Team WOD

Best of luck to Gillyon and Joanna today at the Suffering. Check out some of the action at Maritime CrossFit throughout the day.

In a team of 4,

Row 2400m
Accumulate 8 min in a plank
240 Pushups
800m Farmer Carry (70/50#)

*Divide each movement any way between team members. Must complete one movement before going on to the next. The whole team runs for the Farmer Carry, trading off as needed.


2 thoughts on “Team WOD”

  1. Team of 3 Greg, Elba, Trent
    Row 2400m (3 – 2000m)
    Accumulate 8 min in a plank (3 – 6 min)
    240 Pushups (3 – 200)
    800m Farmer Carry (50#)

    Time 25:17
    Thanks for the work out team really enjoyed working out with you this morning.

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