Hang Snatch – 1RM

EMOTM for 8 min
40 sec Sandbag Lunges
20 sec Rest

Throwback Thursday to the grand opening of CrossFit Dieppe in July of 2008 with some of our original members.


53 thoughts on “#TBT”

  1. Mobility
    WU x 2
    Group Mobility

    Strength: Hang Snatch – 1RM
    35-40-45-50-55-60-45# x 2
    (Not a 1RM, practicing technique. Thanks for your help Mario)

    WOD: EMOTM for 8 min
    40 sec Sandbag Lunges
    20 sec Rest

    Score: 128 reps
    Absolutely brutal after yesterday’s WOD πŸ™

    Good job 6 am’ers! Thanks Mario πŸ™‚

  2. 50 no show burpees

    Hang snatch 1RM

    EMOTM 8 minutes
    40 sec sand bag lunges
    20 sec rest

    Total: 148
    Great job 6 am group great coaching Mario

  3. I had planned on doing front squats because my hands are a mess. I did the warm-up and decided to keep the hang snatches light. After a quick tape job, I matched my PR!

    Hang Snatch x1

    WOD Rx’d

    Total – 203

    This workout shall now be called “baby deer legs”.

  4. Look at the little baby faces! ☺️

    DU’s, scap thingy and hip mobility
    Hang Snatch – 1RM
    Matched my PR. Haven’t done snatch in awhile. Need to add it in more labs so I get comfortable with getting under the bar faster. Thanks for the tough love Kevin.

    WOD RX
    135 reps of swearing & grunting

  5. Hang snatch 1RM
    up to 85# (ugly). Form is good up to 75# need to keep practicing at that weight.

    EMOTM 8 minutes
    40 sec sand bag lunges
    20 sec rest

    176 reps

  6. Mobility

    Hang Snatch 1RM

    EMOTM 8Min
    40 sec Sand Bag Lunges @40#
    20 sec Rest

    Total = 160Rx

  7. Mobility and Wu x 1
    Group mobility and Wu
    Strength 1rm hang power squat
    95/ 135/ 155/165/ 175/ 185/ 195
    Wod: EMOTM FOR 8 MIN
    40 sec sandbag lunges
    20 sec rest
    179 reps
    Great class Mario and great work 6 amer’s!!

      1. πŸ™‚ thanks! That lift is not easy to get the hang of! Took me alot of practice to get there.

  8. M+WUx2
    Group WU

    Hang snatch 1RM

    EMOTM/ 8 min
    40 sec sandbag lunges
    20 sec rest
    Total: 110

    Cashout: figure 4

  9. Mobility & WU

    Hang Snatch 1RM (no previous #)
    35×3 – 45×3 – 55×2 – 65 – 70 – 75 – 80 (10# over my Power Snatch)

    EMOTM 8 mins
    40 sec sanbag lunges @ 40#
    20sec rest

    Total: 120

  10. Mobility
    WU x 2
    Group Mobility

    Strength: Hang Snatch – 1RM

    WOD: EMOTM for 8 min
    40 sec Sandbag Lunges
    20 sec Rest

    Score: 133 reps

  11. mob
    wu x2

    group mob

    Hang snatch x1

    WOD: EMOTM- 8 mins

    40 sec sandbag lunges
    20 sec rest

    Total reps: 92

  12. – Mob
    – WUx2

    Hang snatch:
    45x a bunch-65x a bunch-75×3-80×3-85×2-90×2-95-95-100(F)-100-105(F)-105 (PR I think)

    WOD with 40# sandbag = 143 (19-19-19-18-18-17-16-17)

  13. Mob + WUx2 + 20x Scap Pullups + 3×10 GHD Back Ext & Situps
    Crossover Symmetry – Activation/Comp/8reps

    Backsquat 3RM

    Front Squat
    EMOTM 10 mins
    5 reps @ 115#
    (focus on tight core, not going too low under parallel)

    EMOTM 5 minutes (x2, rest 2 mins)
    9x Bar-facing Burpees
    (all rounds between 25-29 secs)

  14. Mob/WU and SO close to 1 strict pull up!!
    thanks Amanda, Patrick and Marcel for the tips! I’m going to get that soon, active shoulders make all the difference πŸ™‚

    Hang Snatch – 1RM

    up to 75# (15# PR)

    continued technique practice from there, weight was feeling good but need to get more consistent with keeping the bar close and not doing this weird hip thing I do…

    WOD Rx

    140 reps

    …and a lot of swearing and almost crying…I actually almost cried haha…I can still taste sand.

    Perfect night for a small class, I loved all the coaching Amanda – thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  15. Patrick Arseneau

    Hang Snatch
    (hip still bothering me at bottom of squat)

    WOD: 181 reps

    Fun stuff. First WOD in almost 2 weeks. Gonna feel that one tomorrow.

    Had a really fun class with Mat, Cara, Lacey, and Annie. Good company πŸ™‚

    Good eye on the snatch coaching, Amanda!

  16. M+WUx2
    Group WU

    Hang snatch 1RM
    35-40-45-50-55-60-65-70# (10# pr from power snatch)–forgot to write it on the board! β˜†Thanks Amanda for the help!β˜†

    EMOTM/ 8 min
    40 sec sandbag lunges @25#
    20 sec rest
    Total: 108
    β˜†Thanks Mario for helping me pick a number to aim for each round–I surpassed it!β˜†

  17. OLY
    Mob (lots) watched 6 pm class (fun!)
    Group Mob
    Berg WU

    Hang Snatch: 1 RM
    95 – 115 – 95 – 115 – 95 – 115 – 135 – 95

    Back Squat: 5 RM (3 sec pause) + 95% + 90%
    135 – 185 – 205 – 215 – 205 – 195 Thanks for sharing with me Rob.

    UGH, very frustrating night, couldn’t wrap my head around the transition for some reason. ended up doing an inordinate number of snatches at 95. I’d get it, move to 115 miss it, so back down to 95 again. I got 2 in a row eventually, so i guess that’s something. πŸ˜€
    The back squats were brutal, as bad as the WOD the other classes did? doubt it!

    Thanks for your kind patience Amanda!

    1. You just need to slow the transition down until you’ve got it, you’re too impatient. πŸ™‚

      Always fun to have you in my classes!

  18. WU x 2 + Hip Mobility

    Burgener x 2

    Hang Snatch x 1


    These felt awesome first time doing snatches since weightlifting cert and they felt awesome!

    WOD EMOTM for 8 min

    40 sec sandbag lunges
    20 sec rest


    Total 127

  19. WU x 1
    Berg WU x 2

    Hang Snatch

    I tried really hard to focus on technique & these felt really good today. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the watchful eyes Coach Mario.

    8 Min. EMOTH of “stinky” sand bag lunges for 40 sec & 20 sec rest:


    Total 139

    I subbed front squats for weighted lunges in yesterdays wod, so really feeling the burn tonight.

  20. WU x 2


    Hang Snatch x 1


    Finally nailed my snatch! Amanda had a pretty big smile on her face. Thanks for all the tips from the power couple coaches!

    WOD EMOTM for 8 min

    40 sec sandbag lunges #25
    20 sec rest


    Total 134

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