The Day After

A big thanks to everyone who made the Hopper possible. After running an event for 8 years, the one thing I know for sure is that it wouldn’t be possible without all the volunteers. So thank you for all your help!

I was very happy to see all of our members pushing themselves and cheering for each other. It made the gym electric!

Same time next year?

My extended family
My extended family

Both classes today will be Open Gym style. Come on in and work on things that need working on. Our coach will be on hand to provide any help you need.

4 thoughts on “The Day After”

  1. I need a coach has to help me work on walking down stairs.

    The 2016 Squatper was another awesome event.
    It was fun to see so many newer members push themselves to new limits, and to see our veterans work as hard as ever!

    Big thanks to Kevin & Joanna for putting on a other great event. They do so much behind the scenes that most of us don’t see but has such a hug impact on making this event do special!

  2. 5 rounds
    20s D-Ball Hold
    40s Rest

    3×10 Bent Over Row @ 115#

    WOD: AMRAP 15 mins
    20 Air Squats
    18/12 Cal Row
    10 Pullups
    5 D-Ball Over Shoulder 150/100# (scaled 100#)
    = 4 rounds + 14 squats

  3. OG – mob, mob and more mob. Smashed my quads and tspine.

    OH bar holds
    45# @ 3min
    65# @ 90s
    75# @ 90s
    85# @ 90s

  4. 5k Bike

    Open Gym x 2

    200 DU’s – 11:56
    50 Burpees – 4:55
    20 Wall Balls 20# – 56 seconds
    24 Box Jumps 24″ – 2:07
    1000m row
    400m Sand Bag run
    3k Run 16:30 (first time unbroken)

    5k bike

    Thanks for coaching, Marcel!

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