We’re 6 years old!

CrossFit Moncton turns 6 years old today! It all started at a playground behind a school. I would fill my trailer with the little equipment I had and drive it to Queen E. School hoping people would show up. We’d have 4-9 people on average who were keen to learn about this new thing called CrossFit. There were no showers. The washroom was “behind the dumpster”. We didn’t even have a roof over our heads when it rained. It was awesome!

Sometimes I miss those days. It was before Reebok, Rogue and Again Faster were on the scene. Our clothes would be grass-stained from doing burpees on the field. Our hands would have little rocks embedded in them from pushups on the ground. You think the boxes we have are unforgiving on the shins if you miss? Try a concrete picnic table!

We still have a few of the originals from 6 years ago – Lance, Gillyon and David. Some have even gone and opened their own gym.

The growth over the 6 years has been remarkable. I’m grateful every day that I get to see changes in people’s health and well-being. For those who have been with us for a while, thank you for your continued support! For those that are new, thank you for giving us a shot and we hope you stick around for a long time.

Normally we do the Anniversary WOD today, but with the weather, that isn’t going to happen. So in lieu of that, we’ll be doing a Hopper WOD (just like we did on day 1).

Hope to see you here 🙂

Drawing the exercises for the first ever CrossFit Moncton WOD
Drawing the exercises for the first ever CrossFit Moncton WOD

10 thoughts on “We’re 6 years old!”

  1. Happy anniversary CFM!!! Thank you Kevin for all you do! Cheers to many more years!

  2. Please cancel my 10:00am…..I don’t think I’ll make it on time so just in case! thx

  3. Vanessa Champion

    Congrats Kevin for havin such a successful gym! I’m so happy to be apart of this place and call it my sweaty home!

  4. Happy Anniversary

    in Halifax today did a Wod at Crossfit Kinetics
    Lift 50,000lbs in team of 3
    DL at 200#
    SH2OH 100#
    BS 100#
    did sets of 5 reps took 8 rounds plus one extra SH2OH and BS at the end. One person works at a time

    Time 14:18

  5. Happy Anniversary CrossFit Moncton!
    Kevin, you should be very proud of the Fit-Oriented community that you’ve helped establish in Moncton!

  6. Happly 6 years CFM!!!!! Sooo proud of you and all the success you have gained over the years! Jen H

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