The Pub Crawl

MERRY CHRISTMAS from CrossFit Moncton (link)

Member Challenge – Max Plank Hold (congrats to Kim and JB for last week)

Skill of the Week – Hang Squat Cleans

100 Hang Power Cleans (75/55#)
100 Bar Hops

Compare to July 10/12

Gerry looking focused
Gerry looking focused

108 thoughts on “The Pub Crawl”

  1. 2 min skipping
    WU x 1
    Muscle up practice
    Challenge of the week 3:39
    100 hang power clean 75#
    20 HSPU 45# plate and ab mat
    100 bar hops

  2. Mobility, Skipping and warmup
    Power snatch (3)
    35-45-55 felt weak…might have something to do with the 4.5 hours of sleep

    WOD with abmat
    11:54 (PR of 7:14 and HSPUs were closer to rx’d)

    1. 7:14 PR ???? In 5 months??? AWESOME!! I hope you get to rest today, and that Lydie Lou feels better soon!

  3. OHS x 5

    Wod rx’d
    5:49 (3:24 pr)

    HPC were in sets of 25
    HSPU were 10-6-4
    Bar hops unbroken.

  4. Skipping 3 mins
    WU x 1

    Strength – Push Press x5

    135-140-145-150-135(form wasn’t all there, so dropped the weight to practice.)

    100 hang power clean 75#
    20 HSPU 45# ab mat for first 10(PR), then added 25# plate
    100 bar hops

    At rep 25-30 of HPC Kevin started to give me some tips: Stand up….Stand up Trent…Trent Stand up………Your not standing Trent….LOL I got into a good grove after that.

  5. The Pub Crawl

    2 minutes skipping – finally starting to get a few DU’s in a row…

    Strength – Shoulder Press
    This one usually makes me nervous, it was nice to get past the #40 mark.

    75 Hang Power Cleans #35
    20 pushups
    75 bar hops (once I finished, I did 25 more just to see if I could, and did them unbroken.)

    No idea what my time was…around 7min, maybe?

    400m run


  6. Skipping 3 mins
    WU x 1

    Clean 3’s

    100 hang power clean 55 lbs
    20 push ups
    100 bar hops

    1 min 15 secs PR from last time, Nice WOD, good job Everyone 🙂

  7. Wux
    Strength. Slit jerk x3
    WOD “the pub crawl”
    100 Hang Power Cleans (75/55#) 75lbs
    20 HSPU. 45plate abbmat
    100 Bar Hops
    Rob Brydges

  8. mob
    2 mins skipping
    Cleans all at 95# x5. getting the form back
    WOD Pub Crawl
    100 Hang power cleans 65# oh so broken
    20 regular pushups not to bad
    100 Bar Hops. just…all bad. Cramped up.. seized up. but finished . THANKS for helping me out everyone. really helped
    13:00 glorious minutes,

    1. Hope the cramping stopped and you aren’t crawling anymore….
      Sorry I missed the birthday burpees (no I’m not….LOL)

      1. ahaha, where ya looking for my car when you were driving in?. hahah and Amanda, i thought i did drink enough.. Much apparent during the wod, i did not. although it was only my legs this time, not my entire body like last time. baby steps?. haha

  9. Not quite 3:15…not quite 4:15…
    WU = 50 Burpees for not making the 3:15 class
    Time: 3:27

    WOD as Rx’d
    Time: 11:37

    That was tough and slow, but a pretty cool WOD. Took 3 failed attempts to get my last HSPU. Glad I was able to get a RX benchmark to use as comparison next time.

    1. I didn’t realize you were doing the WOD! Sorry if I was in your way. You were so polite “excuse me” lol

      1. LOL, no worries!

        “I was like “Oh no she di-nt!” And you were all like “What-EVA! I was here first sugar”

  10. Strength push press x 5

    HSPU w/ ab mat and 10# plate

    Time 10:57

    Last time was 13:27 w/ 25# plate
    I’ll take it! Hook grip saved me for sure on the cleans.

    1. still a good time Terry, especially if you feel you were losing time on the HSPU.. big PR coming as soon as you link those puppies together! .. nice to see ya posting!

