Two new trainers!

It gives me great pleasure to introduce our newly certified trainers, Lora and Amanda! Over the next couple months, expect to see a lot of them. They’ll be watching over you with their new ninja trainer eyes.

Skill of the Week – Knee Jumps


5 Rounds of:
400m Run
15 Overhead Squats (95/65#)

Compare to Oct.7/11

Let’s play ‘Find Lora and Amanda’

138 thoughts on “Two new trainers!”

  1. Mobility
    400m Jog
    WU x 1 (OHS against wall)

    Power Cleans x 5

    Stopped there because of my back. First time doing cleans since a month off in April.

    WOD: “Nancy”
    5 Rounds
    – 400m Run
    – 15 OHS (95/65 or 60%) -> 55#

    Time: 14:07

    OHS were all mostly unbroken (some rests at the top between smaller sets)

  2. Mobility
    400m Jog
    WU x 1 (OHS against wall)

    Strength: Shoulder Press
    5x 95-115-130-140-150×4

    WOD: β€œNancy”
    5 Rounds
    – 400m Run
    – 15 OHS (95#)
    Time: 20:10

  3. Mobility
    400m Jog
    WU x 1 (OHS against wall)

    No Strength: Shoulder and Elbow Issue

    WOD: β€œNancy”
    5 Rounds
    – 200m Run
    – 15 OHS (40#)

    Time: 15:19

  4. Strength Front Squat x 5

    WOD @ 45#

    time= 16:18

    PR of a little over 1 min and 20# heavier (I think I went light last time because of my back)
    I really like Nancy!

    Congrats to Amanda and Lora! You both are great additions to our trainer team!

    1. Great time Maria. I was trying to stay with you, but by round 3….you were just too speedy for me on the run.

  5. Clean and Jerk x1

    Pardon my language, but that’s a 10 fuckin pound PR! Been 3 years since I lifted 225, so very happy with this. Jo and I have been doing Olympic training for a few weeks now and I guess it’s starting to pay off.

    1. Wow, Reebok really does sell PR shoes!
      Nice work Kevin! That bar looked frickin’ heavy!

  6. 400m Run
    WU X 1

    Strength Cleans X 5

    WOD “Nancy”
    5 Rounds
    15 OHS 95# scaled to 50#


    1. Staying positive… “They are everything you could imagine they would be…AND MORE!”
      Just go kill it.

  7. 400m Jog / WU x 1 (OHS against wall…still no pull-ups yet but hands are healing nicely)

    Front Squats x 5
    135-150-160-170-180 (dropping down too far, still reminding myself to breathe)

    WOD: β€œNancy”
    5 Rounds
    – 400m Run
    – 15 OHS @65#

    Time: 15:49

    Disappointed with my later round running again. Only two sets of OHS were unbroken but mainly because my gloves kept slipping wide. MUST.RUN.FASTER

    I tried to keep up with Matt but I had to take 3 strides for every one of his!

  8. Mob
    Wux1. Overhead squat facing wall

    Strength. Β Back squat x3
    95 115 135 150 160 pr

    5 rounds
    400 m run
    15 OHS Β  (95/65). I did 55


    Rob Brydges

  9. 400m
    WU x 1 (OHS against wall)

    Deadlifts x 5

    WOD: β€œNancy” @ 75#
    Time: 15:47

    Congrats Girls!!

  10. 400m run
    WU x1 with OHS against thw wall

    Deadlifts x3

    WOD ‘Nancy’ @ 65 #
    3 full rounds in 14:50 … had to stop, my lower back was killing me after those heavy deadlifts. Note to self: Heavy deads + Running is a no no … change for change on a fresh back, maybe ?

    Knowing my back was hurting from the beginning, I could of scaled the run to 200m but was to stubborn to do so, because I was using the RX weight….

    1. Sorry to hear your back was hurting πŸ™ Take care of yourself girl…Hope it feels better soon.

  11. congrats to Amanda And Lora

    wu as posted
    front squats
    5@ 105,135,150,165,180

    scaled ohs to 50
    time 16:14

    if i were to say what i think of ohs i would be doing burpees. therefore i will say i enjoyed this work out to the fullest that i was able to make myself enjoy this work-out.
    ohs will come, eventually.

    1. ” I enjoyed this work out to the fullest that I was able to make myself enjoy this work-out.”

      well said…well said.

