The Funny Run

Skill of the Week – Planks

Tabata Squats
Run 1 mile

And we win by a dragon head!

108 thoughts on “The Funny Run”

  1. WU x 2

    Push Press x 5

    WOD: “Funny Run”
    Tabata Squats
    Run 1 mile

    Score: 125
    Time: 7:31

    Should’ve pushed harder on the squats

    1. Thanks! The pain is starting lol, can’t wait to see how tomorrow is going to feel!

  2. Front Squats x3
    135-155-175-195-215-230 (PR)

    Tabata Squats – 173
    1 mile Run – 6:30

    Very pleased with my 5# front squat PR. Last time I had a 3 rep PR was June 10 of 2010! Almost 2 years ago! Learn to be patient with your lifts. The PRs will come if you stay the course.

    1. Good job on the front squat PR, and that’s a pretty ridiculous score on the wod.

    2. A great day at the gym for you Kevin. Congrats on the long awaited PR, and as for the 173 squats….. gross!

    3. Thanks everyone! I had more fun watching the rest of the classes than doing it myself 🙂

  3. WU x 2
    Shoulder press x3

    103 squats
    11:00 mile run

    Let me take you to what was happening in my head while I was running:

    KEVIN! WTF!!!! ….. Oh… it’s not sooo bad…. Just.keep.moving! …. Ouchhh… this is horrible…KEVIN! WTF!!!

    1. HAHAHAHAH Oh my gosh Chantal I love you! Too funny! Please start coming to 415s. hehhe

    2. Omg Chantal don’t post stuff like this when I have like 10 hours to stew about it!! lol

      1. Gillyon, just wanted to let you know we have a field change for the soccer practise tonight. we are now over at the commons sportsplex from 7 to 9 as the Canadian Women’s have the Crandall field.

    3. LOL Chantal! Funny girl. I agree with Amanda…all day to “stew” about this. I’m hurting already…

  4. WU x 2 (worst WU ever .. I thought I was going to quit)

    Back Squat x 5
    160-170-180-190-200 (PR reps)

    WOD: “Funny Run”
    Tabata Squats
    Run 1 mile

    Score: 119
    Time: 8:52

    Nice push at the end guys!

    Having trouble getting my squat numbers up. My pride on my back squat PR was VERY short-lived.

  5. Snatch x5
    35 55 65 75 85 (Thanks for the video Kev, very helpful)

    151 Squats
    10:16 Mile run

    Kevin: 3..2..1 GO Run!
    Legs: Uh…No..don’t think so, not gonna happen
    Brain: Legs! Come on..Move!
    Legs: Screw you Brain you don’t know the situation down here
    …..1 mile of this conversation between body parts later….
    Legs: I am SO going to make you regret this later…..

  6. WU X 2
    Back Squat X 5
    WOD- “Funny Run”
    Tabata Squats=110
    1Mile Run= 8:54

    Thanks Justin and Blake for the push…….this was brutal!!!

  7. WU X 2
    shoulder press 5 @ 85,95.105,110, 120 (3)

    WOD Funny run (found out where the name came from)
    Squats 164
    1 mile run 8:11

    very interesting first lap, it was like a seniors moment.
    the brain knows what to do but the body does not respond.

  8. Heather (Mum)

    WU X 2
    Strength X 5
    Front Squat

    WOD Funny run – It really was not funny.
    Squats 84
    1 mile run Time 14:10
    Head talk – I am going to die. Oh well, if I die I die. I will not igive up.

  9. WU x 2
    Cleans x5

    WOD Funny Run:
    Squats 138
    1 mile run: 7:58

    Slowest timed mile I have ever done. Last timed mile I ran, I did it in 6:20. I guess I have some work to do….reality check.

    Kevin, I would love to see the video from the start of the run hahaha! Hilarious.

  10. WU x 2

    Strength: Dead Lift x 5

    Tabata Squats – 153
    1 Mile Run – 6:38

  11. Im feeling nauseous, can you cancel my 3:15?
    theres still a spot in the 3:15 class, but I’ll cancel mine just in case someone wants it. I’ll most likely be going later on…

  12. CW x 2
    Squat cleans (5) 65-85. Thank you, Kevin, for the tips and little video. I am a visual learner and that helped so much!

