Thanks to everyone for all the support!

***Reminder that gym will be closed on Monday for the holiday.


5 rounds of:
Run 400m
30 Wall ball
30 Box jump


18 thoughts on “Thanks to everyone for all the support!”

  1. funny… that’s the workout i thought about as i was being sleeplest last night. Have fun with it!
    We’re (crossfit Bathurst) is still going tubing in Miramichi today for noon, pending if the tubing company’s are open or not (apparently too much water flow). Anybody is welcome to join.

  2. Gillyon, I left your papers at the gym last night. I forgot them in the am. Sorry I was late.

  3. No worries! 🙂 Thank you for thinking of me.

    – wow this workout looks intense. Good luck!!!!!!

  4. Matt - Crossfit B

    Hey Guys…Just a quick Hello..Hope you all did well with Kelly..Was she as a “Bitch” in Moncton as she was in Bathurst haha?..My time was 31:43 and my legs and looking at me saying” why dad? lol…

    Anywho…the Tubbing in the Chi is cancelled because of the high water level..we will probably go tomorrow..stay tuned for more info. Take care guys and gals! 🙂


    1. WOD–> ”Kelly”

      Time: 27:10

      And My legs don’t like me anymore!!

      Matt – Tomorrow would be really nice actually, I would go for sure! Keep us posted.

  5. WU X 1

    Dynamic Warm Up

    Crossfit Dodgeball

    AMRAP of Kelly in 20 minutes:

    5 rounds of:
    Run 400m
    30 Wall ball (14#)
    30 Box jump

    I did 3 rounds in 20 minutes. This workout is nuts.


    Elissa – Am I that scary to approach? I saw the huddle you girls were doing to see if I’d let you do AMRAP… ahahah!

    Bryan – HUGE weight man! Nice work!

    No drop-ins today, so I worked on overhead squats with Bryan.

    175×1 (PR by 30 pounds!!)

    I wanted to see if my push jerk could go higher.

    200×1 (PR!)

    Then I did Kelly with the group. She sucks.

    23:00 (PR by 1:18min)

    Yay! A hat trick for PR’s today!

  7. Warm up x 1
    Dynamic warm up with the group (it felt like a workout in itself :o)
    Nicole AMRAP of 400m runs and max pull ups
    ran a total of 2000m and 10 (red band) 20 (blue), 20, 25 and 20 pull ups… my arms are jello!

    Thanks for making the workout fun everyone! Enjoy the long weekend and see you all on Friday 🙂

  8. Kevin, what did ya eat for breakfast??!
    23 for Kelly?! And pr’s gallore. Nice.

    I was living proof this morning that diet and sleep truely affects your performance :/
    Sacrifice I have to do to make a point:)

    I’ll call you guys when I hear from the gang. Tuuuubinng!

    1. I had 2 eggs, cheese, a fruit crepe and 3 cookies. I guess it’s my magic recipe!


  9. Did Treego this afternoon so I just went for a short one. My hands and grip have nothing left in them

    Overhead Squats 1-1-1-1-1-1-1
    165 PR
    175 F

    Missed the 175 by 6 inches at the top. After doing 145 I was like wow, this isnt going to go well but I felt strong and did well. Thanks for the shoes Pierre

  10. Ok…we will only know tomorrow, as we have to call the tubing company (stewarts) in the morning to see if its open or not. If it is, its a go. I’ll try to call u now…if not, I’llcall u in the morning

  11. Matt - Crossfit Bathurst

    Hey gang…sorry for the wait haha..The crossfit Class had a pool and Bbq in the afternoon haha.. Ok so here’s ther scoop. As mentioned mostly by Janine already…Tomorrow’s tubing is a GO if it’s opened. I will call in the morning around 8ish to find out..and then send a text to Janine so she can call u guys or whatever and let you know. Ill also come here and post if its a go or not for everyone else that wants to join us but hasnt confirmed yet.. As of now..we have 7 confirmed from Bathurst and 3 from Moncton?…Good times!!….If its a go…Janine and I discussed a time to meet over there around 11?…get an early start and enjoy the peak of the afternoon on the water….

    Well..thats it for now.. have a good night all..GOnna be an early night for legs and dying from Kelly…Bitch! haha..ttygl


  12. Heather Wood (Mum)

    CFWU X 1
    Dynamic group warm up.
    Crossfit Dodgeball
    WOD “Nicole”

    AMRAP in 20 min. of:
    Run 400 m
    Max pullups
    4 runs
    Pullups 22+20+17

  13. Jane(CF Bathurst)

    Tubing is a GO!!! Water levels are great so hope to see you there!!!!!!!!We should meet around 10-10:30 cause it is going to be busy!!!

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