The Open is coming

If you haven’t heard, the CrossFit Open is just around the corner (50 days to be exact). There are a lot of new folks at the gym, so let me explain the Open. 

Every week, starting Feb.26th, posts a workout every 5 weeks. Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world complete the same 5 workouts, with a chance to log their scores on the worldwide leaderboard. 

The Open is made for everyone – and that couldn’t be more true this year. For the first time, CrossFit is introducing a scaled division, so each week you have the option of going Rx’d or opting for the scale. All the workouts are performed at CrossFit Moncton, surrounded by your supporting peers. 

We’ll be programming a lot of the previous Open workouts leading up to this year’s event. So sit back, enjoy the ride, and see you at the Open!

If you weren’t here on Dec.23rd, you have the option of doing Deadlifts – 5RM

If you were here, you’ll be doing Deadlifts x10 (45-50-55-60%)

“Open 11.6/12.5”

Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes of the following rep scheme:
100 pound Thruster, 3 reps
3 Chest to bar Pull-ups
100 pound Thruster, 6 reps
6 Chest to bar Pull-ups
100 pound Thruster, 9 reps
9 Chest to bar Pull-ups
100 pound Thruster, 12 reps
12 Chest to bar Pull-ups
100 pound Thruster, 15 reps
15 Chest to bar Pull-ups

This is a timed workout. If you complete the round of 15, go on to 18. If you complete 18, go on to 21, etc.

Compare to March 24/12

The scene from one of last year's events
The scene from one of last year’s events

59 thoughts on “The Open is coming”

  1. WU + Mob x 2

    DL 10x 65# for 15 min, back not fully healed yet

    WOD Open 11.6 / 12.5
    AMRAP 7 Min
    Thrusters 65#
    C2B Pull ups

    12 (60 reps)

  2. Last years open was my first, but won’t be my last. It took a lot of convincing to do it, but I’m glad I did. My nerves got the best of me in the beginning but once I talked the sh*t outta my head, it was a lot better.
    If you’re trying to figure out what the open looks like or are nervous about it, keep these things in mind.
    It’s a WOD. At OUR gym! We’ve all done that before. There will be fellow gym members watching and cheering you on, just like a regular day at the gym, but better!
    The open is great to push yourself and figure out what you should be working on or working towards in the future. It’s a real eye opener. Who knows. Maybe you’ll even get a sweet PR you never knew you had in you

  3. Deadlifts x10
    135-185-200-220-240 (grip was letting go at end)

    WOD with 35# DBs (found out this morning I could do thrusters with DBs without hurting shoulder)

    95 reps

  4. WU x 2

    Deadlift X10

    WOD Open 11.6 / 12.5 as Rx’d
    AMRAP 7 Min
    Thrusters 100#
    C2B Pull ups

    Totao–>71 reps
    PR of 2 reps from march 24th 2012

    Great work Tania and Lora!

  5. Heather Colleen

    First WOD of 2015 is in the books…and it was AWESOME!

    Deadlifts 5RM

    My grip was failing at at the last rep…but I think I have a 195 5RM in me. It felt SO good to lift heavy stuff again!

    Thrusters @50#
    Ring Rows

    15 rounds even = 90 reps

    I want to do this one again when I’m not sick – I went too light on the thrusters, took it too easy on the 9 and 12 rounds.

  6. Deadlifts 5RM

    WOD “Open 11.6/12.5”
    AMRAP 7Min

    Thrusters @45#
    Ring Rows


    I’ve only ever used 45# twice during a WOD, so I did a practice Thruster and it felt pretty heavy. I wanted to take some weight off and Kevin said “No”.

    Turns out he was right, cause I totally did it

  7. Deadlifts 5RM
    Could barely hold on to the bar at 125# Thanks for the suggestion for next time Mario, should help a lot!

    WOD “Open 11.6/12.5″
    AMRAP 7Min

    Thrusters @40#
    Ring Rows


    Small group this morning, but great work as usual! Thanks Mario!

  8. Deadlifts x 10

    WOD Rx

    total = 82 reps

    I was so excited to do this one. I did it in the Open in 2012 I remember just learning right before the WOD how to do C2B pullups. My score was 46 reps. I have so many stories and moments from the open WODs both for myself and for so many other members! Really you need to sign up!

    Thanks for great class Kevin!

  9. Mobility

    Deadlift 5RM
    95-115-135-155-170(Matched my theoretical 5RM)

    WOD: AMRAP 7Min
    C2B Pull-ups

    Total = 58 Rx

    Thanks kevin great class!

  10. Mob + WUx2

    Deadlift 5RM:

    WOD Rx = 91 reps (22 reps PR from 2012 Open)

    Very happy about the improvement, I was a bit scared of this one to be honest. Good job nooners!

