Take what you know, and then twist it around

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AMRAP in 15 min
21-15-9 reps
Deadlifts (225/155# or 65%)
Handstand Pushups

Kinda compare to March 31/13

Lots of pullups last week. Might be some more this week.
Lots of pullups last week. Might be some more this week.

73 thoughts on “Take what you know, and then twist it around”

  1. Group WU
    Strength: OH Squat

    WOD: Diane AMRAP 15 mins

    Deadlift 85#
    HSPU (scaled to hand release)

    187 reps

  2. Mob + Group WU
    Strength : Push Jerks
    5x 55-60-65-70
    These felt mega heavy this AM. My triceps were very angry! lol.

    WOD : AMRAP 15 mins Diane
    DL at 85#
    Hand release push ups

    181reps (2 rounds + 1 DL)

    Started with pike push ups but it took forever to do 13. Arms were not having it this AM so I had to scale to hand release push ups. I cut my thumb last night cooking and the hook grip of my DL re-open the cut…

    Bloody thumb and angry triceps. Not my morning! lol Funny how some WODs can be humbling when the previous day the WOD was “easy”

    1. Valรฉrie Arseneau

      I just realised that I was booked for 6h45 tonight not 6AM! lol oops. Thankfully it wasnt full this AM. I cancelled my 6h45 to leave my spot for someone.

  3. Good morning CFM.

    I have an important favour to ask. I am teaching physed this year at Bernice MacNaughton High School. Unfortunately, I have students who do not have the proper physed clothing attire.So here is my request to each and every one of you. Go through your closets this week and if you have any of the following items that you no longer wear, please bring them to the gym this week.

    Track pants,
    Sweat Pants
    Yoga Pants (short or long)
    Sport Socks
    Sports Bra

    I will be dropping a large laundry basket off at the gym tonight so all items can be placed in the laundry basket. I will be picking up the laundry basket on Friday night.

    Thank you.


  4. MOB + group warmup

    Deadlift practice @ 45lbs

    Deadlifts @ 85 lbs

    Total reps: 214

    Thanks for the coaching Kevin. I guess I was doing a little cheat modification on the pushups. Will fix that for the future.

    Great work 6am peeps!

  5. Mobility
    WU x 1.5
    Group WU

    Strength: Cleans
    5 x 45, 50, 65, 70, 75

    Deadlift practice @ 50#

    AMRAP in 15 min
    21-15-9 reps
    Deadlifts @ 80#
    Handstand Pushups (scaled to HRPU)

    Total: 211

    Cashout: 10 McKenzie pushups
    2 x 20 sec suntanner stretch

    Thanks for your help Kevin. Great job 6 am’ers ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Mobility
    WU x 1
    Group WU

    Push Jerks
    5 x 85-90-100-105-85 I was getting sloppy and decided to step it down to work on technique.

    Dead lift review 50% WOD weight

    WOD: Diane AMRAP 15 Min

    Deadlift (225 or 65%) @105#

    HSPU (Pike PU)

    Score 161 Last 18 Push up where hand release. either that or stop at that point.

    Cash out

    10 McKensie PU
    2 x 20sec rear sitting shoulder stretches.

  7. Group WU

    Strength: Push Press
    50,55,60,65,70(4)(PR) x5

    WOD: AMRAP 15min


    Deadlifts @ 105#
    HSPU w Abmat +25#plate

    Total Reps: 155

    Great Class Thankx Kevin!

  8. Mob + Group WU

    Deadlift Practice (Testing gimpy wrist)
    185 – 200 – 225 – 235

    AMRAP in 15 min of:
    — Deadlifts @ 185#
    — HSPU (scaled to hand-release pushups)
    Score: 185 reps

  9. Mob + WUx1 + Group WU

    Strength – Push Press X5
    Worked on form the last 2 sets

    AMRAP in 15 min of:
    Deadlifts @ 185#
    HSPU (Ab Mat+10# and 45# plates)

    Back got a bit tender during the 15’s but kept a slow steady pace.
    Score: 124 reps

    Great work morning peeps!

  10. I was VERY impressed with the deadlifts from the morning classes. Everyone spent the extra couple seconds to setup properly before lifting. All backs were flat which made this coach smile!

    Mechanics, Consistency, THEN Intensity!

