The spirit of competition

On Feb.22, we did 17.1 just to get people into the spirit of the Open.

Just under 4 weeks later, it came up as a repeat in the 2021 Open.

And what happened? Most people blew their old results out of the water!

In those three and half weeks, you didn’t drastically improve your cardio. You didn’t gain a vast amount of strength. Your diet wasn’t dialled in with precision.

The biggest difference was the spirit of competition. The thrill of the event. The cheers from your classmates. The adrenaline pumping through you.

You don’t push as hard in a regular class. Which is why we want EVERYONE to sign up for the Open every year. We want you to find that extra gear. We want you to push your boundaries. We want you to be better.

So next year in March, when the coaches are asking you to sign up for the Open, don’t hesitate. And take it one step further – get someone else to sign up to.


2 thoughts on “The spirit of competition”

  1. Can’t remember what my score was but I did the yellow version of Wod with 10# DB snatches and down ups. Finished Wod around 18:00 mins I think.

  2. I will say, having done the practice round helped me figure out my timing. Now Kevin yelling at me while I shook my head “no” that also helped my score.
    20 min row
    5154m Black to Black 2

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