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3 rounds of
15 Towel Pullups
15 Squat to Box Jumps
15 Kettlebell Swings


65 thoughts on “Holiday hours”

  1. WU x 1
    Practiced box jumps

    Strength: Push Jerk (3’s)

    3 Rounds
    15 pullups – Ring Rows
    15 Squats to Box Jumps – 12″ box YIPPEE
    15 KBS 30#

    Time: 11:21

    For the first time in my Crossfit life I completed a WOD using the 12″ box. To my once 6″ fluorescent pink box now turned grey, I say good-bye.

    Increased my KBS from 25# to 30#.

    Very pleased to say that today I gained 6 inches and 5lbs!!

  2. WUx1

    Daily Squat to 205lbs

    Overhead squat 1x

    3 rounds of
    15 Towel Pullups (Strict, full extension, but feet touched floor each rep)
    15 Squat to Box Jumps (surprisingly easier than I thought)
    15 Kettlebell Swings

    time: 11:03

  3. I love the picture!

    Strength 1 x
    50-55-65-75-80 (failed)
    Need to be quick, rack and press!

    3 rounds of
    15 Towel Pullups (did first 10 with towel, then switched to regular pullups for the rest)
    15 Squat to Box Jumps (20#)
    15 Kettlebell Swings (used 30# dumbbell)

    time: 11:25

  4. WU 2×2

    Back Squat x10
    110 120 130 140
    Continued with daily squat – 150×1 165×1

    3 Rounds
    15 Towel Pullups
    15 Squat to box jump 20″
    15 KBS 35#

    250m row for my cashout. Short distance but that’s all I really had the energy for after all that ^

  5. WU x2

    Strength: Push Jerks
    Need to work on my form..

    3 rounds:
    15 Towel Pullups (subbed regular pullups)
    15 Squat to Box Jumps (20″)
    15 Kettlebell Swings (35#)

    T = 10:13

    I liked this one!

  6. 52 birthday burpees – HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM!!

    Front squat (x3)

    15 towel pullups
    15 squat box jumps
    15 KBS (53#)

    Time: 8:34

    Fun WOD – really gassed me and loved doing a WOD with towel pullups – got the hang of it in the 2nd round πŸ™‚ – squat box-jumps were real fun to do!!!!

  7. WUx2

    Overhead squat 1x
    3 rounds of
    15 Towel Pullups (Ring Row)
    15 Squat to Box Jumps
    15 Kettlebell Swings

    Time: 9:23

  8. WU x2

    Strength: Clean Squats 3’s

    3 rounds:
    15 Towel Pullups – was able to complete 20 through out WOD. Then reg pullups without a band (for the first time during a wod) for the rest.
    15 Squat to Box Jumps (20β€³)
    15 Kettlebell Swings (45#)

    T = 13:05 (I think, my book is in the car)

    Cool Crossfit Coaching from Kevin…haha. He used the iPad to take a video of my clean squat and pointed out the little things I was doing wrong. It makes a big difference when you can see yourself. The very next clean squat was a lot better. I stayed at 115# to practice a bit on technique.

  9. Kevin? You starting a planking trend?
    Next thing you know people will be planking everywhere.
    Too much ‘The Office’ for you! πŸ˜‰

  10. Thanks for the B-day wishes, sorry for the B-day Burpees. Great job getting them completed though teammates, 52 burpees for beakfast is not a usuaul breakfast. To all the cross fitters, thanks for making me feel welcome to the gym, your kindness and encouragement is appreciated.
    I am still pumped at achieving me B-day goal this morning; “beat my age with non-stop push-ups”. I was able to complete 54 !, plus a few that i did not count as i did not go down to floor level.
    I just want to say thanks to Julie and Kat at Advanced because 3 months ago i had a severe shoulder/neck injury and my side was useless and i thought this type of exercise was done for me. Right now it feels better than ever so thanks again for your work.
    Also thanks to Kevin for all the little pointers each day, much appreciated.

