Tons of energy

Saturday workouts are a little different. Sometimes we do a longer workout. Sometimes we do a team workout like yesterday. Regardless of the workout, for some reason, there’s always a ton of positive energy flowing at the gym. It’s motivating to see everyone push harder than normal, going beyond their comfort zones. It’s invigorating to see all the support and encouragement.

Below is a list of comments from the site from various Saturday’s in the past. If you haven’t been to a Saturday workout, read the comments. I hope you’ll join us next time.

You guys motivated me to do more than I expected.

I love Saturday am workouts. There is a lot of energy in there. Great work everyone.

Saturday workouts are so fun, I agree! Thanks for the push at the end everyone.

Great Saturday workout! I love seeing everyone (it is my social time) and the energy is so motivating in that room.

Nice work everyone and I concur Saturdays are a blast.

Thanks for the all the encouragement.

Partnered with my buddy Guy, I really enjoyed this workout. Team workouts are always great — so much energy.

Nice way to end the week.

Great job Jeff, thanks for pushing me!

Great job everyone. Great to meet you Jo! 
Sonia, thank you for the sweet comment. Knowing that you have confidence in me means a lot to me.

Thanks for pushing me Tracey, I would have given up many times without you yelling “5 more”.

Love the team workouts! Great teamwork Dave! Hope to see more of these team workouts… So fun! Great energy this am!


10 thoughts on “Tons of energy”

  1. Ummm.. just sayen… but CFM put the PARTY in Party Bus!
    I’m tired and sore… feel like I just did it again… faster!

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