  12. CONGRATS AMANDA AND LORA !!!! More Ninjas to watch over us hehe πŸ˜€

    400m jog
    WU x 1 (OHS against the wall)

    Strength – Front Squat 5 x 50-55-60-65-70

    (5 rounds)
    – 400m run
    – 15 OHS (25lbs)
    Time 15:47

    This was fun ! Great job 8:30 crew πŸ˜€

  13. Heather (Mum)

    Congrats to Amanda and Lora. Great to have new trainers on board.
    Congrats to Kevin on your PR.

    Strength X 1
    Front Squat
    50-60-70-75-85-90 PR 5 lb. PR Happy for that.
    “Nancy” Scaled
    5 rounds
    200 m run
    15 OHS (10 ) Keeping it light to maintain form.
    Time 16:22

  14. Mobility
    400m jog
    WU x 1 (OHS against the wall)

    Front Squat 3’s

    WOD Rx
    (5 rounds)
    – 400m run
    – 15 OHS (65lbs)
    Time 21:something πŸ™‚

    Happy with my result, back in October I did 14:20 but I scaled to 200 m run and 45lbs OHS!! PR I think πŸ™‚

    Congrats Amanda & Lora!! Can’t wait to Workout with you!!

  15. Congrats Amanda & Lora!! Thats GREAT!! πŸ™‚

    PS; The zen planner is not loading for me… If you see this Kevin, Im in for 5:45 tonight right?

    1. Zenplanner is currently down. I’m not able to log in either.

      They are aware of the issue and are working on a fix.

  16. Congrats Lora and Amanda…I look forward to your coaching and all the future laughs.

  17. Maybe Kevin should bring more cookies to help us celebrate our new trainers’ success πŸ™‚

  18. Shoulder press x 5
    95-105-115-120-120( only 3 reps, w/ poor form)
    Wod nancy @ 75
    Time 14:02
    PR of 30# and 1min 10 sec
    Great workout

  19. Congrats Lora and Amanda! You both will be great coaches.

    Back squat (10) 45-65-95-105

    WOD @ 35lbs
    Well…I did it. OHS felt okay. They did not feel as ugly as they used to. I went light and I am happy that I did. Great coaching today, Kevin and Corinna. The tips and positivity were greatly appreciated.

    1. Nice work today Gillyon! Your OHS have improved tremendously. Keep working on those toes to bar as well because before you know it, you’ll be stringing 10 together with ease!

  20. WoooHooo congrats to Lora and Amanda! πŸ™‚

    Mobility, 400m jog, WUx1 with OHS againt wall.

    Strength Shoulder Press
    65-75-80-85-95 (PR10#)

    WOD: “Nancy”
    5 rnds: 400m run, 15OHS (35#)
    Time: 18:47

    I went light on the OHS and did them all unbroken but it might have been too light?

  21. Mobility
    400m Jog
    WU x 1 (OHS against wall)

    Strength – Back squat 1’s
    130-150-170-180-190 PR of 5#s

    WOD: β€œNancy”
    5 Rounds
    – 400m Run
    – 15 OHS (95/65 or 60%) -> 45# (Will go 50#’s next time πŸ™‚ )
    Time: 20:21

    PR of 1:51 with an extra 5#’s from last summer. Nancy nearly brought me to tears last summer and has haunted me ever since – but happy to say now she’s just like all the other girls – just gotta show her who’s boss. Never be my favorite, but may someday call her a friend.

    Great work everyone at 4:15.

    MOB CLass at 5:15 – May actually have been better to do it after the WOD! Thanks Jo πŸ™‚

    1. Forgot to say – Thanks for coaching today Corrina – you must be the reason for the 2 PR’s!

      1. Your 2 PR’s were all your doing Heather! Great job with your back squats, OHS and the running!

      2. 190 back squat? You amaze me. Way to go.
        We survived Nancy! She was okay, but don’t expect me to call her tomorrow.

    2. Congrats on your back squat PR! Holy Moses! I had no idea you were squatting that much weight. Well done!

      Great job on the WOD too. I figure one day YOU will be bringing Nancy to tears πŸ˜‰

  22. mobility
    400m jog
    wu x 1 (OHS against wall)
    strength – Cleans x 5
    95, 115, 125, 135, 145

    WOD : Nancy
    5 rounds
    400m Run
    15 OHS (65#)

    Time = 17:46 (no PR short of 7 sec but used 10# more on OHS)
    cash out – any stretch

    1. Great work Gilles. Only 7 sec slower but 10# more? I would call that an improvement!

  23. ValΓ©rie Arseneau

    Mobility, 400m jog, WUx1 with OHS againt wall.

