The Fallen

*Workout is at 9am*

“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.” -John Diefenbaker

Run 4k
200 Burpees

Compare to Nov.11/16

9 thoughts on “The Fallen”

  1. “The Fallen”
    4 km Run
    200 Burpees


    8 Rounds of 20 Burpees + 400m run
    1 round of 40 Burpees + 800m run

    No PR but felt much more consistent.
    Next year will try:
    2 Rnds: 40 Burpees + 800m
    4 Rnds: 20 Burpees + 400m
    4 Rnds: 10 Burpees + 200m

    Memorable quote from a war veteran on the history channel:
    “I don’t wear these medals for me, I wear them for comrades, friends, who died and never got their medals…never saw them.”

  2. “The Fallen”
    4 km Run
    200 Burpees


    Did 50 Burpees – 1 mile – 50 – 1 mile – 50 – 800m – 50
    Next time I’ll try shorter rounds.

  3. The Fallen
    Run 4k
    200 Burpees
    I went into this planning to do the 4k then the burpees and was told it was a ‘silly idea’ .. So when the clock started I had no plan and I made it up (bargained with myself) as I went along..
    800m – 20 burpees
    1200m – 80 burpees
    800m – 50 burpees
    800m – 50 burpees
    I underestimated the burpees today.. The Mayhem wods I did Thursday along with the ‘fun’ yesterday seriously tested my chest and arms today..
    Feels good to be alive!

  4. Run 4k
    200 Burpees

    Scaled to 2k 100 burpees

    5 rounds of 400m run 20 burpees

    Went to time cap to see how i I could do

    8 rounds of 400m run 20 burpees

  5. MOB + Group WU

    “The Fallen” RX

    1200m run doing 10 burpees every 400m (60)
    800m run doing 10 burpees every 200m (40)
    5x 400m run and 5-10 burpees every 200m (100)

    Time > 45:45 (3:19 PR from last year)

    5th time doing this work out (2nd time RX)

    Great turn out today. Great job everyone for doing the work.

  6. The Fallen
    4km and 200 Burpees

    I did
    (1) 20 Burpees + 400m run
    (16) 10 Burpees + 200m run
    (1) 10 Burpees + 100m run

    49:55 Had 300m run and 10 Burpees left at the cap

  7. The Fallen – scaled and modified.

    My plan was to do the following (which would have been 1/2 reps):
    20 down-ups
    500m row
    20 down-ups
    500m row
    20 down-ups
    500m row
    20 down-ups
    500m row
    20 down-ups

    I stopped after the 3rd set of down-ups for a total of 60 down-ups and 1km rowing. Time: 16:10.
    I couldn’t get a good rhythm for breathing during the rowing or the down-ups and was feeling very sluggish.
    Posting this for the future so I can see that I attempted 1/2 of the Fallen at 32w6d pregnant.

    Part of my Precision Nutrition homework was a mind-body scan and this is what I wrote about what I was thinking:

    After stopping my workout early, I had a chat with myself while sitting on the floor. I’m still moving, even if it is at a significantly slower pace. Doing 60 down ups is more than I did during my whole 1st pregnancy, so I should be proud of that.
    We still have to go to Costco today, so don’t push too hard and then have to hobble along for the rest of the day.

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