Team Row


In teams of 3,
Row 10k

*Switch every 500m
**Must do 7 burpees before you get back on the rower
***40 min cap
(a team of 2 will attempt 7k)

Please watch the standards video before arriving tonight.


47 thoughts on “Team Row”

  1. Mob
    Foam Roll

    Row 10k
    *Switch every 500m
    **Must do 7 burpees before you get back on the rower
    ***40 min cap

    Teamed up with Scott and Lisa.
    9518m at the 40min mark.

    Nice rowing team Baldy! (we named the team before Lisa joined it)

    1. Glad to hear that the team was named before Lisa joined – I was a little worried about you Lisa…

  2. I won’t be able to make it to the Open today πŸ™ I’m sick. Is there anyone able to judge me on Monday instead???

  3. MOB+WU
    Foam Roller

    10k Row in groups of 3
    Time cap: 40:00

    Timed out at 8864m with Chris and Allyson !

  4. Great Job Team No Pukie!!!
    MOB and WU x 1
    10k row groups of 3
    7 burpies in between
    Cap of 40 min
    Time out with 8864 m with Ryan and Allyson!!! Good job holding true to our team name…

  5. ValΓ©rie Arseneau

    Good luck and giv’er to all those tackling 14.4 tonight!! Wish I was there!

    Dont forget to send me your tips and advise as I will be doing mine on Saturday πŸ˜‰ hehe

  6. Alyson Kitchen

    Good job today team “No Pukie”
    MOB and WU x 1
    10k row groups of 3
    7 burpies in between
    Cap of 40 min
    Time out with 8864 m with Ryan and Chris!!

    And you two did a great job by holding up the team name – me on the other hand ….. I’ll I have to say is that …. I strongly dislike rowing..

    Good luck tonight to everyone doing 14.4! πŸ™‚

  7. Vanessa Champion

    60 total reps.

    Really wanted 61 lol.
    Thanks Patrick for all the help. I really appreciate it! I feel bad I wasn’t able to get one for ya. I’ll get it next week.

    Thanks Kevin too for the tips.

  8. 14.4
    60 reps
    Pushed for 61 & managed to get 1 foot to touch the bar a few times, but it wasn’t meant to be…. Thank you to Amanda and Kevin for the tips. I will get it soon!

  9. wod 14.4
    165 reps

    wall balls were very broken with no reps
    very little left in the tank when I got to the cleans

  10. 14.2
    92 reps … Like 5 T2B during my lifetime prior to tonight so I’m OK with this πŸ˜€

    Thanks for the T2B tip Jenn! After it “clicked” they were so much easier!

  11. WOD 14.4
    125 reps

    Spent a lot of time doing the t2b which meant I was pretty fresh when I got to the wallballs but sadly ran out of time before I ran out of breath. Still happy with the t2b. Most I’ve ever done – I think that’s a pr of 40ish wbs!!

  12. 14.4

    166 reps

    Super happy. My goal was to get to the cleans. Thanks for judging Heidi. Great night-tons of energy!

  13. 14.4: official score 60.

    Knowing I was not getting a T2B .. I did sit ups, finished with 170 reps (20 cleans). What a WOD.

  14. 14.4

    180 reps
    1 minute to try a MU but nothing left for it.
    I was very pleased with getting done the cleans.

    Great job by all tonight!

    Have a great weekend fella CrossFitters!

  15. 14.4
    188 reps (2 reps shy of goal)
    Cleans were brutal.

    Great job to everyone tonight. Many things were accomplished that used to be thought impossible. Loved the noise!!

  16. 14.4
    75 reps (shocked myself as my goal was maybe 1 or 2)
    Thanks Kevin M for coaching me one T2B at a time πŸ™‚
    Great atmosphere as always!
    Love CFM!

  17. WOD 14.4
    total 60

    Spent the rest of the time trying t2b. I was getting closer each time just didn’t make it. Fun night! Great job everyone!

  18. 14.4

    Total = 150

    Thank you for all the encouragement from everyone. My goal was to get off the wall and I made it πŸ™‚

    So impressed by everone last night – lots of firsts out there

  19. Wod: 14.4
    180 reps.
    As of today wished I would have waited to do this one, after not feeling well all week. I now have a shoulder that doesn’t work properly! Guess I should have known better!
    Great work to everyone who did 14.4!

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