Team WOD

In a team of 4,
Row 2400m
Accumulate 8 min in a plank
240 Pushups
800m Farmer Carry (70/50#)

*Divide each movement any way between team members. Must complete one movement before going on to the next. The whole team runs for the Farmer Carry, trading off as needed.

Compare to Sept.3/16


1 thought on “Team WOD”

  1. In a team of 3 with Baraa & Taylor

    Row 1800
    Accumulate 6 min in a plank
    180 Pushups
    800m Farmer Carry used 50#

    Time: 27:20 I think

    Today marks 10 years at Crossfit Moncton! I cannot even begin to express what walking through those doors the first time has done for me, I owe so much to Kevin and all the trainers who have helped me along the way. This place keeps me young at heart all thanks to all the amazing members we’ve had throughout the years. Looking forward to another 10 years!

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