Testing Time

So we have 2 weeks of testing coming up. It can be both exciting and scary. Let’s go over expectations…

Have you been consistent at the gym since the last time we tested? If so, you might see some increases or maintenance of levels. If not, some levels might drop. And that’s OKAY! The Level Method isn’t about recording lifetime PRs and them never changing. They will fluctuate. Level Method is designed to assess where you are TODAY.

Some people will avoid tests that they know will go down. Please don’t (see above).

So, come in as you normally would. Have an open mind. Help the coaches by having your levels ready to go. And have an idea of what you’d like to attain/try.

If you feel comfortable helping a newer member, please do. We can use all the help!

Here’s the testing for the week:
Monday: Flexibility, Coordination, Running
Tuesday: Squat Endurance, Upper Body Push, Core
Wednesday: Deadlifts, Upper/Lower Endurance
Thursday: Front Squat, Upper Body Pull, Lactic Tolerance
Friday: Weightlifting, Kettlebell (rings, if time)
Saturday: API or Rowing

The following week will have options for any tests that were missed.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Shane jumping for joy

1 thought on “Testing Time”

  1. Joe McSheffery

    Murph prep
    2000m row

    Amrap 30 min
    94 pull-ups
    188 pushups
    282 squats
    2000m row
    Much slower lol 9:26

    First time pull-ups started to feel fluid

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