    1. Nice work on the Push-ups – that is a really awesome score!!!! I could hardly believe when I looked on the board and saw that this morning: “52 burpees” (ack-gag)!!!! I’ll make sure Kat and Julie at Advanced Health see this nice post of yours!!! Thanks πŸ™‚

    2. Congrats on reaching your pushups goal and a big one at that!! It’s great to have you with us Tom πŸ™‚

  11. WU x2
    Strength – Dead lift x 5

    WOD : 3 rounds
    15 Towel Pull ups
    15 Squat to Box Jumps (20β€³)
    15 Kettlebell Swings (50lbs)

    Time = 14:07

  12. WU x2
    Strength – Clean x 1
    45,55,60,70×2 bad form not jumping high enough or shrugging practice with 65#

    WOD : 3 rounds
    scale 15 Pull ups (green & yellow band)
    15 Squat to Box Jumps (12β€³ & 10# plates)
    15 Kettlebell Swings (20lbs watch my form with the hip & extension of the knees)

    Time = 10:01
    cash out – foam roller
    Practice skill of the week

  13. OHS – 3RM
    Still making progress with my shoulder.

    WOD (Rx’d)
    3 rounds…
    15 Towel Pullups
    15 Squat to Box Jumps (20″)
    15 KBS (53#)

    Time —> 10:42

    Great workout Rob!!!

  14. Wu x2
    Push jerks 1’s

    #35 and reg pullups

    Well I don’t know if it’s the peppermint mocha, the stress or taking two rest days but this one felt like everything was going in slow motion. Haven’t felt like this in a long time. I was actually sore to Sunday after sat WOD…can’t remember the last time that happen. Woke up many times in the night after having a few bday reward treats.. Haha. That makes me laugh just the way I’m writing this it’s like I’m justifing the indulges in my head. Just to clarify everything I’m still fallowing the diet, except for last Saturday and the Daily mocha. I can now confidently say it’s true :”you R what u eat!!” so it’s back to regular coffee tomorrow…after all positive changes should be adapted to our living habits πŸ˜‰

  15. WU X2
    Back Extensions on GHD machine in W/U room.
    ~ 10 x 3 sets / Very effective – and deceiving. Proves weakness in my lower back, so will try to do this more often.

    WOD: “MODIFIED” (again)
    3 rounds
    ~ 15 Good Morning with 25# plate
    ~ 15 Squat to Box Jumps (18″)
    ~ 15 KBS @ 25#, with Left arm ONLY (to eye level)
    TIME: 7:40

    Good workout, but I know I had alot more in me at the end. Will be glad when my arm heals and I can do the posted workout with everyone else again. Improving, so hopefully soon!! πŸ™‚

  16. CFWU x 2

    Strength – Squat Cleans x 5

    WOD – 3 Rounds
    15 Towel Pullups – Last 2 rounds with yellow band
    15 Squat to Box 20″
    15 KBS 53#
    Time: 12:18

  17. Slooooooooow WU x 2

    Slooooooooow strength x 3 – Back squats
    135-145-155-155… wasn’t feeling up to par today… I was very anxious about the WOD as my box jumps confidence crumbled the last 2 wods that had them, as I slipped on the jumps a few times….

    WOD 3 rounds
    15 pullups – black
    15 squat to box jumps – black
    15 KBS 35#

    Time: 11:19, without slipping on the BJ πŸ™‚ this was a challenge mentally for me.

  18. WU x 2

    Strength: psuh press x 5

    3 Rounds
    15 pullups – did 9 towel pullups at the start but continued with regular pullups
    15 Squats to Box Jumps 20″
    15 KBS 45#

    Time: 10:28

  19. – Mobility
    – Squat to 275#
    – WU “A” x2 (OHS, Ring Dips, Chest-to-Bar, Double-Under, Samson Stretch)
    – OHS 1RM = 115-130-145-160-175 (PR, 5#)
    – WOD (9 Towel Pull-ups, then Chest-to-Bar, 20″box, 35# KB) = 10:58

    Fun WOD, thanks Rob!

