Thursday WOD

35 Jumping Pullups

Then 20-15-10-5 reps of:

Finish with 35 Jumping Pullups

This workout is all out. No resting, no water breaks, no box sits. Just go! When you feel like stopping, negotiate with your body to find more. The only thing stopping you is your mind, so get it done.

Looks heavy

28 thoughts on “Thursday WOD”

  1. Karen (CF Fredericton)

    Warm up (CF Fred version)

    Deadlift – Build to 160 x 5


    35 Jumping Chin up (on rings)
    20 -15-10-5
    Walking Lunges, Squats

    35 Jumping Chin up (on Rings)

    Time 7:07 (not sure on seconds)

    Thanks again CF Moncton and Kevin.

  2. “I’m alright, I’m alright, it only hurts when I breathe” Melissa Etheridge….just saying I am feeling both Tuesday and Wednesday today!

  3. “Death by BFF Deadlifts”
    With a continuously running clock, deadlift your BFF 1 time in the 1st minute, 2 times in the 2nd and so on until you can no longer deadlift your BFF

    Jane deadlifting Tracey (180# fully clothed with regular flip flops) – 12 rounds

    Tracey deadlifting Jane – (210# fully clothed with weighted flip flops) – 9 rounds

    1. You both must be wearing a few layers of the clothing you’re buying 😉 Shop til you drop girls – there must be a way to make that into a WOD too! Keep on having fun 🙂

  4. Warm up x3 And did all three sets of pistols unassisted!!!! woooo

    Strength OHS 1-1-1-1-1
    95-135-155- kevin and I found a flaw in my technique and then I went to the bar and just worked on it.

    35 jumping pullups
    35 jumping pullups


    Groin stretchs!

  5. WU x 2

    Strength: Push Press x 5

    WOD: 5:57
    Not a good workout for me today, but I enjoyed the stretching at the end!!

  6. CFWU x 3
    OHS 1’s
    35-45-55-60(PR but not pretty)-60F…this is a challange for me
    35 Jumping pull ups
    20-15-10-5 Lunges and Squates
    35 Jumping Pull ups
    Time: 4:39

    Thanks for letting me in a clas i was not signed up for….Doh!

  7. CFWU x 3 plus mobility

    Strength – clean’s technique practice (drop squats, many shrug and drops using the 35# bar, a few full cleans with the 35# bar and 25# plates to block my feet from going too wide) I still suck at it, but I’m starting to feel a difference with my transition into the squat.

    35 Jumping pullups
    20-15-10-5 Lunges and Squats
    35 Jumping pullups

    Time: 4:32

    Feeling exhausted today… This is my sixth day of Crossfit in a row and I’m happy, no ecstatic, that tomorrow is a rest day 🙂

    I have done a final count of our donations for the Crossfit Kitchener Charity WOD and we have collected 214$!!!! That really blows my mind considering it was done in just two short days 🙂 A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE for your generosity as well as for your encouragements for the 200 Thrusters WOD on Saturday. I will do my best to represent Crossfit Moncton well and make you all proud. I’m already trying to figure out what my strategy should be for getting it done in good form with a great time… Any suggestions???

    Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂

  8. could you please cancel my 5:30, i have signed up for 6:30 because i have to go in to see the girl at the bank at 5:00. thanks! sorry for the late notice!!

  9. Strength 5×1
    Shoulder press 65-75-80-85-90-95(f)

    35 jumping pull ups (on short bar with 2×45 and 1×25 plates)
    20-15-10-5 of walking lunges and squats
    35 jumping pull ups

    Time: 3:08

    I liked this one, it was good and my legs are still feeling it 😉

  10. I have to cancel my 4:15. sorry for the late notice. I might try to get in a later class if I am back in time.

  11. Since Im back home for the bro’s wedding, I decided to visit the “other gym” and workout crossfit style.

    – mob + modified warm up
    – clean & press x5, 105-115-125#
    – kip pull-up, 5-4-3
    – deadlift 135#, 3x10reps

    Then decided to tackle the intro workout again:
    AMRAP/10 mins
    – 5 push-ups/10 sit-ups/15 squats
    TOTAL: 10 rounds + 1 push-up 😀
    (woohoo beat the 1round/min mark)

  12. CFWU x 3
    deadlift 3’s
    135-225-315-365pr for reps of 30#
    then I tried my goal of a 1RM for the end of the month of 380# PASSED 😀
    WOD -> 3:56 what a leg burner. Good job 4:15

  13. CFWU x3

    Strength – Deadlift x5
    135,145,155,175,195 could have done more, but I could not focus due to Marc’s grunting.

    WOD – a painful 5:04

  14. Warm Up x 3

    Strength: Push Press @ 3 Rep.

    35 jumping pull ups (on short bar with 2×45 and 1×25 plates)
    20-15-10-5 of walking lunges and squats
    35 jumping pull ups

    Time: 5:08

    Short & sweet…but oh, what a burn.

  15. CFWUx3

    Back Squats x5

    35 JPUs
    Walking Lunges
    35 JPUs

    Time: 3:44

  16. Gym Guy – We got your text. We’re in North Conway, NH! What can we do for ya? We can make up the WOD for tomorrow if you like. Today’s was heavy. Our backs are super sore.

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