  11. 2 min skipping
    WU x 1

    Strength – Shoulder Press x 5 40-45-50-55-60 x3 Grrr… Shoulder press

    100 hang power clean 45#
    20 Push ups
    100 bar hops

  12. Good chat with Kevin about Paleo so ran out of time to do skipping and my last set on strength
    WU x1
    Strength: Front Squat x 5
    25-30-35-40 (ran out of time)

    WOD (scaled)
    75 Hang Power Cleans 20#
    20 push-ups
    75 Bar hops

  13. mob class
    Skipping 2 mins
    WU x 1

    back squat x5
    180-205-235-265-295(4) 5# PR

    100 hang power clean 75#
    20 HSPU (scaled to pushups)
    100 bar hops
    T =10:31 PR of 1:30

    1. I cant lie. My body always hurts and I get a little nervous when I see you guys lift crazy heavy weights… Goodjob on the back squat PR!!! Awesome to watch!

    2. I was watching while you were doing your strength but all I was trying to do was count the weight on your bar… with an awestruck look on my face i’m sure! I must have counted the plates at least 2 or 3 times… couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Great job!!!!

    3. Crazy Back Squat numbers Frankie! Way to go!
      Nice work on the WOD, too.
      We have to get you upside down soon….

      1. thanks guys, nice comments.. and yes, I need to practice my HSPUs…I have a fear of being upside down 🙂

      2. What if we all get upside-down around you? Then when you look around it will be just like you’re right-side-up? (LOL. Sorry. That sounded like something McDavid would say)

  14. Mobility class
    Wu x 1
    2 min skipping
    Hang clean practice

    WOD: 8:33 RX’d

    61 seconds slower this time but last time I did regular push-ups instead of HSPUs.

  15. Mobility
    3 min du practice!!(slow progression with these)
    Wu x 1 weighted pullups (40lb dumbell)
    Strength OHS
    55/65/75/85/85 X 5
    WOD The Pub Crawl
    100 HPC 75 LBS
    HSPU With AB-mat (rx next time on these)
    100 bar hops
    Great wod, did 50 hpc unbroken but forearms were really tightening up then broke them into 10 and 15’s. Hspu’s went really well except the firaf one i didnt know if my tight forearms were going to let my arms bend. Lol
    Got winded a bit on the bar hops. Still need work on cardio.

  16. 2 min skipping
    WU x 1

    Strength – Hang Power Clean Practice 25-30-35-40-45

    100 hang power clean 35#
    20 Push ups
    100 bar hops
    Time: 9:04

    Pretty sure my collarbone will be black and blue tomorrow!

  17. 2 min skipping
    WU x 1

    Strength – Cleans 95-115-135-155-165 x 3

    100 hang power clean 75#
    20 HSPU
    100 bar hops
    Time: 10:50

  18. Chantal Guerette

    WU x 1
    2 minutes skipping

    Strength : Push Press 5 x 45-50-60-65-65

    WOD “The Pub Crawl”
    – 100 Hang Power Cleans (25lbs)
    – 20 Pike Pushups
    – 100 Bar Hops

    Time : 6:59

  19. Mobility
    2mins skipping
    WU x 1

    OHS x 5

    WOD: “The Pub Crawl”

    100 Hang Power Clean 75#
    20 Pushups
    100 Bar Hops (1 count

    Time: 6:22

    PR of 2:22 compared to July 10 2012

  20. Strength: Back Squats
    5x 105-115-130-145-160 (PR!)

    WOD w/ 55# & abmat for HSPU’s

    T = 10:14

    PR from 3:41 from last time. I’m REALLY happy about that!! I remember the bar hops nearly killed me last time and I took relatively few/short breaks this time, they didn’t suck nearly as bad!

  21. WOD: Pub Crawl

    100 HPC’s 55lbs
    20 HSPU’s 25 lb plate and abmat
    100 Bar Hop’s

    Time: 9:21

    Last time: 10:17, but used 45lb plate for HSPU’S . Bar hops were not so bad this time either. Happy with this.

    Great job coaching tonight Amanda!

  22. 2 mins skipping
    WU x 1

    Deadlift x 3

    100 HPC @ 55#
    20 HSPU – scaled reg. pushups
    100 Bar Hops

    10:35, PR 2:15 plus did reg. pushups, last time I had used a band. Pretty happy about this! 🙂

  23. Mobility

    2 min. doubles practice

    WU x 1

    Push press x 3



    100 HPC 65 lbs
    20 HSPU – used 25 lb plate
    100 Bar Hops

    Time – 12:22

  24. Mobility WUx1

    EMOTM Butterfly Pullups

    5 butterfly pullups every minutes for 10 minutes

    WOD “Pub Crawl”

    Time: 14:06 RX

    25 Power cleans unbroken then 10s and a few at 7-8
    HSPU 4 then 1s and 2s <—sucked
    Bar Hops 53 unbroken then broke up the rest a bit

    Ouch this hit harder then i thought. Shoulder felt tired today and the power cleans were slower then would have liked. Great job tonight everyone.

