Swinging good time

150 Ketttlebell Swings

Compare to Oct.19/09

Pierre A’s attempt at winning the Again Faster WOD#4


46 thoughts on “Swinging good time”

  1. Just a reminder about Saturday’s workout…

    There is a regular workout on Saturday at 10am. Following, at 11am, will be the ABC workout, that can be found on http://abchallenge.wordpress.com/

    The ABC workout must be done as prescribed to compete. If you plan on doing that one, please don’t register for the 10am class. Any questions, let me know.

  2. WU x 2

    Strength: Back Squat x 5

    WOD: 150 kbs (35#)

    Time: 6:40
    I did the first 75 unbroken and then 3 sets of 25. It was tough near the end.

    Cash-out: 400 m run…brrrrrrr!!!

  3. CFWU x 3

    Strength: Cleans
    5x 65-70-75-80-85

    WOD: 150 kbs (30#)

    T = 11:09

    When I got to 60 and realized I wasn’t even halfway, I wanted to cry!

  4. WU x3
    Strength – Front Squats x1
    80 90 105 120 135(PR) 140(PR)

    150 KBS @ 35#

    400m run cashout

  5. Kevin I need to cancel my 415…. I forgot Connor has skating lessons…which sucks because I LOVE KBS!!!!! BALLS!

    1. You probably would have loved them a bit less after this workout anyway; it’s probably best you do miss it if you want to keep your love for them, Angela! 😀

  6. Strength – deadlift
    wu with 135 and 155
    5×185, 3×210, amrap 230 got 10 reps

    150 KBS with right arm only, 35lb


    and my grip is gone!!!

    cash out 400m run, plank and good stretches!

  7. Oh and good news guys.

    After waiting 6 hours at the ER yesterday, I had been able to have an X-ray of my wrist.

    It is not broken or fracture.

    I guess time and physio are the only things I can do to help it.

    1. Six hours in the Er and 2 months of sulking around the gym doing one arm WOD’s you mean !!!
      Hope it gets better soon

    1. i have to cancel mine Marc – you can have it. (i need a rest day before sunday’s 1/2 marathon, damn i hate to miss CF)
      kevin – can you make it so?

      1. Thanks Krista but I got called in to work tonight so won’t make it for the AM class. I’ll try for the PM. Thanks again

  8. Warm Up x3

    Cleans x1

    150 KBS

    Time: 8:18

    Cash Out: 400m run

  9. Warm up x 3

    Overhead Squats x 1 rep.
    60-70-80-90…and ran out of time for my last lift…Grr…I was going for a PR too!


    150 KBS
    Time: 10:23
    I generally like kettle bell swings, just not this many of them. I’ve got the skin wore off my fingers…ouch!

  10. CFWUx3 (pull ups finally feeling more consistent!)

    Push Jerk x1 45(5)-80-90-95(knock knees!)-95-100(f)-100-105
    matches PR, really need to work on form and guts to get under that bar

    WOD: 150 35# KBs

    cash out 400m jog

    i really liked the 530 class – good gang! awesome PJs Chantal, great PRs Ray and Cathy, nice to meet you Shelley!

  11. WU x3 w/ ring dips and ring pullups(50%)

    115,135,145(F),145(F),145(PR) the first 2 attempts of 145 were horrible, never thought I would get it. Focused on technique and the 3rd time was smooth.

    first 33 at 50 lbs kb, switched to 40lb dumbbell for the rest
    9:21 I think

  12. First post in a very long time! It’s what I get for not doing the workouts the days they come up!

    CFWU x3
    Strength Deadlift 5×5: 95, 135, 155, 175, 215
    WOD: 150 KBS for time (55 lbs dumbell)

    Time: 12:18

    Would have been easier I think with an actual kettle bell but oh well. the skin on my fingers don’t like me right now either haha! Awesome workout!

  13. WU X3
    Strength: Push Jerks (1’s)
    55- PR’s-> 65-75-80-85

    WOD: 150 KBS (25# dumbbell)
    Time: 9:44
    Plus 400 M run

  14. CFWU x 3
    35 B-Day burpees for the beautiful Johan
    no strength because of left shoulder tightness so did a few stretches.
    WOD as Rx’d 7:17

  15. Back Squat 225max pr
    1000m row 3:24 pr …sucking lungs on last leg of the row.
    400m cash
    Thanks for the Birthday thoughts… and haha, the burpees…

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