Tuesday Tests

Squat Endurance
10 min to test

-Max in 1 min
-Split Squats
-20 RM Back Squat

If done early,
EMOM for the remaining time

UB Push
7 min to test


If done early,
EMOM for the remaining time

10 min to test

-Hanging Leg Raise

If done early,
EMOM for the remaining time


17 thoughts on “Tuesday Tests”

  1. Test Day 2

    Warmup & Mobility

    Squat Endurance Test
    TABATA 14
    **Successful**. Level up to Blue

    Upper Body Push Test
    5 Push ups
    **Successful** Level up to Orange 2
    Thanks for Observing Jackie!! I still can’t believe I did this!!

    Core Test
    AbMat Sit up TABATA 11
    **Successful** Level Orange 2 for Neuro and Core.

    This was a great day!!
    Good job everyone!!!

    Thanks Ingrid!!

  2. Squat Endurance
    Split Squats with 35# DBs
    Level Up to Brown

    Upper Body Push
    Tabatha Push Ups 5
    Level Up to Blue I

    Tabatha Sit Ups 11
    In the bank for when I finally get the DUs!

    Great week so far! πŸ™‚

    Good job everyone!

  3. Squat Endurance
    Split Squats with 30# DBs
    Level Up to Blue II

    Upper Body Push
    Stayed at Tabata 8 – was about to get 9 for the first 5 rounds and then only got 8. πŸ™

    Stayed at Tabata 9 – went 11, 11, 10, 10, 9

    Little disappointed, but may re-test some of them next week.

    Thanks Ingrid!

  4. Catherine Wilson

    Testing Day 2

    Warmup & Mobility

    Squat Endurance Test
    30 squats in 42 seconds

    Then did the TABATA = 14 (like do I really need to use my legs today??)
    Level up to Blue, skipped Orange completely!

    Upper Body Push Test
    10 pushups to 20″

    Then Ingrid showed us how to do a pushup, so..

    3 pushups happened πŸ™‚

    Yellow 2

    Core Test
    AbMat Sit up TABATA
    Tried for 7, but maintained the remainder at 6

    Yellow 3 for Neuro and Core.

    A great feeling of accomplishment for today. I was nervous about push-ups and sit-ups, happy to have them both done to a new level.

    Thank you Ingrid!

  5. Christie Neate

    Squat Endurance
    10 min to test

    -Split Squats, levelled up to Purple

    UB Push
    7 min to test

    -Worked on negatives (no change)

    10 min to test

    -Levelled up to Orange III
    -Tabata Ab Mat sit-ups 9
    -Hanging Leg Raise (completed x10)

    Thanks Kevin!

  6. Squat Endurance
    10 min to test

    Back Squat X20 @ 1.3 BW 195#
    RED to RED I

    UB Push
    7 min to test

    Push Press
    Tried 0.725 x BW but failed. Did 0.7 x BW (105#) so remain at PURPLE I

    10 min to test

    Did Annie as practice.
    I will get my old shoes for next time. Many trips with the new ones. Still in the break-in phase πŸ˜›

    Merci Ingrid!

  7. Squat Endurance (went from purple 2 to purple 3): 20# DBs (.18 BW)
    I apparently had the stack of plates a little too high, making it tougher on myself than needed to be. Will remember for next week when I attempt 25# DBs.

    UB Push: Currently Orange 3. Attempted Tabata 4 push-ups. Form was getting pretty bad by round 6 so bailed after round 7. Stayed at Orange 3. Will give it another go next week.

    Core: repeated 10 HLR (30 sec) + Tabata sit-ups (11). Remained at Orange 3. Need to get to those DUs consistently.

    Good times. Thanks KW.

  8. olivierhuebscher

    Squat endurance

    20 rep max – Red (from Black 1) 205 lbs

    Upper body push – Black 3 (from Black 1) 13 strict handstand push ups

    Neuro and Core – Annie (Brown 1) 7:44 (down from 7:04). My shorts kept falling down so I had to stop and fix it a few times πŸ˜‚

  9. Squat Endurance
    -20 RM Back Squat
    Tested Brown II (95% of BW) @ 175#
    Up from Brown I

    UB Push
    Got (2) reps = Brown I
    Down from Brown III

    Neuro & Core
    Time: 7:22 … Brown III
    First time unbroken
    Up from Brown and huge PR of 1:02.. previous PR time 8:25

    Like everything else in life… some ups and downs

  10. Rough day today…

    Squat endurance: 20reps at .8BW: major fail
    UB Push: .53BW: fail (strict strength has not improved in years so… No surprise)
    Core: redid the Tabata 11 now that I can properly count it. Glad to be able to test Annie next time

    Thanks Blake and Kevin

  11. Squat Endurance
    Purple I to Brown
    Split squat BW x 0.3

    UB Push
    Stayed at Blue III
    Push Press BW x 0.65

    Re tested Tabata 11

    Thanks Blake!

  12. Squat endurance
    Backsquats 20 reps @ 165 leveled up to black 1 ( could have done heavier)

    Upper body push
    1rm strict press 132 but failed so remain the same level

    Neuro and core
    7:05 leveled from brown to black

  13. Squat endurance – Tabata 11
    Upper Body Push – 10 pu’s on 20″ box
    Core – Tabata 9

  14. Upper Body Push
    Maintained Blue III with 70# x 1

    Nuro & Core
    Maintained Brown with Annie at 8:17

  15. Squat Endurance
    – didn’t get warmed up enough to try to match PR (too rushed)
    85 x 10
    110 x 5

    UB Push
    – shoulder didn’t want this to happen
    55 x 5, 55 x 5

    – Levelled up from Back II to Black II
    Abmat Butterfly Sit-ups
    Time: 6:35

    Thanks for letting me take over your box David

  16. Squat Endurance
    Split Squats with 25#, then 30# for BIII

    Upper Body Push
    Tabata 7; barely made it

    Tabata 10: 11-11-11-10-10-10-10-10

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