3 things…

The 10am class is open. Even if registration is full, come anyway! We can accommodate any size class today.

Reminder that it’s bandana day!

Also, the rep for Inov-8 will be at the gym this morning at 11am. 

Thrusters (45#)

Box Jumps (24”/20”)

-Partner 1 does 21 Thrusters and 21 Pushups in WOD “A” while Partner 2 does 21 Box Jumps and 21 Burpees of WOD “B”.
-When all 21 reps of each exercise are done both partners run 200m together. Upon return the partners switch spots and do 21 reps of the opposite WOD.
-Continue cycle until running 200m after each count of 21-15-9.
-At completion each partner will have completed both WOD “A” and WOD “B”.

Mr. Bandana

35 thoughts on “Switch”

  1. Awesome warm-up Kevin!

    WOD with Jocelyn —> 16:54
    Jocelyn you killed it! Box Jumps, Thrusters and Burpees are all goats for me and I felt like I was holding you back. Partner WODs are great for that though… they push you outside of your comfort zone. Another really fun Saturday! Excellent job everyone!

    Bandana Day was a success! Can’t wait to see that pic. 🙂

  2. Great workout!

    WOD with Justin = 18:30

    Thanks to every one for supporting the bandana cause! lol

    And… GONE!!

  3. Thanks to everyone who came out for the inaugural “Bandana Day”. I suspect more of us will be rocking the “Mario” frequently.
    We will come up with something special to lure more people in to Saturday’s workout soon.

    Marc vs Eric B.1000m row for bragging rights? me thinks yes!

    WOD w/Kevin = 13:56

    1. I knew you’d be quick, but when I was done my 21 burpees and you were already waiting at the door, I was like “Damn!”

    1. Happy to do this one with you Joanna – you definitely kept me moving faster than I thought I could have today 🙂

  4. Bandana day a great success, nice turn out today. Great job everyone!

    WOD with Grant


    Great push ’til the end Grant. Enjoy the long weekend 🙂

  5. Loved my bandana! Thanks Jeff!

    WOD with Corinna – 21:40

    I used 35# for Thrusters and did Push Ups from knees.

    Super job partner! You rocked! 😀

  6. will the ‘sweat in eye’ jokes never end!?

    Marco and I killed it, i think it was 19:49? shaved off a couple seconds at the final sprint, all because marc was chasing me down like a fat kid who saw some cake..

    Good job on the bandanna’s guys, we could be the most fit and fashionable street gang in history!

  7. Great WU.. That was workout by itself for me 🙂

    Partnered with Hot Mama Sonia

    Time: 23:28

    Sorry about the meltdown at the end Sonia. I always feel bad for the person partnered with me cause I’m sooo slow. Thanks for cheering me up guys :).

    1. Bite your tongue woman. Never feel bad. If you gave up during the WOD or quit coming, then I approve of feeling bad.
      You are there for the same reason as the rest of us. Finishing a workout that you find difficult is far more rewarding than one you are able to fly through. I often feel better or “proud” watching someone struggle through and concur, then I do finishing my own WOD. I assure you, I am not alone in this. Great job!

    2. Well said Rob. Martine, never feel bad, you worked your ass off and we both had a great workout! Don’t be so hard on yourself, you always show up, do your best and plus you have this great energy about you that we all love and appreciate. You rock girl:)

  8. Oh and sorry for showing up a bit (fashionably) late, and thanks for waiting. You guys knew I was certainly NOT gonna miss this! 🙂

    So what/when is the next theme WOD?

  9. Partner WOD with Matt
    Awesome sprint at the end partner. Real fun times at the gym again. Nice WOD Jeff. Keep them coming

  10. Rob/Ron (?) Sorry, I’m not sure, but the kids LOVED your toonie tricks–they’ve been talking about it all day and wondering whether you are coming to Eli’s birthday. They also had fun swinging on the rings. When is Crossfit Kids starting pretty please…

  11. Indeed another wicked Saturday!!
    WOD: Partnered with Johan and it was great!!! We were exactly on the same pace the whole time which worked out well!! I was pretty gassed when all was said and done!!
    Time : 14:52 or :32 not sure!! Either way – WOD went well for us!!

    Excellent energy In the gym today, great WU Kev, And Jeff nice work again on this WOD!
    Loved Bandana Day!!! We could do a Toga WOD, Jean Shorts would be fun as well!

    1. Johnny lightning with or without the hair… pleasure partnering up with ya. I should’ve subbed the box jump, but I’ll be back.

  12. WOD with Andrew was great because he pushed me to go faster than my normal pace (The Crossfit Ultimate Goal). I loved the pairing of the partners…. Veterans with Newbies because it’s a great opportuninty to know people who don’t workout @ your regular time and there is always feedback on “how to do it better” from your POD (Partner of the Day), Saturday’s are what I look forward to during the week, fun, challenging, and meeting great new people.

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