What’s it gonna be?

16.3 – give me your predictions.

Reminder – Live viewing tonight at 9pm at the gym. 

Registration for the heats will be available Friday at 8am.

Split Jerks – heavy single

Sled Pushes x5

Hannah - the only one to finish 16.2
Hannah – the only one to finish 16.2

11 thoughts on “What’s it gonna be?”

  1. Prediction part 1: single repetitive movement for max reps in 3-4 minutes.

    Prediction part 2: movement is power snatch

  2. Heavy Split Jerk

    110×5 – 135×4 – 155×4 – 175×3 – 200×1 – 210×1 – 225×1(pr)

    Sled Pushes:
    one length of gym with sled only for wu.
    2x with #45
    1x with Sled only
    Thats it.

    Way to go Hannah, I knew you were doing good but I didn’t know you finished it. Nice.

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