The Inferno

Weighted Step-ups – 5 steps/leg

EMOTM do 5 Burpees, then
Accumulate 100 Wall Balls

*Start with the burpees
*Option: 3 Burpees
*12 min time cap

Compare to Dec.16/13

Super friends
Super friends

97 thoughts on “The Inferno”

  1. Mobility
    Warm up x2
    Group mobility
    Weighted step ups (orange box):#15,#20,#25,#30

    WOD:EMOTM: 5 burpees then accumulate 100 wall balls#6
    Time 11:00 minutes even
    Tough workout after being away from the gym for 6 days! Great job 6amers and great coaching Mario!

  2. Love this pic!

    Weighted Step ups – 5 steps per leg, 18” box

    100 Wall balls – 14#, 9ft target
    EMOTM do 5 burpees – I did 3

    Time: 11:45 – 10 second PR! Yay!

    Note to self: Receiving the med ball with your face (twice) WILL give you a fat lip.

  3. Weighted Step-ups – 5 steps/leg
    45-55-65-75…ran out of time. I’d like to see if I could have pulled off 85!

    EMOTM do 5 Burpees (Scaled to 3 burpees)
    Accumulate 100 Wall Balls
    10# WB @ 10′

    Time – 8:46

    Did WBs exactly to plan: 20-15-15-10-10-10-10-10

    Apparently I could have tried the 5 burpee option and would likely still have finished.

    PR over last year: did the same scale and it took me 10:44!

    1. Awesome result today Heather. I was impressed before I did it and now that I have I’m humbled in your presence (can’t find an emoticon of me bowing at your feet, but I need one 🙂 )

    1. haha you may have gotten the F-bomb truck rolling this morning but they’re not new to them… was Heidi not there? 🙂

  4. Well that was a gross reminder that burpees suck and wallballs are not meant to be done with burpees!! Maybe I’d rather be running (nope, that doesn’t sound right!!!)

    WTD step ups to 75#

    Wod: rx’d 11:53

    I’d say great job 7 am class but I have no idea what was going on around me – I was breathing like Darth Vadar and finished last. So let’s say great job surviving 7 a.m. 🙂

    (If you haven’t done this yet, it’s not to late to bail – that’ll make you a wus, but at least you’ll be alive. HAHA! )

  5. Mobility
    Warm up x2
    Group mobility
    Weighted step ups (orange box):#35,#45,#50,#55

    WOD:EMOTM: 5 burpees then accumulate 100 wall balls #6 at 9′ target.


    I think I found my biggest weakness to date today… wall balls! So many times the ball was high enough to hit the target but came down without even touching the wall!

    Thanks Mario!

    1. Oh no! the dreaded “air ball” and the worst part is they take as much energy as one that actually hits. Not to worry we all have them – I had several today and an especially nasty one at wallball #99 with less than 10 seconds left!!

  6. Weighted Step Ups x 5 per leg
    (35, 40, 45, 50, 55)
    Wall balls @ #12
    5 burpees
    Time: 11:33
    Wasn’t sure I would finish this one……whewwww, tough after a week away. Nice to be back!! Great job everyone!! Thanks Mario!!

  7. Step ups:
    5x 45-55-65-65
    I’m going to be mad at Blake tomorrow when I can’t sit down. And maybe Josh too, or whoever it was who told on me.

    WOD with 14# ball @ 10′, and scaled 3 burpees: 93 reps at the 12 minute cap.

    I so wanted to finish, but I did get a 15 rep PR so all is not lost. Except a little bit of my sanity during the wod.

    1. Oh that? I totally made that up. You could have stopped whenever you wanted 😉
      Good job on the WOD, way to push through.

  8. This was my very first crossfit workout! It. Was. Horrible.!!

    I would have love to see the improvement from a whole year…..but I have a hairdresser appointment . Hair is important-er LOL

  9. WU x 2
    Group MOB

    Step-ups – 5 steps/leg
    18″ box
    15, 20, 25, 30, 35

    EMOTM do 5 Burpees, then
    Accumulate 100 Wall Balls

    5 burpee option

    DNF – 75 completed at the time cap with 10# wallball

    Disappointed I didn’t finish, but happy to have moved up from a 6# ball. Next time I will finish the $%##% thing!!

    Nice class Mario!

    1. 5 BURPEE OPTION? Yes ma’am you are hard core! Nice work Jackie, you always give it everything you’ve got 🙂

  10. Mobility + WUx2 + 10 Wallballs

    Weighted step-ups (with 20′ box)

    WOD: The inferno
    (12 min cap)
    3 burpees every minute, accumulate 100 Wallballs at 8#/10′

    9:51 (with alot of no reps!)

    Wanted to compare my time so I used the same weight and amount of burpees. Last time completed 84 burpees at time cap…PR!!