    Strength OHS
    (5x) 15-15-20-25-30-35
    I tried 35# and it went very well could definately do more now that my form is better all thanks to Lora’s shinny new certification πŸ™‚

    WOD: β€œNancy”
    5 rounds:
    200m run,
    8 OHS (20#)

    Time: 9:35

    Scaled/light weight due to my right knee being swollen (a little too much ultimate frisbee in the past few weeks)… Only bugs me while running though.

    1. Great work on the WOD. You were smart to go light on the run…keep taking care of those knees. Happy I could help with your OHS. Increase your weight very slowly. OHS can be tricky and you don’t need to go heavy to get a good workout.

  24. WOD Nancy: RX @ 65 lbs

    Time: 14: 48

    Last July: 16:24

    PR: 1:36

    Super stoked regarding my performance on today’s WOD because I did all 5 rounds of OHS unbroken!!!! Two years ago when I joined CFM, I had to do my OHS with a broom stick due to terrible flexibility issues in my shoulders, back and hips!

    So for all of you folks out there struggling with the OHS, do not despair, if you continue to work at it, I promise your OHS will improve!

    p.s. I coached my first official Cross Fit class at 4:15 p.m today. A huge thanks to the 4:15 p.m. class for being so awesome!

    1. Awesome work on the WOD Corinna! Congrats on your PR! Your OHS’s looked smooth and your runs were strong!

      Congratulations as well for your first “official” class, Coach Corinna! Sorry I missed it. I bet it was awesome πŸ™‚

    2. Awesome job on the WOD! I know how far you have come with your OHS, you’re doing amazing, keep it up! Great job on your first class too πŸ™‚

      1. She yelled at me today and I had to do 10 more pushups. Way to keep us honest coach.

  25. Mobility class – worked on shoulders and hips πŸ™‚
    Once again Joanna, great class!

    400m run
    wu x 1 (OHS facing wall)

    Strength: practiced OHS (x10)

    WOD “Nancy” as Rx
    5 rounds
    400m run
    15 OHS (65#)
    Time: 15:34

    First time doing Rx. Did in Nov with 45# in 13:30.

    I can’t believe I’m going to say this but the best part of this WOD for me today was the OHS! Did them all unbroken. The last 400m run was absolutely brutal! Totally gassed. Perhaps the 4 hours of sleep I got last night wasn’t quite enough??

    1. Awesome time Lora. I can’t even believe you worked out today, after the big weekend you just had.

    2. Great job on the OHS Lora!
      Yes when we crossed each other on your last run, you looked a little uncomfortable…and I was thinking to myself that you were running on sheer determination and it was impressive. πŸ™‚
      Great job this weekend.. I’m so happy to have gone on to the L1 course with you. You’re an amazing person and you’ll be an amazing coach!

      1. Oh Amanda you are so sweet. Thank you. I echo your sentiments. It was an awesome experience and it was great to share it with you. You have a great “eye” for movement and I look forward to your coaching.

  26. Congrats ladies.

    400m jog
    Wu x 1

    Strength: OHS

    WOD: nancy
    5 rounds
    400m run
    15 OHS @ 65#

    Was doing awesome until the last round when for some reason I thought the run was the end and s

  27. Congrats ladies.

    400m jog
    Wu x 1

    Strength: OHS

    WOD: nancy
    5 rounds
    400m run
    15 OHS @ 65#

    Was doing awesome until the last round when for some reason I thought the run was the end and sprinted with everything I had the last 200m. Shoulder went numb about 5 reps into the last set of OHS. Still numb 45 min later. Also difficult to hold parallel. Not cool. πŸ™

        1. Thanks Corinna. It’s starting to feel better so hopefully it will be better for 7am class tomorrow. Maybe u will be coaching?

          On a side note, sorry to everyone for dropping my bar all crazy. My shoulder was messing me up but I just have trouble giving in.

  28. Mobility, Low Back stretching
    V-Snaps + Bridge Extension + Floor Arm Swings 3×15
    WUx2, 400m Jog

    Shoulder Press 3RM
    97-107-117-127-137 (reps PR)

    WOD Nancy Rx = 21:35

    Well, wasn’t that fun. Back was tired half-way through, but didn’t hurt, just made the running really annoying. Managed to finish Nancy, last time got 4 rounds under 19m. I will take it!