    Good job everyone!

  20. Daily squats up to 270#
    DL 3’s

    WOD as Rx’d -> 9:22
    Thanks for the push Gab. U rock!!! Nice WODs Walker.

  21. WUx2

    Push Press x 1

    My previous Push Press PR was 110 x 3. I think that the 45×10 helped to get me in the groove.

    WOD: 3 rounds
    – 15 Pullups (green band, first time using the green band in a WOD, will continue)
    – 15 Squat to Box Jump (20″)
    – 15 KBS 40# (I think it’s my first time using 40# in a WOD)

    Time: 8:10

    Tried to skin the cat afterwards but my arms were too weak from the WOD.

  22. WU x 2

    Strength: Push press (x5)

    Daily squat to 215#

    3 rounds
    15 pullups
    15 squat to box jumps (20″)
    15 KBS @ 35#
    Time = 11:33

    Nice programming Rob…the letter “F” indeed….

  23. Strength 1 x push jerk 45- 55-65-70-75 (F)- 75 (F) – 75 (F)- 75 (got it!) -10# PR

    3 rounds of
    15 Pullups (Large green band only, as opposed to my green and skinny purple combo, very small baby crawls towards better pull ups???? Here is hoping!)
    15 Squat to Box Jumps (20″)
    15 Kettlebell Swings (35#l)

    time: 12:49 (I think… book at home)

    I liked this workout, even if I was s…l…o…w

  24. WU x 2

    Strength: OHS x 10


    WOD@ Rx: 8:06

    Enjoyed the towel pull ups!

    100 double under’s in under a minute.

  25. WU x 2

    Front Squats x 3
    65×5-75-85-95(PR reps)-105×1(then got stuck at the bottom on the 2nd one…oups!)-105×1 (then failed again the 2nd one)

    3 rounds
    15 pull ups (purple band only – first time in a WOD)
    15 Squat to Box Jumps 18″
    15 KBS (35# – first time in a WOD)

    Time: 11:48 πŸ™‚
    Squat to box jumps were scary since I’m not very coordinated…

    *** I had to wear a scarf today due to a bruised chest after yesterday’s workout! Looks like I got beat up! lol! Thanks Rob! πŸ˜‰ …but I do like your creativity!

  26. WU X 2
    Back squat 1’s
    95-120-140-155-175- 180 F

    3 Riybds
    15 Pull ups
    15 squat box jumps (Nasty Rob!)
    15 KBS

    Time: 10:32

  27. WUx2
    Overhead squat 1x
    3 rounds of
    15 Towel Pullups
    15 Squat to Box Jumps
    15 Kettlebell Swings #53
    Time: 9:04

    Daily squat to 185.. Great job 6:30!!

  28. WU x Burpees(Happy B-Day Tom!)
    Strength – Shoulder Press (5’s)
    3 Rounds
    15 Pullups(blue band)
    15 Squat Step Ups (20″)
    15 KBS (20#)

  29. WU times 2 with wallballs (6lbs), shoulder presses, back squats, pushups, situps and samson stretches

    Strength OHS 5s 45-50(felt a sharp pain in left shoulder at rep two so I had to put the bar down… tried it again and did all 5 reps no problem. When I got to 55 the pain was back as soon as I got the bar overhead so I stopped to hopefully prevent an injury…)

    WOD (modified to accommodate elbow and tibia injuries… πŸ™ )

    3 rounds
    15 pushups
    15 squat to box step ups
    15 good mornings (45lbs)

    time 8:06 I look forward to the day when I can do a WOD without any modifications…

    Your WODs look challenging Rob and the gang really seems to like them πŸ™‚ Good on you!!

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