Team WOD

Halloween Party tonight. Message me if you need directions. 

In team of 4 (or 3):
100 Double Unders (each)
150 cal Row (total)
150 Weighted Step ups (45/35# bar, 24/20“ box)
*Tags mandatory

Jackie makes her way into the 500 Club!
Jackie makes her way into the 500 Club!

5 thoughts on “Team WOD”

  1. OG

    snatch grip sott press (behind neck) x5

    no hook grip/no foot movement snatch
    70-70-70# x2
    80-80-80# x1

    push press from behind neck (for the record I really do not like these) x3
    supposed to do 95# but shoulder wasn’t agreeing with that

    I think this will be my least favorite lifting day^^^

    Team WOD with Annie & Matt
    100 DU for me, 200 singles each for Annie & Matt (did 2 rounds of 100 singles for them/50 DU for me)
    150 cal row between us (roughly 25 cal sets)
    150 weighted step ups 20″/35# for Annie and I, 24″/45# for Matt (all sets of 10)

    Time: 22:53

    Great work everyone, thanks Chantal!

  2. WOD RX with Baukje and Mel! 🙂
    Time: 25:something. I forget!
    Fun to pratner up with you ladies

    DU’s went better than anticipated.
    Went balls out too fast on the row so the step ups were… Wobbly

    1. We got 25:48 🙂 and your DU’s looked great! Awesome improvement lady! Always fun to WOD with you!!!

  3. In team of 4:
    100 Double Unders (each) – scaled to 200 singles
    150 cal Row (total)
    150 Weighted Step ups (45/35# bar, 24/20“ box) – we all used 12″ box and 15# bar
    *Tags mandatory

    Time : 28:02
    Note: definitely need to go heavier and higher next time for weighted step ups.

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