Three Part Team Event

Part 1
Med Ball Situp Relay

Part 2
3 rounds
Max reps for 1 min

Part 3
50 Partner Deadlifts (155/105#)
Run 400m (45/25#)

Confused? We’ll explain when you get here.

Greg pops out his pistol

28 thoughts on “Three Part Team Event”

  1. Haha woot first muscle up real excited!! Soooo anybody wanna take a run at king kong with me at the end of the month? 😛

    1. Not sure it counts – I didn’t see it!! Congrats anyway and here’s to many more (so I can see it too 🙂 )

    2. thanks for the congrats everyone! and dont worry jeff i gotta add like 30 lbs to my clean haha so this could be interesting… been itchin to do another unfortunately im sick today but ill be in all rested up tomorrow!

  2. Man this was my first Saturday WOD in a long time (not counting the Games).
    Great fun to do these team workouts 🙂

  3. Awesome day at CFM.. Great to see so many people out for this, lots of new faces.. . And great job kev and Jo in setting this up, it was fun and well organized.. And of course team ‘A’ pulled off the come from behind victory!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (that’s supposed to be the sound of the crowd going wild :)) lol

    And congrats Chris on your first MU!!

  4. Another fun Saturday WOD!

    Great work Team “B”. Maybe team “A” scored higher *cough*, but we looked a whole lot better than they did! Which is really all that matters. LOL!

    Congrats on your muscle up, Chris. Glad I was there to see it.

    Happy Easter everyone. Enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂

    1. Oh, and how could I forget? 26 burpees for the birthday boy! Have a wonderful day Marc!!

    1. No worries Marc, I just checked and my birthday falls on a Saturday this year and despite my youthful appearance, you will be doing a lot more burpees.

  5. Today was my first WOD and I looooved it! I really enjoyed meeting everybody and working out with my sister 🙂 Thanks Kevin and Joanna for organizing this fun class. So excited and proud to be part of Crossfit Moncton!!

  6. Looked good and it was!! Loved this workout 🙂 Great job by all….but way to go Team A pulling through with the “W”!! Great to see sooo many people out this morning.
    Thanks to my partner and Cuz on the deadlifts 🙂 weight on my head for the 400 m was a trick I’ll have to remember in future…way easier…as long as it’s a rubber plate!!

    Happy birthday Marc, have a great day!!
    Congrats on the MU Chris, very nice to witness!!

    Thanks Kev & Jo

  7. Visited crossfit Bathurst.
    Partner wod
    100 wall balls (25#)
    100 med ball twist
    100 dynamic push ups
    100 flutter kicks
    100 OHS ( dowel)
    800m run (400 m each)
    Time: 15:09

  8. WOD #1 was lots of fun as usual

    WOD #2 @ Jeans Diner was a clear win by Johnny….. finished his breakfast in a time of 47 seconds and only took 2 breaths during the process. Way to go John. hahahahaha.

    FYI – John had to go to work but still made time with us. Yea John.

  9. Had a good time this morning, despite my lower back pain during WOD#3… I sucked!!!!
    So sorry Elba… 🙁
    Loved WOD #1 and #2 though… fun!
    Hopefully will be back on my feet for working out his week…. massage therapist said it’s all muscular, so that was good news…..
    Happy easter! 🙂

  10. Great pic Greg!! Wish I could do those! 😀

    Congrats on your Muscle Up Chris! Great job!! 😀

    Thanks for being my Deadlift partner Sonia! 😀

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