Tabata Rowing

For 20 seconds, row as hard and as fast as you can.

Rest for 10 seconds.

Complete this cycle for 8 rounds.

Your score is your total calories.

Compare to Feb.3/10

Smiling or wincing? Only Owen will ever know.

38 thoughts on “Tabata Rowing”

  1. Hi Kevin, I need to cancel my 4:15 for today. Still working on report cards and can’t get away. So the spot is open if someone would like it. See you Thursday!

  2. WUx2 (all pullups strick now without bands)

    Strength – Shoulder Press x3

    WOD:Tabata Rowing


    Great job morning folks!

  3. WU x 2

    Strength: Push Press x 1
    80-90-100-110-120 (PR)

    WOD: Tabata Rowing
    Total: 44

    Practiced double under’s (200)

  4. Hi Kevin…I’m going to have to cancel my 4:15 for today. I have to stay late after school today…sorry! Thanks and see you Thursday.

    1. I completely agree with the article you posted. You’ll never see elite athletes, both CrossFit Games or the Olympics, wearing gloves. Why? Because they are ineffective at producing results. Thanks for posting that.

      1. Great article! I was always taping my hands because I couldn’t stand the pain from damaged skin on my hands…but I recently started doing my warm up pullups without any tape and I’m finding they are already improving…they hurt less each time I do it. I still tape them for pullup workouts on the sore spots on my hands but I’m working toward not taping them at all.

    1. It was cool meeting him, he was doing an element workshop while we were working out, to bad he wasn’t the one coaching. I also found he was kind of shy when I asked him for a picture LOL

  5. WU

    Strength: Back Squat 5x


    Tabata rowing

    total: 33

    I think I forgot my book at the gym?

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  7. WU x 2

    Worked on cleans, started very light and built up working on hip extension and keeping arms relaxed and straight. Finished at 225 lbs for 1 rep, felt pretty good.

    WOD: 12-12-11-10-10-10-8-10

    Total: 83 calories

  8. Back squat 1’s
    135-160-180-190-200(f) sooo wanted that 200, close but should’ve gone 195 first I guess (yes I did get gready!!! but 190 felt good)

    Tabata rowing


  9. CFWU x 2

    Strength – Back Squat x 1

    WOD – Tabata Rowing
    Total 64

  10. Hotel WOD in Nfld:

    Handstand Pushups (strict) —> 17 consecutive.
    PR by 3! 🙂

    Signal Hill Run —> 17:30
    28 second PR. 🙂
    Holy darkness. That’s a great place to go parking.

  11. CFWUx2

    Front Squat x3


    WOD:Tabata Rowing


    Score: 55

    Matched my previous PR. Great job 6:30 crew and welcome Andrew!

  12. CFWU x 2
    Push Jerk 1’s
    155-185-185-185 mainly worked on the technique
    Tabata rowing
    total: Pierre – 1 = 82 calories

      1. Just to add to the comments on training with gloves, as I understand this is the same reason it is recommended to lift without soft soled shoes and hence the increased use of the vibram five’s.

  13. Went to the base

    Resting 60 seconds between sets:
    Deadlift 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2


    Felt like I could go higher, but I really wanted to focus on strait back

    Later at the Cfit gym


    Strength- Frontsquats 5rm

    135-155-185-205-225-245 didnt make it low enough on the last few reps. felt like shit.


    63 calories and I’m pretty sure I almost died.

    Good to meet you andrew! Looking forward to compete with yah big guy!

  14. Fyffe (M/35/196)

    WU x 2

    Squat (5rm @ 0.85 of 265)
    135, 185, 195, 205, 215f

    WOD – 59

    I bonked at R 4.

  15. Mobility


    DU did singles X3

    Time= 8:40

    WOD @ home today Xmas party at work didn’t have time to make it to the gym. Felt faster than last week, wod was almost unbroken except a few singles. *AB MATT * on top of Xmas list; hardwood floor is 2 hard 🙂

  16. WUX2
    Strength: Push Jerks
    Wasn’t feeling it, so didn’t push it…
    did a few only up to 75#

    WOD: Tabata Rowing
    –> Total: 41
    Jelly legs after that one!!!

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