  25. Mob + 2 min skipping
    WU x 1

    Strength – Front Squat
    55 65 70 75 80

    WOD: Pub crawl
    100 hang power clean 35#
    20 Push Ups
    100 bar hops

    Time: 8:53 (I think, my logs in my car)

  26. Mobility
    Lacrosse ball on pecs and lev scap
    2 min double unders
    WU x 1

    Strength: shoulder press (x5)

    WOD (scaled)
    100 HPCs @ 55#
    20 HSPU (did first 5 w/ 2×25# + abmat and added another 10# plate for last 15)
    100 bar hops
    Time = 9:03

    Could not find a groove for the HPCs. Grip started killing me after the first 40 or so. Bar hops were tougher than anticipated.

    Great work 5:45 crew!

  27. mob

    strength cleans x 5
    45-95-135-95-115-115-115 (fell back in weight cause of form.. have to keep telling myself to keep weight light and climb slowly)

    wod rx
    cleans were fairly quick but miserably hard on the forearm.. jeezus, I was floating along then all of a sudden I couldn’t hold the freakin bar! lol.. HSPU I could hardly keep my feet against the wall cause wrist wouldn’t bend that far!.. then there was the bar hops, started slow and gradually picked up speed (which I didn’t want to do).. thank you jeremy and Corinna for pulling me back! much appreciated.

    1. Slow and steady with the weights!
      Thanks for listening to the voices of reason (thank you Corinna and Jeremy) on those bar hops 🙂
      Great time on this WOD!

  28. Mobility

    WU x 1

    Strength: Practiced Hang Power Cleans
    95×7 – 95×7 – 95×7

    WOD Rx’d: 7:25

    Not entirely sure that I did all 100 HPCs. Might have miscounted and done 80. Future me, add another 25sec to your goal just to be sure.

  29. mobility


    WU x1 (pull ups and k2b)

    Strength Push jerk x 5 up to 130


    WOD: Pub crawl
    100 hang power clean 75#
    20 Push Ups
    100 bar hops

    time 9:55

  30. Mobility class
    2 mins skipping… found the short rope again and got a couple of DUs… so it wasn’t just my imagination the other day! Now I have to work on not stopping after I get a DU. Amanda was giddy when I told her that this was just the 2nd time getting any DUs! So cute!

    5 x stick – 2.5 – 5 – 1st time doing these… my knee problems flared up this summer before I had the chance to work these into my rotation. Thanks Kevin for the lesson!

    100 HPC @ 40#
    20 pushups
    100 bar hops scaled to step overs… as per Kevin

    Time : 9:11

    Now i’m having grip issues. I spilled water all over myself because I was having a hard time hanging on to my glass! Tomorrow might be interesting at work… having to explain to my co workers why I can’t hold my pen or feed myself 😉

    1. Nice work on the DUs!
      Happy to see you able to work on your OHS’s too 🙂
      Don’t worry about not being able to hold a pen or feed yourself tomorrow. I know some of your coworkers….you’ll fit right in 😉 (LMAO! Don’t tell your desk buddy I said that!)

  31. WU x 1 = DU’s

    Push Press x 5

    100 HPC @ 55#
    20 HSPU with 25# plate + ab Mat
    100 Bar Hops


    Note for next time – Use a smaller plate for the HSPU’s.

  32. Mobility
    2 min skipping + WU
    strength push jerk x 5 up to 60#
    100 hang power cleans @ 20#
    20 pushups (knees)
    100 bar hops
    Time 9:45

    The bar hops were harder than expected. Was worried I’d fall on my face. Need to do regular pushups next time.

  33. Mobility
    2 min skipping + WUX1

    Strength – Shoulder Press X1
    Discoverd a new injury when doing pullups.Affected my Press.

    WOD Modified and Scalled
    100 Deadlift 75#
    20 pushups
    100 Bar Hops

    Time–> 4:25

    Cashout- Forarm twist + Calf Stretch

  34. Mobility
    2 min skipping + WU

    strength Shoulder Press x 5

    100 hang power cleans @ 35#
    20 pushups (knees)
    100 bar hops

    Time 9:56

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