Weekend WOD


1000 meter row
45 pound Thruster, 50 reps
30 pull-ups

I am Andy, hear me roar!
I am Andy, hear me roar!

23 thoughts on “Weekend WOD”

  1. Good Morning!
    Kevin I am unable to make the 10:00 class today. Change of plans at my house this morning. Tried to cancel, but wouldn’t work. Have a great weekend everyone.

      1. I think she should still run because I just saw this now and was very worried because she wasn’t answering her phone!!!! 🙁

  2. Well, that was a great morning at the gym!!

    WOD –> ”Jackie”

    1000m row
    50 thursters (50#)
    30 pullups

    Time: 8:34

    No PR for me today. Last time I did it, my time was 8:10. I went too hard on the rower…I wanted to keep Kevin’s pace. After the thrusters were the killer!

    I received my 35# KB, Agatsu changed the handle style It is a lot bigger compare to my 55#.

      1. lol :p

        MC I want to go to the rouge sometime to dance!! 🙂 And anyone else that could be interested too… 😀

  3. Did Jackie with Pierre at my side. My 500m pace was around 1:33 at the first, and trailed off to 1:48 near the end. Felt like rubber getting off the rower.

    Thrusters were done in 3 sets.

    Pullups sucked.

    7:34 (No pr for me today)

  4. Warm Up x 1
    CrossFit Dodgeball (Don’t think I hit one person. Hee hee… Did several burpees though!)


    Row 1000 m
    50 Thrusters (35lbs.) Yay!
    30 Pull Ups (Green Band)

    Time: 14:19

    Excellent work everyone! Nice to meet you Marcel.

    Saw Michael Jordan this morning (on TV) giving a speech that he finished with something I found fitting for CrossFit: “Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.”

  5. CFWU X 1
    Crossfit Dodgeball This is the first time I did not spend the whole time in the exercise area. Finally!

    WOD “Jackie”
    Row 1000 m
    50 thrusters (35 lb.)
    30 pullups
    Time 16:25

    I was pleased to do this one as prescribed. My back right now is not so pleased.

  6. CFWU X 1

    Crossfit Dodgeball – I got Kevin!!! 😉

    WOD –> ”Jackie”

    1000m row
    50 thursters (35)
    30 pullups (green band)


  7. just completed my longest road ride to date – a fundraiser for juvenile diabetes (raised $9000) – the ride was 63 people.

    200.1km ride in 7 hr 16 minutes
    beats my previous longest ride of last year of 140km in 6 hr 59
    that’s also 515km since last saturday including the cabot trail
    just proof that crossfit really does work!

    next up a 4 hour solo race in miramichi next weekend – will feel short in comparison i bet 🙂

  8. CFWUx1
    Crossfit dodgeball
    WOD “Jackie”
    Row 1000m
    50 thrusters (35lbs)
    30 pullups

    Time: 11:54
    Did not think I could do the thrusters. I am so poor at squats. Thank you Pierre and Kevin for telling me I could. Kevin, how is Carly?

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