    Squats 139
    1 mile run – 7:28

  13. WU x 2

    Strength – Overhead Squats x 5

    WOD – “Funny Run”
    Tabata Squats – 125
    1 Mile run – 8:51

  14. WU x 2
    Cleans x 5 55-60-65-75-85

    WOD: “Funny Run”
    Tabata Squats
    Run 1 mile
    Score: 123
    Time: 7:47

  15. CFWU x 2

    Push Jerks
    3 x 140-150-160-170-180

    WOD: “Funny Walk”

    Tabata Squats 110
    Run 1 Mile 8:20

  16. WU X2
    Strength: Shoulder Press
    (X5) 45 – 50 – 55 – 60 – 65(x3) – 65(x1)
    Getting closer to being back to where I was last fall 🙂

    WOD: Today’s “Funny run”, will be tomorrow’s “Funny Walk”!

    Tabata Squats: 121
    Run 1 Mile: 10:56

  17. WUx2

    Cleans x 5

    Tabata Squats: 102
    Run 1 Mile =­> 2,000m row because of ankle: 9.37.4

    Thanks for your support Mario. I wouldn’t have done it below 10min without you. Came pretty close to meet puckie for the first time though…

    It’s always fun to workout with yall!

  18. WU x 2

    front squat x 5
    140-165-190-210-235 (5# PR)

    WOD: “Funny Run”
    Tabata Squats Score: 137 – 10 rep PR
    Run 1 mile Time: 8:18

    1. That’s a big Front Squat Frankie! Bet the tabata squats were a blast after that! LOL

      1. thanks guys, my FS 1 RM was 230#…I’ve been on the 5 rep rotation since January.

  19. WU x 2

    Express Class – no strength

    WOD: “Funny Run”
    Tabata Squats Score: 107
    Run 1 mile Time: 10:17

    That was awful!! I was swearing right out of the door as my legs felt like cement!!!

  20. WU x 2

    Express Class – no strength

    WOD: “Funny Run”
    Tabata Squats Score: 150
    Run 1 mile Time: 9:02

    Pulled a muscle in my calf….. made for a tough run

  21. OHSx5
    85,95,105,115,125-pr,135 pr- gotta work on getting hands closer together
    weighted pullupsx 5
    bw,15,15,20- had to kip for last 2 reps
    WOD: “Funny Run”
    Tabata Squats Score: 168
    Run 1 mile Time: 5:5? forgot to write time down

    1. I was in awe watching Shawn do this workout! And I don’t think he was out of breath when he got back to the gym! Incredible, Shawn!!

  22. WU x 2

    Strength: Shoulder press (x3)

    WOD “Funny Run”
    Tabata squats score = 139
    Run 1 mile = 7:56

    Whoa…took me about 400m to find my “stride”. The first 100m of that were absolutely laughable. Good times….

    Cashout: calf, quad and hamstring stretches.

    1. Great time on the run Lora.. You looked smooth through the first lap, and nice sprint finish! 🙂

  23. WU x 2
    strength – front squat x 5
    95, 135, 155, 185, 205

    WOD: “Funny Run”
    Tabata Squats Score: 157
    Run 1 mile Time: 9:10
    cash out – couch stretch & hamstring stretch

  24. Deadlift x1 to 280 pr 10#
    First muscle up w/o false grip
    141 squats
    1 mile run 6:38. ‘scaled’ w/ a mp3 player according to Jeff S. haha

    1. Great job on the WOD darsey, had a good number on squats and you had an awesome ‘scaled’ run!! Lol.. Seriously, told you before you should think about running a few 5-10 K races.. You’ve got a great run stride! Looks effortless!

    2. Congrats on the muscle up. You will be stringing them together in no time. Awesome score on the WOD too.

  25. Mobility
    4x800m run (4:05, 4:39. 4:23, 3:26, intermittent stretching in between)
    WU(+) x2

    Floor Press 5RM = 115, 125, 135, 145, 155

    WOD “Funny Run”
    – Tabata Squats = 18, 16, 14, 15, 12, 13, 12, 13 = 113
    – Run 1 mile = 10:20

    Cashout 1 – Foam Roller, figure-4 Stretch
    Cashout 2 – AMRAP 2:40 – Squats (Tabata w/ no breaks) = 85

    What a session… fiou!