    Thanks for the push guys, and thank you Jeff for that last run!

    A quote I read online recently… “The workout always wins.” *like*

  29. Mobility Classe was awesome! Thanks Jo! πŸ™‚

    mobility x 1
    Run 400m
    WUx1 – OHS against the wall

    OHS – 5x 40-45-50-55-60


    5 Rounds of;

    400m Run
    15 OHS @ 45

    Time – 22:40

    Thank you SO MUCH to Nicholas and to Shawn’s mom… – MY GOODNESS, can’t believe I foget your name, I talk to you ALL THE TIME!!!… πŸ™
    Thanks for running the last round with me!! That was so sweet of you guys!! And also a BIG THANKS to everyone who pushed me for my last 15 OHS!! I don’t think I could of finish it on time without you guys!! xox

    1. You did great. I was happy to get to see your last round of OHS, I was very impressed with how hard you pushed through it!

      1. Thank you SO MUCH!!
        Thanks again for the push!! πŸ™‚
        I thought I was gonna start crying the last set of 15… literally…lol

  30. mobility
    wux1 400m jog

    Back Squats

    Time 21:22

    Thanks everybody for the push at the end and liam for coming along for the final run pushing me to go faster. Great workout to work on my running. Great job everyone!

  31. Another great Mobility Class

    MOB x1
    Run 400m
    WUx1 – OHS against the wall


    5 Rounds:

    400m Run
    15 OHS @ 65#


    No matter how south a workout goes for me, its always nice to know that you have friends that will not let you give up because they all know you’re better than that and they believe in you. Thanks all for the extra push on this one tonight everyone.

    Congrats to Amanda and Lora. You are both shinning examples of what Crossfit is all about and I have no doubt you will both make fantastic trainers!

    1. Awesome perseverance tonight Eric! You always give 100% and you are always so positive which are two of the many qualities I appreciate about you. I hope your back is not too sore!

  32. mob
    400 m jog

    strength did OHS x 5
    45-45-65-65-75-85-95 (all form.. ) starting to really like this lift..

    wod rx

    great job 6:45 class, awesome job by everyone..

  33. Many,many thanks to everyone for their kind words today! It really means a lot to me πŸ™‚

  34. Wu x1. Ring rows instead of pullups, my hands are healing from Fran on Saturday.

    No strength

    Did the mobility class. Thanks Jo.

    WOD: “Nancy” with 60#

    T = 19:34

    PR of 42 seconds with 10# more than last time. I’ll take it πŸ™‚

    OHS were unbroken so I guess I could have done it RX but I had rounded up my 60% calculation by 3# as it was so I didn’t want to push my luck too much. πŸ™‚

    1. Nice work Amanda. Next time around, 65 lbs for you for sure! Your OHS were solid as usual!

  35. Congrats Lora and Amanda.

    wu as posted
    front squats
    5@ 95,115,135,165,185

    scaled ohs to 45
    time 14:50

    Mobility Class — great job Jo!

    Made my third batch of anniversary cookies tonight. They don’t stay in the cookie jar long. You gotta make some!!

  36. Push Jerks x 5:

    WOD: Nancy Rx’d
    Time = 17:40

    This is the 3rd time in a year that I’ve done this WOD, and each time, it takes me longer. (My PR on this one is 17:06). I struggled in getting low enough on my squats (even though they ALL felt low, Kevin & Jo’s watchful eyes said otherwise…grr). It was the run that killed me though. First 2 felt great, last 3 was more of a shuffle)

    Big congrats to the ladies Amanda & Lore on your Level I. 2 great additions to the CFM training team.

  37. Mobility
    400m Jog
    1x Warm-up

    Shoulder Press
    5x @15-20-25-30-35-40

    WOD “Nancy” 17:12
    5 Rounds
    400m Run
    15 Front Squats with 35# (unbroken)

    Great Job 6:45 Class!

  38. Mobility
    400m Run
    1x Warm-up

    Strength – Back Squat x5


    5 Rounds of:
    400m Run
    15 Overhead Squats (95#) (Scaled to Front Squats)

    Time –>15:18

    Great job 6:45 Group!

    Way to go Amanda and Lora!

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