“Team Grindy”

20 Alternating Clean and Jerks – 135/95# (Person A does 1, then person B does 1, etc, until 20 are done)
5 rounds of Cindy (Person A does 1 round, person B does one round, etc, until 5 are done)
20 Alternating Clean and Jerks
5 rounds of Cindy
20 Alternating Clean and Jerks

*Partners must use the same weight
**Cindy is 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats


So here’s my take on day 1. First off, the registration was a bit unorganized, but we were the first ones through once the organizers got things in order. We went to hang out with Team Fredericton until the first event started.

The original 6.7k run was cut to 5k because certain parts of the trail were deemed unsafe. Based on what we ran, I would have liked to see the unsafe parts. We had one section where we needed to use our hands to climb over a lip onto a ridge.

The run hit Sonia and I (and everyone from the East coast) very hard. I’ve had side stitches before, but the entire front of my abdomen was tight. Breathing is very difficult when your diaphragm doesn’t work.

I placed 26th and Sonia 37th. My goal was to get under 24min, and I did. Sonia was pretty pissed about her time, only because the race started without her (and 15 other athletes) knowing it actually started. The starting gun went off for the women’s race, but a group of women weren’t at the starting line. Anyway, she passed about 10 ladies on the run and did very well.

I’m happy with my results, but not with my placing. There are some damn fast guys in these mountains. Tomorrow is another day, so we shall see how we stack up against the rest.

Thank you everyone for all your encouragements! I’ve been reading them throughout the day and they definitely help. Not a word of a lie, but I heard you all cheering for me at about 3km into the run. You were all telling me to keep going and to give it my all. Thanks!

30 thoughts on ““Team Grindy””

  1. Pierre and Heather – heads up that Mario told me earlier tonight that he needs to cancel for this morning.

  2. Heather (Mum)

    Good luck today Kevin and Sonia. No matter what we are all very proud of you both. Give em hell today.

  3. Thanks Gabrielle for passing on the message.

    Wish I could go today. Hope you all have fun!

    And good luck again Kevin and Sonia for the rest of the event!

  4. Congrats guys!! You have to be proud of that run!

    4000 feet above sea level is 3768 feet higher than Moncton!!!

  5. I know yesterday was hard for both of you, but today is a new day and you guys will do great!! We are so proud of you!! Give everything you’ve got!! GO KEVIN!! GO SONIA!!!

  6. You are both awesome athletes and have proven so much already just by being there. Best of luck today- looking forward to hearing about your accomplishments.

  7. Great update, thank you Kevin!! We’re all cheering for you guys…Patrick & I were very impatient last night waiting for your results to be posted. 🙂 Kick some ass today and keep the updates coming!!

  8. WOW!!! So happy for both of you. 😀 Like everyone said, KICK some ASS Kevin and Sonia

  9. Thanks guys!!

    My first heat is at 8:43am. Sonia’s is 9:00am. Sntaches will be heavy after the run yesterday! Oh boy!

  10. First of all – Kevin and Sonia – show em what Crossfit Moncton is made of!! I KNOW you guys are going to do great 🙂

    mobility (talking and a bit of mobility really)

    200 m run
    med ball run with lightening fast Johan – good job team mate 🙂
    WOD paired with power house Corinna
    20 – alternating C&J (65#)
    5 rounds Cindy – alternating
    20 – C&J
    5 rounds Cindy
    20 – C&J

    time 14:20 woohooo 🙂 good job teammate!!

    I will work on my clean technique and push jerk so that I increase the weight next time. It wasn’t easy, but I could’ve surely handled more with proper technique. Johan you are my inspiration on this one 🙂 I was blown away by your determination!!!

    Excellent work everyone and enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂

      1. Thank you Gillyon! I believe I need to go higher in weight next time… You have such a great optimistic attitude 🙂 I really love that about you!

    1. Thanks Gabrielle… I found some more in the tank when it was suggested to lower the weight… pleasure tossin’ med balls with ya, and you can take me out of the card game any time 🙂

  11. Come on Kevin and Sonia!!!! I am being so impatient waiting for the results. Kick some ass! 😀

  12. 400m run
    Med Ball relay with Corinna. We won and I wish it was longer.

    WOD with Johan (135#):

    Really the time doesn’t matter. Johan you pushed so hard and didn’t give up! You were determined and you’ve gotta be really proud. I was glad to be your partner on this one!

    1. Your patience was very much appreciated Jeff… and thanks for the push and motivation… wow you were strong on this one. Bet you were weiry of my completion after the first set… I know I was concerned 🙂

  13. We finished up our 2nd wod this morning. Felt pretty good. My hip was tight, but they have massage therapists on hand to help with that.

    We were surprised by the required depth of the squats. Everywhere I’ve been to, it’s always hip below knee. Here, it’s hip below knee cap. So it’s pretty damn low. Should be challenging for the 140 wall balls this afternoon.

    I started my set with 135. It was snatch grip deadlift, power snatch, overhead squat, then squat snatch. We had 25 seconds to complete this cycle. Felt easy.

    Second set was a little tough at 145#. But done!

    Last set I was debating on 150 (current pr) or 155. The last snatch at 145 was hard, so I played it safe and went with 150. All lifts went up no problem. The judge said 155 would been doable, but if you fail even 1 of the lifts in the cycle, you can’t make up the time to complete it. There will be a lot of DNFs in today’s WOD (so people will only receive credit for their first or second lift).

    Sonia started with 95#. Easy! James Fitzgerald (organizer), said she made it look good.

    She went with 105# for the second set. The first snatch was great, but failed on the second, not getting under the bar quick enough.

    She went with the same weight for her last set, kept everything super tight, and completed 105# with no problem.

    We both reached our goals and are happy with our results!

  14. mobility
    200 m run
    med ball run with Amanda 🙂
    WOD paired with Gillyon
    20 – alternating C&J (95#)
    5 rounds Cindy – alternating
    20 – C&J
    5 rounds Cindy
    20 – C&J

    time 18 min something don`t have my journal with me right now … Gill you were an awesome partner !!

    Good luck for today`s events Sonia and Kevin WOOOHOOOOOO 🙂

  15. It was great working out with you today Gabrielle. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first two Saturday work-outs.

    Thanks for keeping us posted Kevin and Sonia. Stay positive and focused.

    1. Teaming up with you was great Corinna! I feel like I held you back on the weight – I promise to work hard to move to a higher weight for next time 🙂

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