It’s tell me something good Friday, and I bet I know what it is for everyone – GYM IS OPEN!

See you for a version of Murph today.

*Please don’t show up any earlier than 15 min before class time (we won’t let you in). And also double check class times for tomorrow, as they are a little different than usual.

17 thoughts on “TMSGF”

  1. 1200m Run
    10 Rounds
    – 10 Situps
    – 10 Pushups
    – 20 Squats
    1200m Run

    Time: 31:52

    So happy to be back!
    Thanks Kevin, Shane and Ingrid πŸ™‚

  2. Best of luck to everyone today!
    So very happy for you Kevin and the rest of the coaches and members to have access to the gym again.

  3. TMSGF … yes indeed, so happy to be back at the gym! Thank you Kevin & team for creating a clean, well-organized & safe environment for the members. Had lots of fun this morning. Intended on doing White Murph but Kevin quickly switched it to Yellow, which I’m am glad about.

    Yellow Murph time = 22:40
    Great job 7:15 am-ers! Thanks again Kevin& Ingrid.

  4. Christie Neate

    So happy to be back!

    White Level Murph:

    600m run
    6 Rounds of:
    8 Situps
    10 Knee Push Ups
    12 Squats
    600m run


    Thanks Kevin & Ingrid! Gym looks awesome!

  5. Had to do some scaling mid-WOD

    1200m Run – 15# vest
    4 Rounds
    – 10 Situps
    – 10 Pushups
    – 20 Squats

    2 Rounds
    – 10 Situps
    – 10 Pushups
    – 15 Squats

    800m Run – 15# vest

    Time: 35 min….approx.

  6. Janet Sommerville

    Yellow Murph = 22:45 or somewhere close to that

    It was so exciting to be back, happiness and tears all around. Great Job 7:15am class.

  7. Purple Murph last week. 34:40.
    Today 5 Rds
    20 burpees
    50 squats
    400m run.

    Glad the gyms open. Looking forward to going this weekend

  8. Gabriel Arsenault

    TMSGF: CFM is open again!!!

    Murph scaled:
    1 mile run
    100 sit-ups
    150 push-ups
    250 air squats
    1 mile run


    The runs went well, the push-ups… less so. I need to get stronger!

  9. So good to be back!!!!!

    1200m Run
    5 Rounds
    – 10 Situps
    – 10 Pushups
    – 20 Squats
    1200m Run

    Time: 30:40
    Scaled big time but I’m ok with that. Need to get back in shape. Looking forward to next class already!

  10. Angela Steeves

    TMSGFβ€” so happy for you guys that the gym is OPEN!!!

    Mixed yellow & orange level Murph

    800 M RUN
    10 Rounds
    10 sit-ups
    10 pushups
    20 squats
    800 M RUN

    30:26 time

  11. Jordan sanipass

    Purple Murph
    1 mile

    7 rounds:
    5 pull ups
    10 push-ups
    15 squats

    Then I ripped a Calais

    3 rounds:
    5 sit-ups
    10 push-ups
    15 squats

    1 mile

    Time: 31:38

    TMSGF: gyms open and I’m glad to be back.

  12. Front squat 5×5

    For time

    Time: 9:41 with 65#

    TMSGF: The gym is OPEN πŸ₯³

  13. Yes!!!!

    1 Mile Run
    20 Rounds
    – 5 Situps
    – 10 Pushups
    – 15 Squats
    1 Mile Run

    Time: 36:38

    Sure felt the squats from Wednesday πŸ˜›

    Thanks Ingrid, Shane and Kevin!

    Well done 6am gals!

  14. Did a modified version of blue because pushups and pull-ups are a no-go with my shoulder.

    1 mile run

    10 rounds
    10 ring rows
    15 situps
    25 squats

    1 mile run


    Thanks Kevin! So happy to be back at the gym ❣️

  15. Stacey Simpson

    Hi! It’s my first day back and I can’t listen to directions about where to turn around πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
    Was going to do straight Yellow but Kevin directed me to Yellow runs Orange rep scheme.

    600m Run
    10 Rounds
    – 10 Situps
    – 10 Knee Pushups
    – 20 Squats
    800m Run

    Time: 27:34

  16. 600 m Jog
    5 Rounds
    – 10 Situps
    – 10 Pushups
    – 20 Squats
    600 m Jog

    Time: 28:53

    Thanks Kevin very happy to be back!

  17. β€œMurphβ€œ

    After three months off the gym and only 5 wods during this time, my first WOD back happens to be Murph, physically one of the hardest WOD I have done in 10 years but mentally just why I needed 😊

    I really wanted to do 10 rds of the orange level as before I have done 20 rds no problem but shortly I realized I couldn’t and I was ok with that as my goal for yesterday’s WOD was to workout, nothing else and my mind was thankful for it.

    Today I barely walked and I avoided the stairs as much as I could, but mentally was one of the best days in the last couple weeks 😊 for more days like this πŸ’—

    800 m Jog
    5 Rounds
    – 10 Situps
    – 10 Pushups (5/5)
    – 20 Squats

    3 rounds
    -10 sit ups
    -10 knee PUs
    -15 squats
    800m Jog/walk

    Time: 30:33

    Thanks Kevin!

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