The Open is Closed

Another Open season has come and gone. With 65 athletes from CrossFit Moncton participating this year, it was filled with tons of excitement, cheering and a few PRs. First, thank you to all the volunteer judges – without you, this couldn’t have happened week after week. Thanks to everyone that helped setup or tear down each Friday. And thank you to the athletes (especially the rookies) for trusting us that the Open is an amazing event. With the new scaled division this year, it allowed for more participation than ever before.

We hope that you keep the feelings you had during the Open fresh in your mind. There are lots of other local competitions (including our own Hopper Event) coming up this year. Those are other great ways to experience the amazing CrossFit community outside of our gym walls.

And remember – training for the 2016 Open starts NOW!

What are your thoughts on the Open? Sound off in the comments.

Floor Press
5 x 5 sets @ 70-75% of bench

5 rounds
30s KB Push Press (R)
30s KB Push Press (L)
1 min Burpees

Compare to June 9/14

The first wave of 15.5
The first wave of 15.5

8 thoughts on “The Open is Closed”

  1. The level of work going on behind the scenes for an event like this week after week boogles the mind!! So Kevin and Jo this “thanks” is an AMTAP – as many thanks as possible. You guys are truly beyond amazing

  2. I echo Heather’s comments. How you make all of the chaos make sense, and run all of the heats so efficiently is miracle work! Thank you for another great open. AMTAP from this athlete as well, to the judges, coaches, and athletes who make this an event to look forward to year after year. As I have often said to Kevin…CFM is a special place and something to be really proud of. Bravo Kevin and Jo!

  3. Ahhh….sorry guys for the no show this morning, alarm didn’t go off and hubby let me sleep in 🙂 Really don’t want to do burpees before 15.5 tomorrow….yikes!

  4. Floor Press
    5 x 5 sets @ 70-75% of bench
    scaled down from 85/90# to 75#

    5 rounds
    30s KB Push Press (R) @ 25#
    30s KB Push Press (L) @ 15#
    1 min Burpees

    Total reps: 138

    Had to go easy on everything due to my left tricep being so sore and almost immobile from 15.5 but was good to move around a bit.

    Awesome job to those who did 15.5 today, now drink lots of water and try to keep active…I didn’t and am paying for it!

  5. Great work to everyone who completed 15.5 it was a doosie!!
    Tried some floor presses, they feel a bit achy, stayed light..
    Wod @35#
    First round 15-15-15
    Total 218 reps
    Great work everybody!

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