  11. Mob
    Group wu
    Strength Push Jerk to 130#

    AMRAP in 15 min
    21-15-9 reps
    Deadlifts (225/155# or 65%) 185 Pushups
    111 reps

  12. Wux1
    Group strength
    Strength x3. Box jumps
    30′ -33′ -35 -37 1/2 – 38 1/2 – 40
    WOD. Diane 21-15-9
    Deadlifts (225/155). Did 175 lbs
    Hspu. Did tall pikes
    118 reps
    Rob Brydges

  13. Group WU ( fun:) )
    Shoulder press 5×65,70,75. 3x 80 2×80

    AMRAP 15 min
    Deadlifts 95#
    Total: 226 reps
    That was hard! Great work 4:15 crew!

    1. oops! I don’t know how to add apparently when I am all done a WOD:

      246 reps (2 rounds + 21 Deadlifts, 21 HRPU, 15 Deadlifts, 9 HRPU

  14. Back squat x 5
    65 75 85 95 95

    Amrap 15 Diane
    Deadlift 70# KB
    Ring Push-ups (knees)

    231 Reps

    I miss doing HSPU

  15. Mobility + wu
    Group wu
    Deadlift 5x

    Wod @ 135 and strict pull ups with ab mat: 158 reps

  16. Strength backsquats x 5

    Deadlifts @ 125#
    HSPU (two ripped palms, opted for pushups on my knuckles)

    189 reps

    This was tough!

  17. mob wux1
    group wu
    strength push jerk
    95×5 105×5 115×5 125×5

    deadlift review

    AMRAP 15 min

    deadlift 185#
    pike push up

    2 round 15 deadlift
    195 rep

  18. Strength: press x 5

    Wod: “AMRAP Diane”

    Dead lift @ 185#
    HSPU RX’d

    Score: 123

  19. wux2

    shoulder press x5

    Deadlifts @ 225 lbs

    Total reps: 93
    my lower back was hurting after 1 round of Diane @ 225#
    stopped doing deadlifts and kept on doing HRPU
    I will use 185-205# next time.

  20. Mob + some WU
    Group WU

    Strength – Cleans
    3 x 85-90-100-105-110… they started getting uglier at that point

    WOD – AMRAP Diane
    Deadlift @ 120#
    Pike pushups on 18″ box

    Score : 190 + 2 face plants on the pike pushups…

  21. Mob + WU
    Group WU that was fun ๐Ÿ™‚

    Strength โ€“ Cleans X 5’s : 95, 115, 135, 145, 155

    WOD โ€“ AMRAP Diane
    Deadlift @ 185#

    Score : 105

    First time doing HSPU’s, it’s my new frienemy.

    Thanks Joanna

  22. Mobility
    Warm up x2
    Group warm up
    Strenght: push jerks: 25, 30, 40, 50, 55

    Wod: Diane with a twist…..AMRAP in 15 minutes!
    -deadlifts @ 65
    -hand release push ups

    Total: 193

    Thanks for the great class Kevin!

  23. Mobility
    WU x1
    Group WU

    Str: Clean x5…
    79-75-80-85-out of time ๐Ÿ™

    Deadlift review 65#

    WOD: Diane AMRAP 15 minutes
    – Deadliftrs @105#
    – pike pushups

    Score: 171

  24. mob
    group WU

    strength deads x 5

    Wod Rx
    126 reps (or 3 more than Kevin! lol.. you almost pulled it out on the last go at HSPU, I don’t know if you saw me go right back to the wall when you repped out that bunch? lol.. panic)

    my Diane time officially is 9:47 which is a 2:42 PR.. fun night at CFM lots of energy in the gym tonight!!

    1. I have HSPU envy! Each time I passed you on the dead lifts you would then leave me in your dust on the HSPU. Nice PR on your “Diane” time too.

  25. Mob + Group WU

    Strength : Push Jerks x 5

    95-115-135-145 Out of time.

    WOD : AMRAP 15 mins Diane

    DL @ 185#
    HSPU with AbMat & two 10# plates

    90 reps…Feeling the effects of a long weekend of over indulging!

  26. WOD w/ 110# and HSPU: 130 reps

    Major math fail.. 65% of my 1rm deadlift is 155#… Somehow I ended up with 110# on my bar. Probably best it ended up that way though, I haven’t done heavy deadlifts in a while anyway.

  27. Mobility
    WU x 2

    Group warmup (FUN!)

    Strength : Back Squats
    5 x 65-75-85-95-100
    Nice to meet you Tom ๐Ÿ™‚

    WOD “Diane” AMRAP in 15 minutes
    Deadlift (75lbs)
    HSPU (with 45lbs and ab mat)

    2 rounds + 21 deadlift + 21 HSPU + 5 deadlift = 227

    Good job everybody

    Thanks Kevin ! I think I’m really starting to understand deadlifts ๐Ÿ™‚ A good setup helps A LOT !!!