    1. Rep Breakdown:
      – 3s & 6s unbroken
      – 9s & 12s both split in two set (next time do 9s unbroken)
      – 15s were split in 3 sets (maybe only split in 2 sets next time?)
      – sprint to the bar to get 1 rep in 18s… lol

  11. Wu x 2

    Deadlift WUT 5RM:
    135-225-315-335-365-385(PR 10#)

    WOD: “Open 11.6/12.5”
    Rx = 87 reps
    (31 rep PR from 2 yrs ago! + I’m pretty sure I did it at 65# and normal pull-ups)
    Very happy! Great class nooners!

  12. mob
    wu x2

    group mob

    deadlift x 10

    WOD: Open 11.6 – 12.5
    AMRAP 7 mins

    Thrusters 45#
    C2B Pullups (Ringrows)

    Total reps: 96 (15 each & 6 thrusters)

  13. WU x 2

    Deadlift X10

    WOD Open 11.6 / 12.5 (45#)
    AMRAP 7 Min
    Ring rows

    Total –>98 reps

  14. Mobility
    Group mobility

    Deadlift x10

    WOD: AMRAP 7Min
    Thrusters @65#

    Total = 65

  15. Mob
    Group Mob
    Deadlift 5RM based of 1 RM in Sept maybe?
    135, 225, 275, 315, 345 was gonna try 350 but ran out of time

    WOD: Rx’d
    Reps: 90

    I think i chose too low of a bar to do it on. My biceps are the tightest muscle of all. and tore my pretty little palms again. 😀 Need to get comfy with pullups without chalking my hands.

    Thanks Steph!
    Fun 6pm Class!

  16. WU x 2
    group mob

    Deadlift X10

    WOD Open 11.6 / 12.5 as Rx’d
    AMRAP 7 Min
    Thrusters 100#
    C2B Pull ups

    Total–>61 reps
    1 Rep PR from 2012

  17. WU x 1 + Hip Mobility

    Group mobility


    Deadlift X10 (45-50-55-60%)


    WOD Open 11.6 / 12.5

    AMRAP 7 Min

    Thrusters 100#
    C2B Pull ups

    Scaled to 75# & Ring Rows

    Total 100 reps

  18. Deadlift 5RM

    switched grip @ 155# because bar was slipping. weight felt good.

    WOD: Open 11.6 / 12.5

    AMRAP 7 Min
    Thrusters @ 65#
    C2B Pull ups
    – scaled to ring rows from box up to 10, then from 2 steps out for 12/15 (was losing too much time on transitions from the box with breaking up reps)

    finished 15 even
    Total reps: 90

    Great class tonight, thanks Steph!

    And I can’t wait for my 1st open!! No better place than CFM to start 🙂

  19. Mob + Wup x 2

    Deadlifts – 5 rep max
    5 x 135, 145, 150, 155 (excited as my 1 re max was 155)

    WOD: Open 11.6/12.5
    3- 6 – 9 – 12 = etc… (AMRAP in 7 mins)
    Thrusters @ 55lbs

    Total = 81 reps (15 thrusters + 6 C2B)

    I have never done this WOD before so I am pretty darn happy with my results. I am thinking I should have tried this maybe at 60lbs – not sure?

    Great job everyone and absolutely sign up for the opens. I tried it out for the first time last year and it was AWESOME!!!!! I was really nervous, but so glad I did it. Everyone is so supportive and the energy is fantastic. It is a real motivator for the rest of the year and will give you an idea about the Hopper – also pretty AWESOME!!!

  20. Deadlift X10 (45-50-55-60%)

    AMRAP 7Min

    Thrusters @40#
    Ring Rows really trying tougher foot placement … its working (I think) ha!

    Thanks Mario for the help with the DL’s and Thruster movements, still very new to me so appreciate all the feedback.

    Total reps:71

  21. Deadlifts x10 to 140

    WOD rx’d: 58 reps.

    Really proud that I can do this wod RX’d but incredibly discouraged that I only got an 8 rep PR from 3 years ago. Kevin is helping me so I’m hanging on to a thread of hope that it’s going to help.

  22. Mob + Wup x 2

    Deadlifts – 10 reps

    WOD: Open 11.6/12.5
    3- 6 – 9 – 12 = etc… (AMRAP in 7 mins)
    Thrusters @ 85lbs

    15 rounds in – 10 thrusters in round 18. Total of 100 reps.

    Should have RX-ed maybe?

  23. Mobility
    Warm up x2
    Group mobility

    Strength: deadlifts 5rep max: 55, 65, 75, 85, 95, 105, 115, 120 🙂
    WOD: Open 11.6/12.5
    3-6-9-12-15… (AMRAP In 7 minutes)
    Thrusters @40
    Ring rows

    Total 90 reps!

    Great 4pm class and great coaching Steph….always nice to meet new people! 🙂

  24. DL build up 5 rm
    135-185-205-225 … stopped there. Theoretical 5 rm would be 240, bur after 2 weeks off 225 was plenty!

    WOD : Open 11.6/12.5
    Thrusters @ 65#
    Ring rows

    15 Thrusters + 8 ring rows – total 83 reps

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