Total Day!

CrossFit Total

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep


14 thoughts on “Total Day!”

  1. Have fun with the CFT guys… Wish I could be there- I’ve missed the last 2 and have been waiting for this 🙁
    But off to St Andrews early for some golf tomorrow…

  2. Squat 95 PR
    Press 55
    Deadlift 135 PR
    Crossfit Total 285 PR

    Great job everyone. Lots of PR’s and we will conquer the press next time.

  3. WoW! Some crazy PR’s were set today! CrossFit Moncton has some strong ladies! You too Pierre!

    P-Money convinced me to join in.

    Back Squat – 225,275,285
    Press – 110,115,120
    Deadlift – 225,315,385

    Total – 790

  4. WU x 1


    Back Squat – 80 (PR)
    Press – 50 (Poopy)
    Deadlift – 135 (PR)

    Total – 265 (PR)

    Very nice work everybody! 🙂

  5. Crossfit Total (Finally)

    Back Squat: 95-135-165 PR
    Press: 55-70-80(F)
    Deadlift: 135-165-195(F)

    Total: 400 PR by 40.

    I should have done my max PR at the second lift because I would have done a better score. Next time I’ll pace myself differently!

    Good work everyone…a lot of weight was lift today!!

  6. WU x 1


    Back Squat – 115 PR
    Press – 85 PR
    Deadlift – 135 PR

    Total – 335 PR

    Very nice work everybody!

    It was an awesome morning!! 🙂

  7. CFWUx1
    Back squat- 90 PR
    Press-60 Damn press! 65 just wasn’t happening
    Deadlift-150 PR


    Great morning. First time doing CFT. Everyone did such a great job!

  8. Really upset that I wasn’t able to be there today… or the later part of the week for that matter. Anyway great work folks… just reading your posts have me excited about Monday’s WOD! Have a great weekend all. 🙂


    Back Squat –> 225-265 (I felt a pain in my left knee because it cave in on the way down….. bad form!! So I stopped there)

    Press –> 65-110-120(failed… still stuck at 115, it sucks)

    Deadlift –> 225-315-330 (PR by 15 pounds… I wasn’t sure to make this one since the 315 went up really slow, but I made it!) 😀

  10. Anybody wants to drop by our house tonight, we are doing a BBQ and will go out after. If you want more info, give me a call on my cell at 870-0495.

  11. Jeez… I feel like a whimp when I look at everyone’s totals!

    This was my first of a lot of these so I had no benchmark except for the press

    Press 60 (missed my PR of 70 :()
    Back squat 75 (that was an easy lift for me so I’ll need to go heavier next time)
    Deadlift 135

    Total 270

    It’s so impressive to see everyone’s progress 🙂 What an amazing gang!

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