  28. Group wu
    Dead lifts 5’s
    125-135-145-155 (stopped when injury started up again)

    Wod AMRAP Diane 15 min
    Deadlifts @145, HR push-ups

    Total 131 (+ 1 no rep argh!!)

    Horrible horrible 15 minutes but managed to work right up to the last of it. Also finally learned how to do a hand release push-up without snaking it so that was worth the price of admission.

      1. Hmmm, thought it was close enough lol, but no worries, grouchiness cancelled out by new and improved hr pushups

  29. Back Squats x5

    WOD rx’d
    123 reps

    Back got pretty tired. DL’s were in small sets of 4-5. HSPU’s were the same. Good race Jeffy.

    1. it was a great race coach, I thought I had you down and out but that little flurry you put on at the end I had no answer for so glad you ran out of time!! lol

  30. Wu, Group Wu, and Group Deadlift warm ups.
    Thanks Kevin. I learned lots again (ie. Pushing stomach out).

    Strength: Front Squats 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 x 5 reps. (Nice spending time with you on the bar Ginette & Heather Colleen).
    WOD: AMRAP 15 mins
    Diane 21 15 9
    Deadlifts @ 85
    Push ups from toes with pink band.
    Reps 212

    I really enjoyed this class. Thanks

  31. Mobility
    Group WU and DL warm up

    Strength: Deadlifts (x5)

    WOD “AMRAP 15min Diane”
    Deadlifts @ 155#
    HSPU (with 25# plate + abmat for first set of 21-15-9 then added another 10# plate)

    Total = 147 reps
    (finished “Diane” in 9:54)

    Cashout – 20 mackenzie pushups + 2 x 20 seconds suntanner stretch

    Fun WOD. Great work 6:45 crew ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Mobility
    WU x 1

    Paleo benchmarks

    2k row 9:02.2 (21 sec faster than when we finished the last Paleo challenge)

    AMRAP 7 mins
    3 burpees
    3 wall balls
    6 burpees
    10# ball

    62 reps

  33. Wu X 1 +group WU

    Push Jerkx5

    15 Min.Dianne Amrap
    Dead Lift @ 65% Max = 140#
    Hand Stand Push Ups with Ab Mat + 10# plate

    1 Round + 21 DL + 2 HSPU = 113 Reps

    Rough one !

  34. This was my first WOD! Thanks so much to those who helped me out and made me feel welcome!

    WU X 1 + Group WU

    Shoulder Press X 5

    15 min. Diane AMRAP
    Dead Lift @ 65% = 40#
    Push ups from knees

    252 Reps

    1. It was great to see you tonight BJ! Welcome to your first “regular” class. Awesome work on the WOD ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Mobility

    Group WU

    Cleans x5
    65 – 75 – 85 – 95 – 95
    Stuck with 95 for the second time around at the end after some tips from Kevin, gotta work on my launch! Thanks Kevin!

    WOD – AMRAP 15 minutes Diane
    21 – 15 – 9
    Deadlift 135#
    HR Pushups

    Score: 137

    Cashout – 10 MacKenzie pushups + 2x20s suntanner stretch

    Felt pretty good for WOD on day 1 of the Paleo Challenge!

  36. Mob
    WUx1 and Double Under practice

    Strength: Push Jerks (x5)

    Group WU and DL warm up @95#

    WOD โ€œAMRAP 15min Dianeโ€
    Deadlifts @ 185#
    HSPU (These chewed up most of my time. Should have added a plate or two when they started to slow)

    Total = 109 reps

    Cashout โ€“ mackenzie pushups + 2 x 20 seconds suntanner stretch

  37. Mobility
    Group WU

    Dead lifts x5 up to 245

    WOD โ€œAMRAP 15min Dianeโ€
    Deadlifts (started at 225 but kept rounding my back so dropped to 135)
    HSPU (scaled to Hand release pushups)

    2 rds and 13 deadlifts
    Total 193

    Thanks Kevin for letting me in the 4.15 and keeping an eye on my form

  38. mob
    group wu
    no Strength

    Paleo Wod
    2km row 7:40

    Wod #2 amrap 7min
    40# sandbag squat jumps (injured shoulder no wall balls)
    Started at 3 reps each and increased 3 reps each round
    Total 105 reps

    got a lot of rugby the next couple weeks not going to be around the gym as much as I’d like to be.

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