  11. Mob/wu x2 &10 wall balls
    Group mob

    Weighted step up (5 each leg)

    WOD: 12 min cap
    100 wall balls (8#)
    EMOTM….3 burpees

    Time: 11.44

  12. Mob + WUx2

    Shoulder Press – build up to a heavy single:
    45# x10, 68# x5, 98# x3, 118# x3, 138# x3 (WU sets)
    148# x2
    153# x1
    158# x1
    163# x1
    168# x1 (PR by 1#) … it’s been a looong time since I PR’d on this. 😀

    Push Jerk 10RM
    95-115-135-155# (set new PR, didnt have a previous number for this)

    Tabata – Goblet Squat 40#
    10-10-7-7-7-7-7-9 = 64 reps
    … this is good, g.squats used to KILL my back in the past, this was ok, but holy leg burn

    E2MOTM – 5rounds – Wall Balls 25#/10ft
    8-10-12-14-16 reps (60 total)
    … everything unbroken, last 2 sets sucked

    LISS – Row 12 mins = 2711m
    … discovered I can easily row a 2:15/500m pace at 15 SPM, this might be useful to know…

  13. Open gym

    WOD with 3 burpees and 20# ball – 10:53

    Thanks for doing this with me Tim! It would’ve been way worse doing this alone.

  14. Mobility
    Warm up x2
    Mob+wux2+10 wall balls (8#)
    Group mobility
    Weighted step ups (20″):#35,#40,#45,#45

    WOD:EMOTM: 5 burpees (scaled to 3)
    then accumulate 100 wall balls (#6)
    Time: 10:47

    I didn’t realize I had done this before. Last time I used a 4# ball and made it to 86 wall balls at the cap. This CrossFit thing works!

  15. Hey Mario, remember what you said would hurt tomorrow if all the wallballs were to depth? You were right my friend – I’m already there!

  16. Mobility
    Group Mobility

    Weighted Step-ups: 5 Righ/Left

    WOD: “Inferno”

    EMOTM do 5 Burpees, then
    Accumulate 100 Wall Balls

    *12 min time cap

    Time: 10:40 RX (9 Sec PR Small but I will take it!)

    Thanks Chantal!

  17. Weighted step-ups 5x per leg
    35-45-55-65-70-75# …those got heavy and hard

    WOD as Rx

    Time: 10:46

    This was my 100th class!! …and my reward was 100 wall balls, what a gift! haha, that was so tough. Hearing Kevin finish in lightening speed and then sound like he might die gave me mixed emotions of not wanting to finish at all and also wanting to pick up the pace since I was only about half way through. On the note, way to go Kevin…that was insane!

    Also, just want to say thank you to all the amazing coaches & awesome members at CFM for their help, support, encouragement and hard work every day…it’s been almost a year since we moved to Moncton and joining this community in May is the one thing that’s made me feel at home here! I figured today was a good day to make that point. And now I’m excited to see what the next 100 classes have in store for me!

    1. Nothing but hard work and dedication from you Cara. Thanks for putting your trust in us. Here’s to the next hundred.

  18. Weighted Step-ups 5/leg
    95-115-135-150 (PR)

    WOD Rx’d
    (1:18 PR)

    Sets – 25, 23, 21, 21,10

    Only way to go faster is quicker burpees on later rounds. And having someone behind me telling me the time. Any takers?

    1. That’s unbelievable! But I’d sure be willing to volunteer to stand behind you and yell out the time (and other things!!)

  19. Weighted step ups (5x/ leg)
    20′ box

    WOD: time cap 12 min
    100 Wall balls (@8#)
    *start every minute with 5 burpees (scaled to 3)

    My time: 7:?? (7:50?) I was so happy to be done, I didn’t check the time. I then second guessed myself and thought I may have counted my wall balls wrong. I think I am bad at underestimating myself… I keep telling myself I am not strong enough/ fast enough… I recounted my score and I did do 100. I had Kevin next to me just pumping out those wall balls and I think that motivated me to go faster and to keep moving. I felt like I was very slow next to Kevin!

    Next time I will definitely use a higher weight!

  20. mob=wux2 =10 wall ball
    weighted step up 12 in try 20 in angle still not strong enough
    WOD 100 wall ball 16#
    at start every mindo 5 burpees (scale 3 )

    time 9:54

  21. Mobility
    WU X 2 + 10 wall balls @14#
    Group Mobility

    Weighted Step-ups – 5 steps/leg @20″

    WOD: EMOTM do 5 Burpees, then
    Accumulate 100 Wall Balls @10#
    Time: 9:00
    Most were at 9.5 mark and form wasn’t top notch. I just wanted it to be over 🙁

    Thanks Chantal! Good job everyone 🙂

    Cashout: Yoga

  22. Peeps – what an amazing group you are – wow on your work today!!!!

    Mob + Wup x 1 (missed situps and the 2nd wup) + 10 wallballs (10lbs at 10ft)
    Group Mob

    Strength – weighted step-ups (5 per leg)
    with 20inch box
    35lbs, 40, 45, 45 (need to work on these, but last year I ended at 30lbs so still an increase)

    WOD: Inferno
    100 wallballs
    * start with 5 burpees and then EMONTM 5 burpees

    ** WOD with 12lb wallball at 10ft.
    Total at 12 min time cap = 85

    Last year I did this Wod with 10lbs, at 9ft and 5 burpees and finished at the time cap with 96 wallballs completed. I was torn about running this with the same specks as last year, but glad I went for the increase (thank you for the push Amanada and Chantal). This was a real gasser then and still is now. I had the Fran cough until I went to bed. I really wished I had finished this, but I am happy with the 2lb and 1 ft increase. I think if I had scaled to 3 burpees I could have finished it. Okay – now to decide about what to do for this next year – same scale or try for Rxd?

    Catch at the box peeps 🙂

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