“My Throbbing Box”

With a partner,
Run 200m with box
150 box dips
150 box jumps
150 box press
150 box lunges
Run 200 m with box

Jane was getting carried away with the chalk
Jane was getting carried away with the chalk

Reminder – Gym is closed Friday evening and Saturday morning as we’ll be in Maine for a CrossFit Cert.

28 thoughts on ““My Throbbing Box””

  1. CFWU X 3
    :My Throbbing Box”
    With a partner,
    Run 200m with box
    150 box dips
    150 box jumps
    150 box press
    150 box lunges
    Run 200 m with box
    Time 16:24
    Thanks to Tony, my partner, who was amazing. He added a hurdle jump over Carly in the last 200 m tun.
    Congratulations to Tyler for his right of passage to the Dumpster.
    Have agreat cert in Maine to Kevin, Pierre, Gabrielle, and Janine.

  2. Tony5 (Crossfit Fredericton)

    Great Job Heather…I would take you as a partner any day…it was our race till Kevin added the obstacle course.

    After the WOD, I finished with Death by Pullups since I missed yesterdays..

    16Rds plus 7…

    Thanks again guys.

    1. It was posted Aug.11 and 13….
      “The workout on Friday morning is still a go. Even if it’s full, come anyway!”

  3. CFWU x 3
    “My Throbbing Box”
    Partner – Kevin L
    Time: 16:26

    Thanks for pushing me to run faster Kevin. I’ll try to quicken my pace from now on. And like you said, “If you puke, it means you pushed hard enough.” Hee hee hee…

    Have a good certification weekend in Maine.

    Bon weekend everyone! Spectacular work today!! 🙂

  4. Kevin, I am so sorry that I did not make the class. I had the worst headache this morning. Hope you all have a great weekend and good luck in Maine. I know you will all do great!

  5. CFWUx3
    “My Throbbing Box”
    Partner – Jane
    Time: 16:26

    Jane it was a lot of fun having you as a partner! you were doing great! If it helps, think of puking as an accomplishment, not punishment! either way it was a great workout and I’m glad that I was talking into it haha. Well next week seems to be my last for Crossfit Moncton so for those I don’t see have a great year and keep up the hard, if not deadly, work!

  6. Not nice Pierre, I really do get migraines and I didn’t think Kevin needed a call at 5am. I promise it will not happen again. 400m with a med ball does not sound very fun!

  7. Hey guys, today was my last time in the gym this year at Crossfit Moncton bcause Im heading back to Ontario for hockey on Monday. Just wanted to thank everyone for the experience here and I am now a strong believer in Crossfit just like you all are now.

    Thanks to Kevin for haing this gym and teaching us his wisdom. Goodluck expanding youre gym throughout the community and hopefully the province!

    Thanks to the hard core guys for pushing me to try and beat you, I seem to always work better when its a competition.

    Thanks to everyone trying to get the rx’d workouts, You make me see that hard work does pay off because I can see the progression. Just look at the cloths hang off Tim now.

    Goodluck and hopefully see you all again next summer!!

    1. Well Bryan, if I would have known that the tire flip was the last WOD I would do with you, I wouldn’t had let you won!! hahaha just joking!

      But I would have drop by this morning to shake your hand buddy. It was a pleasure to meet you and train with you.

      Anyways, good luck with your Hockey and at college/university! When you come back next summer, maybe I will be able to run faster than you… we never know. 😀

      Good luck again and train hard during the year
      See you next summer.

      1. I hope you get a good Hockey Season!!! Thanks for all the times you cheered for me!!!
        It’s was fun to trained with you!! You are an awesome athlete!! 🙂
        Have fun in Ontario!!!

    2. Your energy and humour will be missed. All the best at camp and with the upcoming season. We’re all rooting for ya… take care!! 🙂

  8. Bryan – You will be missed! Since joining, you’ve made huge progress in your fitness and skills. I’m sure you’ll notice the pay-off on the ice.

    Thanks for pushing us during and after the workouts. You helped a lot of people with your motivation!

    Take care and make sure to drop-by when you’re in town. Don’t be a stranger and let us know how you’re doing every now and then.

  9. CFWU x 2

    WOD: “My Throbbing Box”
    TEAM: Sara / Rob & honorable mention to Carly 😉
    Time: 16:23

    Wicked WOD – Really enjoyed it, very different. Great push this morning everyone!!!
    Tks Kevin… a nice way to cap out the week. 5 WODs in 5 days!! 🙂
    Safe trip to Maine cert… look forward to benefiting from your newly acquired knowledge!!

  10. Warm Up x2

    WOD: My Throbbing Box

    Time: 16:45

    Great work Tyler!!! Fun workout, I really enjoyed it. Have a great weekend everyone!

  11. Good luck Sniper, I mean Bryan! It was great to meet you. Same goes for you Kevin L- see you next summer!

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