Upcoming events

We’re going to run a fall Kickstarter program starting Sept.27th. All the details can be found in THIS LINK. If you know anyone wanting to get started (and save $76), this is the program for them! Only 8 spots available.

Sept.18/19 – The gym will be closed as we’re hosting the CF Level 2 course. Trainers from all over the Maritimes (including our own Ingrid) will be coming to level up their coaching skills.

Oct.11 – Closed for Thanksgiving.

Oct.23 – We’re hosting the Maritime Open weightlifting competition. If you’re interested in competing, let one of the trainers know! You don’t even have to lift a lot. You just need to enjoy putting weight over your head.

Also, stay tuned for more info regarding our gym-wide Level Method testing coming up in October!

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