The Unknown

If you were at the gym yesterday, you got to experience the “Real Life” WOD.

For those that weren’t, it was a workout that you didn’t know the movements or the length until 5 seconds before we said “GO”.

How would you pace that? Did you have time to come up with a strategy? Was it frustrating at all?

In life, you never know what will be thrown your way. Are you going to come across a car accident and have to pull someone from an overturned car? Maybe you’ll be hiking and have to outrun a bear.

Workouts like “Real Life” help you prepare for the unknown and unknowable. Quick thinking on your feet. Able to manage energy resources and still leave some for the next thing (whatever that next thing may be).

I hope you got some mental training from yesterday.

The unknown is hard to train for

6 thoughts on “The Unknown”

  1. My son Nick and I would like to thank the Crossfit Community for your recent help with his sausage fund raiser. Hockey is his passion and with your support he will get to play in more tournaments that will both challenge him, and make him smile because he’s doing something he truly loves.

    It’s the same for me at Crossfit. I never say “I have to go workout”, I want to workout because it’s FUN, and the community of members are awesome.

    1. Thanks Ron for a great workout with our hockey team yesterday.I had lots of positive comments from both the kids and parents. We might see some of them next Sat AM.

      I can tell crossfit and coaching are your passion! You looked like you were having fun! It was especially useful how you showed them how crossfit and the skills you taught them transfer over to hockey.

      We look forward to our next off-ice session.

      Warm Up: Bear crawl and burpees
      Skill: Sumo style deadlifts “angry gorilla”
      WOD “Fight Gone Bad”
      Finished off with two games,

  2. The only thing frustrating was keep track of my reps!
    It was challenging for sure, but constant variety and great workouts (and a few surprises) is all part of what makes CrossFit Moncton awesome.

    I have often found myself, usually in retrospect, realizing that had I not been a Crossfitter I probably couldn’t have done “that task”…at least not near as well.

    I’d still like to “Do All The Girls” sometime, but yesterday was another great, humbling, tough yet very fun workout with pretty cool peeps…which to me is what CFM is all about!

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