it’s really not being very agreeable.
    Please cancel me for today coach. I’m going to give it the weekend and be back on deck on Monday.
    *hehe* you learned me pretty good with that 800m 20lb med ball run.

    1. P.S. I blogged about Crossfit on Wednesday in my Lavalife Competition.
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      You can vote everyday, and every time you do you’ll save a puppy’s life!
      Okay that last bit might not be true, but I’ll really appreciate it!
      Thanks folks.

      P.S. NOVAMAC is my handle on the site.

  11. Group Warmup

    Practice Strength – Clean and Jerk
    Max Rep of 145lbs

    WOD – AMRAP in 20 mins
    25 Burpees
    15 Front Squats 135#

    4 Rounds 6 Front Squats

    Kevin, forgot my back pack (blue), will pick it up in the morning.

      1. Salad and skinless chicken breast! Grazed the last few weeks, back on a normal diet this week!

    1. Jamie you totally rocked this tough workout / good on you – swear all you want!

  12. FYI girls – if you’re looking for new sport bras – bungays bike shop on mountain road is closing out and blowing out their stock. there selection is getting a bit limited, not many smalls left, but do have some med, large and xls.

    i picked up two really nice sugoi racer backs today for 40 with taxes – one was regular 59 the other regular 49. great deal! i had one previously and it’s awesome!

    1. Good to know, thank you!
      If anyone is interested and miss the sale at Bungay’s – Costco also has them – 2 in a package for $25 or so…Champion brand. I really love them.

  13. Group WU
    strength – C&J 1’s
    WOD @ 135
    4 rounds and 20 Burpees
    Good job everyone

  14. Group WU
    Clean & Jerk 1RM -> 45-55-65-75-85-95(PR on the Clean but failed on the Jerk)
    WOD @ 65# – 3 rounds + 7 Front Squats 😀 Ouch!

  15. Clean & Jerk – 1RM
    95-115-135-155-165-175 (PR!)

    That’s a 30# PR on Squat Cleans! 😀
    Matched my Push Jerk.

    WOD (135#):
    3 Rounds + 12 Burpees (PR)

    In November a did 16 more reps but used 95#.

    That workout was killer! Great job everyone!!!

  16. Clean and Jerk
    95-105-115(failed the jerk)

    WOD #95
    4 rounds + 16 Burpees + a lot of grunting!!

  17. C&J –> 85-95-115-125-135-155-165-175-185

    WOD –> 5 rounds + 14 burpees (PR by 6 burpees…better than nothing!)

    1. Group Warm Up

      Clean & Jerk 95-135-155-165-175(Cleaned but Jerk Fail)-175(F)

      So 175 Clean PR.

      WOD: AMRAP 20 Min
      25 Burpees
      15 Front Squats @135

      3 + 25 Burpees + 3 Front Squats

      Great job 6:30 crew!!

  18. Group Warm-Up (that was fun)

    Clean+Jerk 1RM
    95-115-125-130-135-140PR (both clean&jerk)

    WOD: 20 mins
    – 25 burpees
    – 15 front squats (135#)

    2 rounds + 18 burpees

    Thanks you Kevin for helping me discover the angry, frustrated, profanity-uttering side of my personnality. I dont think I have ever felt the need to say the F word so loudly. 😛

    All joking aside, thanks! Felt good! Great work everyone!

    1. That proves it….you are officially a “bleeping” CrossFitter now! Appropriate workout for it.

  19. Group WU
    Clean & Jerk 1RM -> 40-45-50-55-60-65
    WOD @ 55# – 3 rounds + 16 burpees

    Nice job 4:15!!!

  20. Group Warm Up

    Push Jerk 1 rep max

    WOD: AMRAP’s in 20 minutes
    25 burpees
    15 front squats # 95

    3 Rounds +9 Squats
    This one was brutal. I don’t usually “grunt” but found it quite necessary this morning!

  21. Group warm up which was alot of fun and really worked!!
    Strength Power Clean with a Jerk
    AMRAP in 20 mins
    25 Burpees
    15 Deadlifts 75#
    4 Rounds with 16 Burpees.

  22. Group Warm Up

    Push Jerk – 1 rep max
    45-50-55-65-70-75-80-85(failed on the front squat)

    WOD: AMRAP in 20 minutes
    25 burpees
    15 front squats (65#)

    = 2 rounds + 1 squat

    1. Clean & Push Jerk?? Frig I’m frustrated that I can’t remember the names of them. I don’t know what the proper name for the lift was in the WOD. 🙁

    2. Your effort on the front squats was amazing. Normal people would have taken off some weight off the bar. Not you 🙂 I think Kevin knows you too well hehe.

  23. Group warm up (today that felt like a workout!)

    C&Js 15-35-45-55-65-70-75-80-85-90 (pr for cleans)

    WOD AMRAP in 20 minutes of
    25 burpees
    15 front squats (65#) felt like crying on almost every rep of those…

    3 rounds & 19 burpees – man that sucked the life out of me!

    Great work on this really tough WOD everyone!!

    1. I am so glad you and Sonya were there tonight.. I’d still be sitting on my squat-box swearing! Thank You sooo much…

  24. Huge PRs today! Congrats to everyone!

    Also, a blaster of a workout. Sometimes you gotta dig deep. I saw a lot of you looking at the bar, not wanting to pick it up. But when someone yelled GO, you did it!

    I hit up the climbing gym tonight with Sonia and Ed. Made some pretty tough routes tonight. Very happy since it’s my first time out this season.

  25. Group WU
    Clean & jerks: 35-55-65-75(clean only)

    WOD: AMRAP in 20 min of:
    25 burpees
    15 front squat (60#)

    3 rounds & 5 burpees

  26. Group WU
    Strength: Clean & Jerk
    35-55-65-75-80(PR)-85(F) PR’d by 20 lbs 🙂

    WOD: Amrap in 20 minutes of
    25 burpees
    15 Front Squats 65 lbs

    4 Rounds even.

    Those were the loudest yells I’ve ever made during a WOD…sorry guys.

  27. Clean and Jerk max:

    WOD – AMRAP in 20 minutes of:
    25 Burpees
    15 Front Squats (135#)

    4 rounds + 9 burpees

  28. Jason - CrossFit Fredericton

    63 posts and not one joke or comment about the subject of Kevins post? Or did you spend the day deleting them all Kevin?

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