    1. Great doing the No-Break-Tabata Squats with you Gabe! We need to do this again! 😀

  26. WU x 2
    strength – front squat x 5
    75, 85, 95, 105,115 (PR by 2 reps)

    WOD: “Funny Run”
    Tabata Squats Score: 112
    Run 1 mile Time: 8:04

    Awesome night tonight. Thanks to however yelled at me on the home stretch.. i wanted to turn and see who it was but was pretty sure i’d face plant 🙂 Great push on the Row Gabe

    1. That was me! I was trying desperately to catch up/keep up to you and when I started to gain on you I figured you were slowing down and I knew you wouldn’t want me to pass you! haha You took right off after I yelled, great job! 🙂

  27. WU x 2

    Push Jerk x 5: 80-90-95-95-95
    Kept weight at 95# to work on form & keeping my hips/arms/bar in a straight line & not bending forward. I like the visual tool Kevin. Really helpful.

    WOD: Tabata Squats: 132
    1 Mile run = 8:55

    First 400m on the run was pretty wabbly & took a while to find my stride. I was 1 minute slower than running a mile on fresh legs. This seems to have been the standard for most.

  28. WUx2

    Strength – Press X5

    WOD: “Funny Run”
    Tabata Squats Score: 131
    Run 1 mile (Scaled to 2000m Row) 7:51
    No PR on the Row, had 7:37 April 3rd, 2011.

    Then as I was going to get the foam roller, Kevin needed some guinea pigs for an experiment so me and Mario got to do 2:40 of all out Squats (Same amount of time as in the tabata) to see if we could match our Tabata score.
    I Got 102.
    Conclusion, Tabata won this time. Next time will try this fresh.


    Great job 6:45 crew!

    1. Thanks for trying that you two. I don’t think I would have done it myself…especially right after the workout.

  29. wu x 2

    strength: cleans X 3: 60, 65, 70, 75, 80

    funny run: tabata squats (94) and 1 mile run @ 9:24

    Funniest facebook video ever!

  30. WU x 2

    OHS 5x 35-40-45-50-55

    Tabata Squats = 95
    Run 1 mile = 9:44

    Good job 6:30 crew!!
    More then a squat a second… 8 TIMES!!! WOW!!
    But really! Everybody did awesome!! 🙂

  31. oups…that was me… but Kevin was logged into “WordPress” so it showed “monctonvike”…

    … Also following today’s WOD , a 6K bike ride 🙂

    1. wow nice work on the bike ride after the wod, Nadine! Your legs must be extra toasty!

      1. Yes, they are!! lol
        They’re both up on a foot rest, and Im not sure if I can get them down to go to bed…lol
        Thanks girls! 🙂

  32. Mobility
    WU x 2

    Strength : Back Squats (seriously, of all days…) 5 x 50-55-60-65-70

    WOD “Funny run”
    – Tabata squats (total 121)
    – Run 1 mile (time : 8:01)

    Fun one ! I really wanted to sprint the last part of the run but the wind was in my face and it was really hard… Still proud of my time 🙂 Good job people ! Gab and Mario, you guys are nuts !!! Good job on the “experiment” haha !

  33. WU X 2 (able to do 10 strict pull ups with red band…. time to move on to the next one! 🙂

    Shoulder Press x 1’s!! 😀
    45-70-80-90-95 (15# pr) 10# shy of my 105 record on February 3rd, 2011 😀

    Tabata Squats = 116
    Run 1 mile = 9:17

    1- 15
    2- 16
    3- 14
    4 – 14
    5 – 15
    6 – 14
    7 – 14
    8 – 14

    1. sO MAny impressive scores today!! Great job everyone!!!

      Kevin, when I started to run, you asked how is that or something, and I came soooo close to giving you the finger!!!! Im such a sweet girl usually, but crossfit gets me angry!!
      I didn’t want to ruin your movie…. but stop tempting me!! 😛

  34. WU X 2
    Strength – cleans – jump shrug practice
    80 -95-100 – 110 X 10

    WOD – Funny Run

    Tabata squats – (16; 16; 15; 15; 14; 14; 14; 14) Total: 118
    1 mile run – 9:58

  35. 1xmob

    Push press x 5

    Tabata squats

    1 mile run right after squats
    Had a terrible first lap, but knee felt better on second.. Had a great race with Evan S for last 400m or so, you ran awesome Evan.. There is no quit in you, it was a fun cat and mouse game to see who would crack, came down to a 100m flat out sprint and fittingly we tied.. I came away very impressed, great perseverance.. Great night at CFM, great job 6:30 class!!

  36. Strength – front squats

    WOD: ‘Funny Run’
    Tabata Squats: 119
    Run 1 mile: 8:54ish…don’t have my book

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