5k Run

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  1. I forgot yesterday to congrats Mel for being the strongest girl at the gym for back squat!! YEAH MEL!!!

    1. Thanks guys! I’m still pretty pumped about that one 😀
      After last night’s crossfit I have the dreaded exhausted feeling in my legs this morning, I hope it doesn’t turn into pain :S

  2. Worked on Squat Snatch to get ready for Regionals. Took my time working on it and got up to (a not so pretty) #90 power snatch. I will get the #95 squat snatch I need next time!

  3. I love Micheal <3 wish I was there to do it with you guys! Have a great day everyone 🙂

    1. Michael was a healty scratch! Mr. 5K showed up instead, so your wish may come true Gabrielle 😉

  4. I am so bummed to be missing “Michael” today 🙁 This WOD is right up my alley! Enjoy, everyone!

  5. Will be at the new gym tonight from 7:30-9:30pm if anyone has a hand they can lend.

  6. 5km Run —> 27:25

    2:03 slower than my PR of 25:28. Also, today was 18 seconds slower than my 5k on April 25th. That’s surprising too cause today I lost count of how many times I took walking breaks.

    Happy Birthday Tracy and Eric! 😛

    1. Thanks Jeff!! I probably did at least a 6K “WALK” tonight, if that counts as WOD!!… up and down the hills of the Petitcodiac golf course… WOD time: approx 4 hours 😀

      Have a great long weekend everyone!

  7. Squat Snatch practice for the games. I can do the 135 but was losing them when I fatigued. Gotta focus on locking them out better and burning the motion into my brain.

    750m Row – 2:39

    1. I would have…..nahhhhh you know I love to run!

      But you weren’t there ahead a me to push me out of my comfort zone….that’s why I didn’t do that great.

    2. Ummm…..I would have, yup. Actually tried to use Jordan as a scapegoat to get out of it when I was there. Tried to make a 50 burpee and bail deal with her. Thanks Tracey for encouraging her 🙂

    3. I would have been there too! I love to run 🙂 in fact, will probably do “Micheal” and the 5k this weekend…

  8. WOD:
    5km Run

    Time: 24:07

    PR of 51 seconds from last time, November 2nd.
    Beautiful day for a run 😀
    Great job 5:30 folks!

    Happy Birthday Tracy and Eric!

    Y’all have a great long weekend fella CrossFitters!

  9. WOD: 5km Run
    Time: 27:41
    PR of 1:26 🙂
    Hope everyone has a great long weekend!!!!

  10. Heard through the grapevine that you guys 5k’s without me! Not sure if I should be celebrating or sad…seems you may make a Crossfitter out of me yet. Nice job everyone.

  11. Felecitation Marc et Stephanie et bon voyage!!!!

    Kevin special wu

    5 Km run sub 5000m row

    Time – 25:35

  12. Congratulations to Steph and Marc!

    Well my “PEWmas” and I took a 46 minute 5km walk with liar liar pants on fire Michael.

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