Toss some weight around

With a partner, AMRAP in 12 minutes

1-2-3 Clean and Jerks (135/95#)

Compare to Jan.12/13


17 thoughts on “Toss some weight around”

  1. First! LOL sorry!

    Obstacle race WU

    WOD @115 partnered with Amanda! 🙂

    10 rounds and 11 reps

    Thanks Amanda!

    Nice big and fun class!

    Thanks Kevin

    1. Cam used 115#. I used 85# and that only lasted to about half way, I switched to the 50# ball thing so that I wasn’t holding Cam up. I wasn’t getting any rest, he’s a beast!

      The partner wall ball sit-ups and plank high fives were fun! Thanks for partnering with me Larry!

      1. Haha! Amanda! You weren’t holding me up!! It’s always fun to have you in class. It was even more fun to wod with you!!

  2. Obstacle Course warm up

    WOD w/Keith 95#
    12 rounds + 4 reps

    Cash out
    Med Ball partner sit-ups
    Plank high 5’s

    1. I hit send too soon…
      Great job Keith! It was tough to keep moving 🙂
      Loved the big class today!!

  3. Obstacle course WU

    WOD: Throw some things around w/ Mel
    AMRAP in 12 minutes
    1-2-3 Clean and Jerks (135/95#) @ 75#

    10 rounds + 2 reps

    Cash out:
    50 Partner sit ups @ 12#
    50 Plank high 5’s (2=1)

    Fun to partner with you Mel!! Great job 🙂

    Nice big saturday class, good times!

  4. Mobility
    Obstacle course WU

    WOD @ 60# with Dominique
    10 rounds + 4 reps

    50 Partner med ball sit-ups 10#
    50 plank high 5s

    Fun class! Nice to see so many people 🙂

  5. Mobility and Wu x 1
    Group Wu relay!
    Wod with Larry
    10 rounds
    I used 135, Larry was 85 I believe.
    Nice work Larry!
    50 med ball situps with Cam @25#
    50 Partner plank high fives with Cam!
    Fun morning, great class Kevin and great work everybody!

  6. WU × 1
    Obstacle course × 5

    Partner WOD with Tracie
    C&J @ 40#

    10 R + 1

    50 med ball situps @ 10#
    50 plank high fives (2 count)

    Fun morning Kevin! Thanks Tracie…you were the perfect partner. 🙂

  7. Mobility
    Practiced DU, negative dips & t2b
    Obstacle course

    WOD @ 50# partnered with Elba
    9 rounds + 9 reps
    Great job Elba! Fun morning!

  8. Obstacle course WU

    WOD: Throw some things around w/ Matt

    AMRAP in 12 minutes

    1-2-3 Clean and Jerks (135/95#) @ 75#

    9 rounds + 1 rep

    Cash out:
    50 Partner sit ups @ 14#
    50 Plank high 5’s (2=1)

    So pumped! Second WOD doing cleans pain free, it’s been a long haul. Great work again today Matt.

  9. Obstacle course warmup – so bruised… ego and body

    AMRAP 12 mins
    1-2-3- clean and jerks (135/95#) @ 65#
    Partnered with Heidi

    9 rounds + 9 reps

    Heidi is my hero. To be doing what she does when my kids are hers age, I will be one happy momma!!

  10. Thanks for the props Terri-Lynn. Great WODing with you today. We made a good team I think. I loved this work out. Weight felt good with a good balance between rest & intensity.

  11. Mob + Wup x 1 + more Mob
    Fun group wup 🙂

    WOD: with Sherry
    Clean + Jerks 2 50lbs (60% of 85lbs)

    Total = 8 rounds and 9 reps.

    Great job today Sherry – keep up the good work!!

    Cashout: with Sherry
    50 situps with 6lb ball
    50 plank high 5s (2 count)

    Such great energy in the box today – great class!!

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