Biggie WOD

In teams of 3,
300m Med Ball Relay
Then, with one person working at a time,
150 Burpee Plate Jumps (45#)
150 KBS (53/35#) no touching the floor
150 Toes to Bar
150 OH Lunges (45/25#) no touching the floor
300m Med Ball Relay

Lance loves burpees!

26 thoughts on “Biggie WOD”

  1. Awwww….a surprise? I hate not knowing what I’m missing. 🙁
    I am working all day. Have fun everyone!

  2. Surprise workout……. Awesome awesome morning. Great being partners with Dave and JS, you guys are wicked. Exploding fist pounds all around for the whole gym 🙂

  3. Wod with Robert and Chris
    300m med ball run relay
    150 burpee 45 plate jump
    150 kbs 53#
    150 T2B me ( rob and Chris, sit ups)
    150 lungs 45#
    300m med ball run relay
    Time 28:50 or 29:50? Does not really matter, it was just super fun. Great wod!!
    5 days straight of CF, now I need some rest.

  4. Partnered with Jeff S and Lance
    Rx’d in 29:00

    It felt like a half hour wrestling match!

    Great to see so many faces at the gym today! 28 people in total!

    Thanks for dropping by Sonia!

  5. WOD with Kevin W and Jeff S

    Time: 29:01

    Great teaming up with you guys tried my best to keep pace with you guys pretty happy with how i did. The T2B were the hardest thing by far felt like it took forever. Great workout love team workouts they are so much fun. Have a great weekend everyone.

  6. Wod with Sonia and Karen

    Time 34:45

    I got in a great group this a.m. Great job girls – not sure I carried my weight in everything but we worked well together.

    Sonia – it was great to see you today and such a fluke that I would actually be there on a Saturday to see you 🙂

    Rest well people – who knows what “surprises” K & J have for us next week!

  7. Mobility
    Partners with Corinna…since we were only two, WOD was a little modified
    400m med ball run #14
    100 burpees jump with #45 plate
    100 KBS with #35
    100 T2B ( Corinna did T2B and I did 8 toes to ring..could’nt finish my 50 on those so finished with sit ups)
    100 lunges with #25
    400m med ball run #14
    Time: 28:51
    Awesome workout!!! It was a pleasure and honor to work out with you Corinna!!! I was nervous before cause I didn’t want disappoint you!!! LOL sorry I couldn’t encourage you when you were doing your reps…I could barely breath and I was trying not to vomit!!! LOL another awesome day at Crossfit Moncton!!! GREAT job to everyone who did the workout this am!! Was not an easy one!!! 😉

    1. Great job you guys.. Much harder WOD with two, cause you don’t get the same rest between as three people!! Fun Saturday morning!!

    2. Christine, I was super happy when I saw that we were in a team of 2!!!! smiles.. We worked really well together and pushed one another hard enough to finish this one under 30 minutes. You did awesome and I hope we get to team up together in another team WOD!!

      Real great morning at CFM. It was fun to see so many people out for a Saturday WOD!

  8. Partner with Kevin an Lance.. Such a fun WOD, and I think much harder for the teams of 2.. Great work everyone.. Great Saturday morning!

  9. WOW! Sounds like I missed a great Saturday at Crossfit Moncton! Sorry I missed this WOD and sorry I missed your visit, Sonia! Come back again soon! 🙂

  10. Mobility
    Group warmup

    Surprise WOD (in groups of three)
    300m Med Ball relay (10 lb)
    150 Burpee jump (#45)
    150 KBS (15 lb)
    150 situps
    150 OH Lunge (10 lb)
    300m Med Ball relay

    Team: Me, Monica and Heather P.

    Time: 36:58

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