Wednesday WOD

So happy to see all the posts from yesterday! Keep it up CFM!!

*Scale back the rounds as needed. See video for recommendations.


17 thoughts on “Wednesday WOD”

  1. Jordan Sanipass

    10 rounds (30sec per movement)
    Leg levels – 150 reps
    Mountain climb – 200 reps
    Side plank(L)
    Side plank(R)

    Need to work on side planks.

  2. 10 rounds (30sec per movement)
    Leg Levers – 144 reps
    Mountain Climbers – 200 reps
    Side Plank(R) – this was the tougher one after the above 😛
    Side Plank(L)

    Sweaty little WOD!

  3. WU and Mobility

    Leg Levers
    Mountain Climbers
    Side Plank (L)
    Side Plank (R)

    Didn’t count but this took me 29:17

    Cashout: Dance Off (with myself) to the tune of Billie Jean by Michael Jackson. Fun song!!

  4. 10Rounds (30s each movement)

    Leg Levers
    Mountain Climbers
    Side Plank (R)
    Side Plank (L)

    Harder and sweatier than expected!

  5. 10 rounds, 30 sec/ movement:
    Leg Levers (12 ea round, unbroken) = 120
    Mountain Climbers (20 ea round) = 200
    Side Plank (R) – unbroken
    Side Plank (L) – unbroken

  6. Did yesterday’s WOD
    3 Rounds
    6 Burpees
    9 Sit-ups
    12 Squats
    Rest 1 minute between rounds
    Total: 241 reps
    Slowed down by the dog on the second round. Working out at home is slightly more challenging at the moment.

  7. 10 rounds (30sec per movement)
    Leg levers
    Mountain climb
    Side plank(L)
    Side plank(R)

    Didn’t count the reps just did the work and sweat a lot

    Thanks Kevin

  8. 10 Rounds (30 sec per movement)
    Leg Levers
    Mountain climbers
    Side plank (R)
    Side plank (L)

    Didn’t really count. Just kept going until the last second per exercise. Sweaty workout! Right plank harder then left for me!

  9. 10 rounds (30 sec/movement)
    Leg levers
    Mountain climbers
    Side plank – right
    Side plank – left

    Completed 8 rounds……side planks with hip off ground and working at knees as well. Sweaty one!

  10. 6 rounds (30sec per movement)
    Leg levels – 88 reps
    Mountain climb – 198 reps
    Side plank(L)
    Side plank(R)

  11. 10 Rds
    Leg levers 139 total
    Mountain climbers 184 total
    Planks both unbroken

    Emom 10 min pull-ups
    5/3/3/2/2/2/2/1/1/2 23 total. Up from 20.

  12. Wednesday is ruck WOD day, so…

    16 min amrap with 60+ lb SB
    4 SB deadlifts
    8 SB hops
    12 SB lunges
    16 flutterkicks

    Counting is hard, but around 9 rounds.

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